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  1. Maybe you are around some idiotic and angry expats? Move?
  2. I don't get it. Like, why not? Go to any large department store or Homepro and you will find 7-10 staff per aisle, swarming around like hungry piranhas.
  3. Don't take the Pisona! That Keesin guy, who runs the tuk tuks in Patong, is swimming in money. Help his kind, I say.
  4. Indeed. I thought she was in Paris or NZ. Even the super rich can be super stupid!
  5. I have given up on predicting what immigration will or will not do. I can, however, predict stronger hemorrhoids as I am eating more Mama Noodles to save money and it hurts!
  6. Chill, this is Thailand. Do the best you can while AT HOME. My son comes home, washes his hands, gives his masks to mom to wash and he will survive. He has a bottle of alcohol, dettol wipes in his bag. Not much else you can do, mate.
  7. I did not see anything significant. If anything, he should ask that Korean guy in the news a few weeks back for some hints.
  8. Yeah, safe to surf as there are no jet skis!
  9. The ant he is pointing at is most definitively GUILTY!!!!
  10. Scary stuff, second only to two Thai women standing on either side of me at an ATM!!!
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