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  1. Didn't recognize London or Cambridge when I was there last year. Not English, anymore. Labour let them in a decades ago (thanks Blair) and it never stopped.
  2. It is Washington DC. Shootings are like candy. Next press briefing: Bunker!
  3. Got a phone call from BKK telling me that my citizenship paperwork has been sent to my local police station. Expecting a call to come over and do some Thai conversations, I am guessing. Fingers crossed. Married with Thai wife and have a Thai son.
  4. This will be a disaster for everyone. Not one person will NOT be affected. This is serious, folks.
  5. Laugh is on Thais. They are the ones who romanized the name. Can't wait for the president to come to PHUket! 555
  6. Brainwashing the sheep. A bit of a waste of time, me thinks.
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