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  1. Yeah indeed, those are sudden changes. Growing something else can be planned. Also possible dont adapt, but face consequences. Again its your life, you choose.
  2. IM aware of that, but at one point you have to adapt, otherwise you go down. All the beginning is difficult. At one point i had to adapt as i lost my job after 32 years straight on. I struggled and survived. Also had to adapt after my wife wanted divorce and i wouldnt be fulltime father anymore. You must find the way again and again at some times. That is life and i surely know by experience, it is not easy.
  3. This story was about Americans, so i responded to that. Many others are just the same. Just mentioned some facts and a conclusion.
  4. Well maybe belpeppers or strawberries? Or as i red this week in TVF, Thai government wants to grow everybody marihuana. Guess Thailand wants to be in on producing marihuana based products.
  5. It means youngsters have to go back to real cigarettes in which tobacco monopoly Thailand wins. Probably profits went down or they expect it? The e cigarette is competitive with the cigarette?! It is "better" then the standard, as you dont inhale about 300 other substances, chemicals in the cigarette, which causes more problems. Yha, i know nicotine is addictive, but harmful? No, the other substances are. Nicotine ends up in your bloodstream and is brought to your brains, where receptors are responding on it. Your lungs are the way to enter your body, but it has no big
  6. I hope Prayut reads news. Thanks to USA business men, Greece is bankrupt. Sudan sold 650 hA land for peanuts, only 26000 dollar. And there are some more places Americans arent reliable anymore.
  7. OK you have 70 million Thai and only need 2 million/month, while the capacity is 15 million doses/month?! It means you want to sell 13 million doses/month and do slow vaccination in own country. You better hurry, maybe India made same deal. A song popped up in my brain beginning: Money, money, money, money, ......moneyyyyyyyy
  8. Guess not. Here we have shops, all empty, standing idle. Bigger shops moved to smaller locations or combine with other shops to reduce costs. Meaning price is too high, and no reductions by "landlord". It looks better to have them empty. In China they made complete ghost cities, no one goes there, too expensive. See youtube. There are more of those places. In Phillipines you have a big mall with tourist like area, not working. Just about 5 shops and all other shops closed, empty. GUess those shops will be closed now as well. Looks like they choose better empty then s
  9. They say first ones will be hospital personnel. Good idea? If something goes wrong with vaccination, you ll loose them. On the other hand, they are in danger right away, everyday. While i knock on wood, I dont have covid, but might be selected first round. I dont know if im happy with that and if I should comply. The Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored at minus 80 degrees C, otherwise it is dead, not working, working wrong? Not hopeful, many countries dont have such a fridge. They are ordering now. There was a company here making those fridges and had orders
  10. Just BS. You already had SARS and MERS, no vaccine for that one and all just goes on. Not any lockdown or anything. It went away somehow. Now they find a MUTANT COVID in Denmark on minks. Vaccine still works then? How many countries dont have vaccination with just "simple" measles? You can die on that one and is very infectious. There are some more viruses very infectious like diphtheria, polio. Anyone has vaccinations against that, mostly the western countries have, but Asian countries? Even a "simple" flu can cause many to die. In 2018/19 10000 people died here, mor
  11. Happens everywhere in the world, not a big deal. You can use the urine for fertilizer. Once saw docu about "some kind of guru", using his urine to drink and to rub it on his skin. According to him it was good to do so. Ha, he even had followers. USA I believe.
  12. Simple, first Thailand was/is in opium. Why not start now with cannabis after (long?) studying how much profit. Of course they will register any one growing cannabis and track it. They will buy the cannabis cheap and then it goes to factory to produce the oil and otherwise products. Of course government and or rich Thai investors will have all the profits. Of course not the growers. Of course they need large amounts of it to process every day and so now activating farmers and others to grow cannabis Rubber, rice? They went down. So try something "new". What about
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