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  1. Already then. Anyone ate at The Deck in Kamala? (Lebanese fusion food). I crave M.E. food.
  2. Actually, that happens to me, a lot! I can be at a Thai restaurant and I get ignored by the Thais. My wife is under orders to not answer their questions. She forces them to look at me and take my orders. Then she tells me off for my tones! Can't win for losing!
  3. Estonia dictating to the UK. One more reason to leave with or without a deal on March 29!!!!
  4. Very commendable from the daughter and family. But, please, do not send money over here.
  5. .....because TAT marketing is telling them that Thailand is cheaper than at home. It is not!
  6. Don't worry, Mrs. May. The same armageddon warnings that we all had during the Y2K handover in 1999. Get on with it. My bottle of Champagne is waiting for March 29.
  7. Problem is, the swamp empties then it gets filled again.
  8. Alexander the Great could not conquer this country. The Soviet Union could not conquer these people. Are we not learning from history?
  9. Same with my Asus phone. But, they installed a copy battery. Careful with battery replacements.
  10. I use google translate on the phone. It works ok. Interesting website. Thanks.
  11. And keep in mind that you bought it in Mid 2015. It is a mid 2014 computer, so it was already a year old technology. It is now almost "5" years old. How reasonable will you be with the price?
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