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  1. Well done , but now what happened with the garbage? In Hua hin soldiers did on a beach and buried it in holes, wise?
  2. OK in weekend nr 4 died in hospital. So sad, may they all rest in peace. I know its difficult if you see someone is going down and you want to save him, but then you go down as well if you dont have proper equipment. and underestimate working sewers. Its a typical mistake. In factory here , working with H2S, they tell you, if you see someone going down, then DONT go help him, never ! You walk away fast ,go to operations and they will rescue him with proper equipment. Some years ago, in my country also family died with this. They were farmers and busy with a shit tank, in which they collect shit from cows. One went in, going down and the other 2 afterwards who tried to save, also went down. 3 people in same family dead, same mistake, same situation. Be aware of close spaces, specially sewers.
  3. Stop buying some submarines and you have already some money better to spend
  4. Its crazy i just see the pic, entering the area with a helmet on, you cant bump your head anywhere, but ok it is one of the safety issues. But shoes, just sneakers !! No eye-protection, no overall. But if they need to wear helmet for safety on bikes they dont do. one article claims 4 dead, the other 3. There were 3 dead and one is in coma in hospital
  5. The first guy followed the command of his boss and went down. Boss is not educated (? probably not)) as the workers also are not, so you will die with H2S. If concentration is high enough you dont smell it at all, you just drop and die in 3 minutes. If you smell it, rotten eggs, you know you can come into bigger problems, leave immediately ! There were many investigators, who had to leave the area immediately after finally a guy came with a H2S-measuring device. it was beeping like hell. It is a miracle not anymore people died.
  6. WHat about... stress!! I know from parrots, people think they treat them right but they get all bald, due to stress. All other things are about mentioned except stress. MAybe a sun allergy, causes also itch and bumps, it exist for real. My former wife had it. I even had once allergy from cooling down, cold allergy. Weird but exist.
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