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  1. There are two people I don't argue with when I'm going into their office for service: my immigration officer and my dentist.
  2. I've sent you the documents I was given from my local IO. I'd rather not post them here because I did on another forum and there was hell to pay. I think probably, neither one of us will prove to have been completely right, but as you said and to paraphrase, "All of it is "just our opinion."
  3. It doesn't matter WHY Thailand wants to change the rules on who and under what conditions and qualifications they will allow non-citizens to visit, and especially live in their country for an extended period. In fact, if you think the worse, you'd probably just assume the rules would become increasingly more draconian. I don't know how many visa-holders or other non-citizens have become a burden on the Thai government, like getting into accidents or becoming sick, or even committing crimes while living here without having enough funds to care for themselves. I always hear people say "not many," but I really don't know. In any event, and for whatever reason or even no reason at all, this is the Thai's country, and they'll make the laws they think will serve their country (or themselves) best.
  4. First of all, I'm coming from the assumption that all these forums on Thaivisa are for all Thaivisa members to express their opinion and not just for the "experts" to tell us what they think. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I label my remarks as my opinion and do not try to foist them off onto people as anything "official," then that's my prerogative. Secondly, I've actually been given "official" documents from my local IO which states in no uncertain terms that bank statements and bank letters will not be accepted beginning in 2020. I have my doubts about these "official" documents, but they are what my local IO says and believes to be the upcoming rules. I've been down to their offices twice to talk about this. Thirdly, I too have lived in Thailand for almost 20 years on various visas. My current visa is an O-A (long-stay) and was issued in 2008. So, I too have successfully received many stay extensions. I've received extensions on my current visa using both marriage and retirement qualifications, so I know what they used to be, and I'm learning more every day about what they are changing to now. Lastly, I'm not trying to "scare poor Americans" or Brits, or Aussies, or Danes whose embassies have quit issuing income affidavits. I'm advising them to be prepared for more changes, or at least more "clarifications" on these new rules and even newer rules which will inevitably follow. I'm NOT a betting man, and I know what I have suggested above is not the official policy yet, but also worry (and have received some hints) that it soon may be. Having said all that, my prediction is the rules for the Income Method involving a simple copy of your bank book and a letter from your bank will not last for long.
  5. The only one I can think of that could confidently tell you ANYTHING about these new rules and questions like this is your local Immigration Office. And, good luck with that...
  6. Extensions. I think most readers of this forum are mostly concerned with stay extensions and not the initial visa issuance.
  7. Also, and at the risk of "throwing a wet blanket" over all this, I don't think we're anywhere close to seeing the end to all this. If you look at it from the Thai's POV, what they understandably want is some assurance that Type O and Type O-A visa holders who are living in Thailand longer term are able to financially care for themselves and will not become a burden on the state. The changes to the Funds in the Bank will better do that for them. The changes to the Income Method, as stated above, will not. The only income that can be counted upon to be secure and consistent is a pension issued by a government agency. I'm sure the Thais know that, and the source of the "income" in the Income Method will soon be restricted to only pension, even for 30-year-old, unretired, ex-pats living here on and applying for extensions using Marriage qualifications. And, I don't think the Thais will want to wade through and verify all the various documents that an ex-pat could produce to "prove" the deposits were from a government pension. Also, there are many ways to show monthly, international deposits that only appear to guarantee income. You could, for example, transfer THB70K on the 1st of the month, send it back to your home country's account on the 15th, and then resend it back on the 1st of the next month. That would only cost you THB 3K or 4K at the most. I'm sure there are many other, less-obvious schemes to simulate what the Thais are looking for - proof of a secure, consistent, monthly income. I think when all the dust settles, the only two options available will be Funds in the Bank, or the Letter from your Embassy verifying the monthly, pension income amount. So, I'd advise all of you who, like me, a US citizen, whose embassy will no longer issue the affidavit verifying the source and the amount of Monthly Income, had better get ready to have the Funds in the Bank, perhaps starting in 2020. That's what I am doing.
  8. I assume in each Income Method there should be an ", or;" and not an ", and;" between items 1 and 2.
  9. That's what I (and others) have been told by my local (Phetchabun) IO, but many (most) on this forum dispute that. I'd say right now, that's still not known for sure, but certainly is a possibility that needs more validating.
  10. Was this bank letter and bank book to verify your BALANCE (800K or 400K) or was it to verify your MONTHLY INCOME?
  11. I have a general question for anyone who cares to respond. Is there anyone out there with an O-A visa who, prior to 2019, used a letter from your bank and your bank book to satisfy the monthly income (pension) requirement for a stay extension based on RETIREMENT? Is there anyone out there with an O-A visa who, prior to 2019, used a letter from your bank and your bank book to satisfy the monthly income requirement for a stay extension based on MARRIAGE or GUARDIAN? Thanks...Bill!
  12. Jacko45k, That is the crux of the disagreements/confusion here. I was told that for an extension based on retirement beginning in 2019, only an embassy letter would suffice for proving monthly income (pension). BUT, I was also told that AS AN EXCEPTION FOR 2019 ONLY, to help with the transition to these new rules, that IO will accept a letter from your bank showing monthly, international transfers. BUT, that exemption will cease in 2020, and after that, ONLY a letter from your embassy will suffice for proof of monthly income (pension). Many (most) on this forum dispute that and believe I was given wrong information and this method of proof of monthly income will continue to be accepted 2020 and beyond. That is definitely not what I was told, and others were told that too. The issue is still "up in the air" as far as many are concerned. As for me, I'll just have to go on what my local IO tells me. After all, it is they that I will have to deal with for my extensions.
  13. Spidey, et al... I just saw this. This might be the source of the "misinformation," if that what it is...
  14. I switched methods before. I first used the Marriage rules and then, about three or four years ago, switched to the Retirement rules just to avoid all the paperwork. I posted photos of the extensions for these earlier in this thread. Also, I asked them that today, and they said that was not a problem. So....I'll come prepared for both and keep my fingers crossed.
  15. Spidey, I don't doubt their veracity or intent, but I can accept that they may be interpreting the rules incorrectly. I have a very good relationship with them, and right now they have a young, Australian student who is working there, so communication is not a problem. I am certain they believe what they are telling me. So, I am preparing for the "worst." I am preparing to show up there next Dec ready to give them a bank letter verifying my THB65K+ a month transfer deposits to qualify for a stay extension using the Retirement rules, and I am also making sure I will have at least THB400K on deposit by October to qualify for an stay extension using the Thai Wife rules. (Did I phrase that correctly enough for you? )
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