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  1. Already red they tested it in Brazil. The biggest concentration is USA, so why not test it there? Seems like Brazilian lives dont matter? You maybe lucky to get the right medicine or otherwise...?
  2. Are these the cars which they have all ready for many years? The ones which caused space problems with the customs? I remember an article long time ago about those cars, which werent paid for in taxes. Must have been 3-5 years ago?! I And as i understood the tax is 300% of value.
  3. Still can recall a video on TVF. A mother with a real big bag in front of her, as well a child, throttling full speed with one hand and with the other hand holds a phone to see what happens on her social media. TIT
  4. SO what? He had cocaine in his blood, drunk, dragged the officer along long time with his car. What you need more? Execution by rope.
  5. SO on the phone there was evidence. Maybe they should check if the guy had a cloud and put it there.
  6. I go with the pic and i see 2 black wires going out T-cut. According code they should be black and grey again then. Would be logical. So the system has 2 railings on which one has a connection at the end of the board for neutral leading towards neutral bus? ok. The system is only fase switching action. I saw two blacks, so thought maybe they spread power over two cables, but then i dont see any gray going to somewhere. It has a different route? I dont know only see pic. i dont know what the Thai electrician was thinking. You cant see it by pic. A single core wire 4 mm2 can have max 32 A, so not protected by the big B63. As this one will switch 5-10 value peak. And even in normal operation lower then 63 A or even over it, the wiring will be cooked. The wiring is now a breaker, even the C50 A breaker wouldnt do a thing. So they used the C50's for switches, as you can switch more then 50 A with them. And when ever will the B63 switch, probably never, only when T- cut jumps in. I cant see, as i can see a black on the neutral bus, where it is going to and then the wiring code is wrong again?, or changed to English then? As i see many red and black. When do you change then and how consistent is the electrician? I also wonder if there are insulated in/outputs in the METAL box. As long as the insulation of the cables is good no problem, but when damage happens the box could be powered. There are also other colored wiring in the box, making no sense. Blue wires used for fase, brown for neutral, (European style or not?)? Wrong again. White, grey for what? All random, no code what so ever. Just easy add ons without keeping code(s). Everything is possible in this installation.
  7. You say the T safety is every time breaking. It has nothing to do with the 15 A rail breaker. You can leave that one alone. It is the safety breaker. You have an electronic device monitoring the in and outlet wiring, combined with the left switch on the breaker B63 . That B63 is your main breaker circuit, it has B characteristic, so that s good. But the B63 is switched off when the T safety is responding. It is set on 5 mA, real low. You can and are allowed to set that one higher. Max of the safety is 30 mA, as shown on the pic. A normal mechanical T-safety is made with just one setting, mostly 30 mA. Higher could be, but only used in industries. Never go higher, i would say so, as it is your live. I know it "tickles" but could still kill you. You do have a problem with the machines and could be moist, water. Maybe even both machines and when it passes more then 5 ma leakage, it shuts down on the main breaker B63. My guess would be the washing machine, maybe leaking water and comes into the electronics. i cant see any ground as you already said you couldnt find. Happily you do have the T-safety. The 50 A breakers are mechanically connected to each other, you can see on top. They are used as a mechanical switch to switch off the power on the board. It also says so on the cover plate of the box. As they are breakers, they also switch off when way more then 50 A is passed, one of them. Somewhere in the box they split it and had 2 wires (fase) to both breakers. You have a rail system and when it's getting older, the breakers are harder to find. Normally it can last for decades, but never the less... I cant make up which characteristic they are, but ill guess it will be C50. In Asia the C-characteristic breakers are commonly used. I also think the other breakers are the same. If one passes more then 50 A, peak amps, it will shut down then. A B-type switches between 5-10 X value of breaker, a C -type higher 10-15 X value. So in your case if you have a spike of 500-750 A in (milliseconds) short time. Nowadays you see B-types coming up in Thailand and they are "saver" current limit is less. Prove is your mainbreaker, as this one is a B63, 3 years old. Im though amazed they have B63 or C63 breakers in a house hold. With your new airco, they took one of the breakers and fixed a wire under it, which lead to your extra breaker on the wall for the new airco. So your wiring is protected again, not needed, but they do so in Thailand. Then you have an electric switch (probably the reason) to shut off the airco. Switch and extra safety, though 20 A? Dont be surprised once a breaker trips in the box and the other breaker is still on.
  8. Aah remembered story from long time ago, USA, woman put dog in microwave to dry! Dog died and woman went to court to sue . It was not in the manual you couldnt do that. Btw you know when you boil water in the mw, it can become so hot and has an exploding energie when you take it out. You notice anything, but when you give it a little shock (put it on the sink or so), it can start to erupt like a volcano. Be aware.
  9. From what iv lived, seen, heard, most of the time the woman is in favorite position. No matter what. Many men dont see their child anymore, despite judge rulements. Only when woman wants to get rid of the kid(s) then it is ok for a man to step in. Or proven she is really bad in raising which takes lots of efforts. There are groups "Crazy Fathers" , fathers who never see their kids anymore, thanks to ex wife. Or for that matter even later in live, when they are "adults" by "own" decision. Most possessions you will loose. If you ever get married, you better think first of divorce. Put those pink glasses off ! But hey i was 22 getting married and you dont think about divorce. Then 10 years later, she surprised me. I was thinking we were doing fine with 2 kids, but nope seemed not. Turned into a vixen real fast for i dont know what reason. In the beginning the relation starts all nice, but then it changes. It's almost a fact. Women get "bored?" or "listen to the devil" and they dont know how to act anymore, but divorce. No matter how good you are or with the kids, you loose. I sometimes envy people who can make it work somehow till death do us part. With everything prior to that relation you should think, what happens with it on a divorce. If you dont , you will be surprised at the divorce. Your mate turns into a vixen and you see a total different person. Mostly already some visible in the run to it, from which you first think, it is menstruation day, only it takes longer. But no its not. When you are married and didnt think about the divorce, you will loose. Not that im religious, but first story in the bible is about Eve listening to the devil and Adam (mankind) was screwed. Bizar story, isnt it? At that time it costed already the man a rib out of his body, to create woman, amazing. the first rib ever. Someone writing that story long time ago already had that experience and made it as a warning? Marriage, its fake, it doesnt mean a thing but a paper and status, to tell you, you wil loose at the end. Im old enough and experienced by the years, to see its fake. My second marriage was with a prenup. Still was foolish then to get married , but luckily with the prenup. Like all men in relations know, first its nice then it goes down hill. Yes im in a relation now, but already alarms had gone off and now even thinking, should i pursue? It is a last time attempt, but ....? First it is nice and then it runs down hill. Already put of my pink glasses and think oh no, not again. I thought she would have good times in any way, but nope their are already cracks. Yup, she is Thai, nope she is not real young, as im not. Menopause? Guess al women are in menopause then all their lives. The Op cant do anything more then fight, it is all that is left. Maybe contact the Danish guy who won some of his money back with having a relation with a Thai, not even being married ! It was in TVF some time ago.
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