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  1. First at this point , it is all about the money, profit. If it is not profitable , you are out. That is the system running in this world. As long as that is running as major issue, you dont get anywhere. As long as BK and other parts of the country can live with the air pollution, no problem. We had month ago bamboo cups plates, cups coming in as "natural" made items. No more plastic. However to make these, they used compounds in it to shape and hold the shape. Those compounds are soluble and comes into your food, drink. Not good for humans ! End of story, they are now ba
  2. I didnt even know, but google saves your photo's in google one. Go there and log in with your google account. Go to account storage and then you will see photo's storage, you can select them and download to your laptop. Once i was playing in google maps and came upon photo's storage and tada photo's taken with my phone were there! In a free cloud of 15 Gb, all had been set, synchronized without even me knowing this.
  3. Section 282. Indecency Whoever, in order to gratify the sexual desire of another person, procures, seduces or takes away for indecent act the man or woman with or without his or her consent, shall be punished with imprisonment of one to ten years and fined of two thousand to twenty thousand Baht. Well that one puzzles me a lot. Red it over and over , but cant get a hold on it.
  4. Interesting case. She agreed with all. If rewarded in court, then technically not any man can have sex anymore. A woman can always say, after agreeing, she doesnt agree. Also in mariage. In mariage you also have to take care , as you can have problems. If your woman says no to sex and still you do have sex with her, it is rape n mariage. She can sue you. For every time you do have sex , you need to make a contract with consent of agreeing sex and how. I already, long time ago, had heard such thing and i believe there was even such an app for that. Dont know i
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