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  1. There’s no such thing as nipping anywhere sadly....there’s is no nip in Chiang Mai. The old timers say there’re used to be a nip....but the nip is long gone. You could try Mar Rim or Doi Saket etc....but you won’t be nipping anywhere from there. Youre either inner city or you’re not. Thats it. If you have ‘throat problems’ ? Then from now until somewhere in May ...it’s going to be polluted.
  2. To capture 2.5 particles....which colour 3M FILTRETE filter pack for the split system air con should I buy. Anyone who has examined this issue ...can you help out? Thanks ....
  3. Women are not a commodity...show a little respect.
  4. All bets are off now sadly. I’ll wait and see....but....if you don’t have your health what’s the point of retiring here. I’m starting the conversation with my apartment building owner. Just so she’s knows it’s an issue that probably is going to hurt her business.
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