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  1. A bit slow aren’t they.....they’re approved everywhere else....
  2. Hello. Does anyone have any news about the Pfizer or the AstraZeneca vaccine being available at a private hospital....and if so...when. Not the Sinovax.....but one of others? I expect to pay of course... Appreciate your help.
  3. Thanks for that...sorry for the delay....I hear what you’re saying.. Can you give your opinion on the ‘Life Insurance’ option......do you this is safe..? Ideally I’m looking for Something I can pay into monthly maybe for a long period of time and whereby my partner gets a pay out at a specific age. It would have to be safe of course and have some growth ....
  4. Seems to me that before I used to leave CM about the end of February and come back beginning of May and I’d miss most of the bad air. Is that a false memory...? The smoke seems to me to have come very early this year.....if true....why might that be...?
  5. Hello... Anyone who has any experience in this area I’d be grateful to hear from them. I like my Thai partner to start up some sort of managed fund investment to save for their retirement. I’d be helping with contributions of course. The idea would be to start making regular contributions into a managed share fund that’s specifically designed for retirement so that they will have an income after I’m gone. Can anyone who might be doing this or have the knowledge point me in the right direction and recommended a fund..? Much appreciated. Mi
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