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  1. I'll be waiting anxiously to see just what the details on this new law is. I hope it's presented more clearly than all the others that have been changed, (or now enforced) lately. The questions I have right now would be only two: 1. The article says it would apply to APPLICATIONS for a Non-Immigrant O-A visa. Would it also apply to those who already have them. For example, would it be a requirement for an extension of stay? 2. Most insurance requirements allow for a secured deposit bond in lieu of insurance. In this case, that could be a secure bond of THB 440K. This, of course, would have to be on top of the THB 400K or THB 800K required for the different types of Non-Immigrant O-A stay extensions (which I always thought was for this purpose, to assure the foreigner has enough money to get them through a rough patch or at pay for their trip back to their home country.) At 73, it would be easier and less costly for me to post such a bond than try to get private insurance. What also could be considered, but probably isn't, is for the Thai government to run an insurance plan which would allow foreigners the same access and treatment at Thai government hospitals as Thai's have. That, I would think, would not only bring in some money to the Thai government, but would not be very costly for either the insured or the government because the accommodations and services could be easily absorbed by the existing government hospital operations. Anyway, I'll be looking for more details of this change with interest and trepidation.
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