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  1. This is the best part of your statement, a question that no one in the government or authorities is willing to answer. Thailand has dozens of military hospitals that could serve as cover centers for treatment that are isolated in military camps, while ordinary hospitals run as usual and take in military patients. Just another option of a Weill managed response to controlled opening of the country to tourism.
  2. We need to take the opening of the country serious, while we have close to zero numbers on Covid-19 at the moment the livelihood of millions of Thai people went completely down the drain. If the situation stays as it is we will have by the end of this year 77 million healthy Thais, with at least 10 million people starving/living below the poverty line. Complete uncontrolled opening of the country is no option, but keeping the status quo going is neither one. Opening up to failed nations such as the US and UK is surely not a good idea, but instead Thailand needs to look at lower risk countries. Living with the threat of covid is probably workable if for example all military hospitals in Thailand are turend in to cover centers, there are over 100 of these hospitals that are on camp grounds and therefor can be easily managed and kept safe. The medical profession is excellent in Thailand, and treatment of patients should feasible. Opening up islands seems like a good idea, but would this then mean that those living and working on the island can't leave these islands? Would it mean that Thais or foreigners living in Thailand can't get to these islands? That won't be practical.
  3. Just that little part of the sentence will be applauded by the prisoners I think!
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