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  1. You are not going to like what i will say. But still i believe this virus was organized. It is meant to be to happen like this. You remember SARS, MERS, H1N1, all pre viruses which didnt work so good as this one. It is a provider (dr NO?) of the virus against the rest of the world to bring down world population?! And yes there are too many people on this ball. Almost tripled since i was young. And then we already had WW2, which costed 100-dreds of million people their lives. In the past we had wars with stupid leaders (they are still around) to engage, but brought
  2. 5 million in 2 months, thats 83333,3333333333333/day . 3472,22222222222222./h. 60/min. Continuously for 2 months, no sleep to Brooklyn.
  3. It doesnt matter which vaccine, you STILL van have covid ! Only symptoms gets less. Already proven in my country.
  4. All those things are made for use and not to replace items (batteries) when broken. IP 67, so to have that the glass is glued to the frame. Its hard to open it. Not made durable, broken, throw it away. As with many things nowadays. Everything inside, as well batteries short to source, as shown on pic in this topic. Also said , you need remote control with batteries. something like this : https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/300W-solar-flood-light-high-quality_62389174117.html If you like to try, it is a burst or lucky. You will need a very sharp blade to cut th
  5. IF i wanted to go to Thailand. I need a COE, FTF paper from doc, visa, health insurance for covid and 2 days prior to flying a covid test ! Of course after all that and arrive, i need to go to jail for 14 days paying it myself. Ok im not Asian, Im dirty farang.
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