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  1. Lucky man. Wife wants the tags of the taxi car to buy lottery tickets. Anyone know?
  2. Put her in the driver's license DRIVING test section. Love this lady.
  3. Thanks Ubon. The consul finally replied with that same answer. The agents I contacted seemed clueless as to the latest drama there. I will just go and do it myself.
  4. Do not listen to the French, Boris. Keep going towards Oct. 31! No one can stop us.
  5. TAT needs to wake up and advertise to the Mongolians and Peruvians! They are running out of countries.
  6. I hope it works; I still get charged 100b. Here's the kicker: I actually tip them the 20b when I am sold the ticket for 80b.
  7. Boris, your crazy hair and all drives me nuts, but I like what you are saying!!!!
  8. Wish we could do that with that high-so Ital Thai directory shooting leopards.
  9. Can you give us more details on where you stayed, forex, costs to expect from airport to hotel to embassy? Photos?
  10. Good. Cancel his lifetime subscription to Altar Boy magazine and lock him up and throw away the key!
  11. The 'merkins still think they are the world's police. Well, after the 911 fiasco and "policing" the middle east for 19 years, they need to realize that they must protect their shores only, not anyone else's.
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