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  1. Thank you. As I don't bother to update my passbook when I make an ATM withdrawal/ Transferwise deposit it shows an amalgamated balance the next time I do do an update. I would have thought a 12 months statement from the bank showing every transaction would have bee more useful, but then that's just my logic.
  2. What does this "bank letter" show/state, and how is it different to a "bank statement".
  3. Unless of course one is a farang in which case everything goes to the Thai partner !!!!
  4. "He said the government will find the most suitable measures, which will be a time-consuming process." You bet, lots of committees, overseas trips etc. In the meantime, just to help the "poor people" we will try to get rid of as many ex-pats as possible who support the local economy and their Thai families.
  5. Would some kind soul explain the key differences between the O and the O-A visas please, thanks.
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