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  1. AH ok thats more explainable, as many thought you had a super young wife, so did i. and it puzzled me As i also said no menopause, but now it is a possibility. Normally would be from 47-57, but depends on woman personally. Guess when menopause is over then, it changed the person to what the person is today. It has taken over the older person. ANother possibility is a TIA. Brain infarct, my mom had one and noticed it on headlights from upcoming cars, the cars were driving with just one light. THen checked with doctor and he diagnosed she had a TIA. However there are also cases where people, married for 50 years even divorce. ALso the menopause? It is amazing though.
  2. Yeah it seems they can somehow, just use a copy to make a loan> im wondering how they could use that, also the banks? Im also taking care of my copies and most of time i write something on it in important parts of the copy. But never the less you can do alot with photoshop of course. who can you trust these days? As they remotely hack your car key or bank/credit card.
  3. You are in 70-ties and wife in 30-ties, ok grown daughters, quick actions. Bit puzzling. in 30-ties there is no menopause, starts later in 40-ties up to 50-ties, it can last 10 years. What i understood by reading about it. Had too ,as im involved now with a 51 yo Thai woman. However 30-ties also has problems. My wife (we had same age) decided to divorce, out of the blue for me. We had 2 young kids and i thought all was going well, NOT. uuuh uuuh, in their mind its running otherwise. I spoke to some other men (mostly college which i knew also divorced or even were in it ) about it, and they had the same problem as i had. 30-ties and divorce, so i call it the 30-blues. I felt somehow relieved, as i thought i was crazy. What did i miss? Still dont know. After that life, it seems like i was attracting more problem cases. Incredible, and it didnt matter what country or race they were, yup. So it is in women and depending probably on hormones running, complicated. One day sweet ,other day a bitch or just swinging in between on the same day. You ll never know. Food also has to do with it. If sugar level is low, mostly not good. And of course stres of any kind, they keep it all the time with them and effects. I think about the story in the bible (not that im a believer), but the first woman had a change in mind and listened to have the forbidden fruit, then she persuaded her hubby and gave it to him. OK down paradise. Women never changed in that and you ll have to be aware for that. It doesnt matter if you do good, although it looks like men who dont care has more potential. Just be an assh**** man. Your case , very difficult. Try to get some properties or cars for sale, so having money for retirement visa, i know its 800 kbaht. You ll need to get that money anyway, anyhow. You ll have to sweet talk with your dragon. Very difficult to get things done. She has to be in a good mood, never the less it can just shift like that in a jiffy. Maybe also get a rental house you have for usfruct/lease to you! As long as you live , youll stay there and when you die its hers or your daughters again. Yha too bad for the tenants, but it is now YOU ! I know how you feel with everything bad is coming down on you now. You ll have to talk with the dragon and prevent the fire spitting part. You ll have to fight for your right though you dont feel like that. The dragon is, your "wife" changed and evil, greed has come over her, i know and many more other men know. Your properties were bought IN marriage?! Then you have right on the 50%. You need to get your money, to be in Thailand. COntact with a good lawyer is essential. As several people suggested for your health and hospital visits, you have to find a Thai taking care for you, by paying ofcourse, rent a personal household person to do the things for you. A live- in would be the best of course you ll have to pay and also consider her/his wishes . There are also professionnel agencies i saw on a billboard last time i was in Thailand. I thought, someone saw that good as business opportunity. Lots of farangs in Thailand and ... they are older maybe alone and need help. Absolutely no idea how much that would cost.
  4. why dont you get married then? Then you have the 400 kbaht, change to marriage visa and thats it.
  5. It's all about money>High placed , rich people take the money and the rest just die. Glyphosate was also banned in Europe, but its back again !! After 2000 the world changed for worse in everything. It's power (it has been always but now more) to big companies and their shit , all protected by governments, which are corrupt. After all we do have almost 9 billion people, so who cares about someone. It's all me, me, me. grab, grab, grab. SOme balance we had, flipped. The old anti social is now social. MEdicines, we had one here, costed 0,30 cents/pill, it was raised up to 400 euro/pil !! And it happens with lots of medicines. ALso in China they make a medicine, we had here, and it turns out now it is contaminated with other substances, which causes other diseases. BUt he medicine is the only one made in China they say ??!! So you have to accept that medicine with the shit. I once red in USA , the price of insulin rises and rises, so probably all over the world. But again there it is money, they dont care about YOU. I wonder why we let this all happen, we are asleep and think other people will take care of you, but NO. Those people take care of their wallet and fill it richly, from your money and you just die. You have seen those movies about ships to be demolished? THey go to India, Pakistan, Iran, They wreck them on the beaches and then are cut to pieces, still containing oil, fuel and other shit (chemical tankers). The people who work there just on BARE feet end what ever cloths they have. Being in direct contact with whatever is on that ship. THey get paid almost nothing, but the rich guy who takes care for that wrecking, gets most of it. ANd if you die on the job or in longer term, he doesnt care. You see a young boy in Africa, 8 years old doing hard labour 12 hours/day for just a dime/day !! And so on and so on, so much shit in this world. WIshed i was born as an albatros, flying around, making 1 bird/year. Way much less shit. Way much better. Probably now im older, i feel ashamed as a human, due to much info available , i guess. I think a 3rd world war , to reset is necessary, we do need war every time again to reset.
  6. You have C characteristic breakers, they can do 1.5-2 X the nominal value , so a C16 runs up from 24 to 32 A and so on for the other ones. With the shortcut you had, the Amp's stayed under the working point of the breaker, less then 24-32 Amp on the C16 breaker. If your powerline was on a C 32, then you even have way bigger AMps to run, DOUBLE. I dont know why people need a C32. Here they are B16 and thats it, you can run your household. Also the wiring behind a C32 should be bigger, if not you can have a meltdown in your wiring and have fire. I see they are for water heaters, dont know which one you have, like 6.5 kW(?) then you need the C32 or better B32, it depends on AMps when starting heater> If heater is, like 3 kW, you can have again the B16. Maybe they are cheaper en therefor in THailand. Or Thai found it annoying when it shuts down. But save?? NO More safer is a B characteristic breaker. That one goes from 0-1.5 X nominal value. There arent test knobs on breakers, only on a RBCO. It is very wise to have an RCBO placed in your electrical cabinet. It measures the difference between in and outgoing Amps and shuts down on 30mA, only have that one. NOT 40 or otherwise. There are also adjustable electronic devices, however i dont trust them. Its switchable, never knows what happens if switch is corroded or what ever. And then your safety is gone again. This device prevents high currents through your body if you touch it. Hence you make connection to earth and the power will follow your body to go to ground. If you dont have RCBO it s not limited and higher Amp's can pass your body. Your heart cant have that , only 30 mA and not 32 A. As you have 8 groups, i think you need several of them. I think for each heater seperate ones. Ok you can also put the 2 on one, saves you money and space. BUT be sure then your RCBO can handle the 64 Amps. Then you need one, i saw them in shop RCBO 65A shutdown value 30 mA. You have airco's, they are that big C 20A, higher then 3840 watts or 3.8 kWatt? But ok you can have again the 2 on RCBO 65A shutdown value 30 mA. The other 4 groups you can place on another RCBO RCBO 65A shutdown value 30 mA. Your box is too small, and need to be replaced then by a bigger one. You also could do with just one , replace the main fuse C50 by one which is AND a breaker AND RCBO, you need C50 and shut down value 30mA. However if in one group is a problem then everything will shut down. But this is already a big improvement and safer for you and besides the cheapest. Consider yourself lucky it didnt touch you.
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