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  1. "According to Tourism and Sports Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, a meeting will be held next week with all relevant agencies to discuss if it is still realistic to implement the so-called ‘Phuket Sandbox’ model from July, while infections in the country continue to surge." Why bother having a meeting when the answer Is "no it is not realistic". Then again I guess it's good for Public Relations. Got to show that our diligent Thai politicians and government workers are earning their pay. Another photo opportunity for the press.
  2. Sad but true. Bureaucracy first, safety second. Government stupidity knows no limits.
  3. Yes that will work wonders for its re-sale value (and confidence in the integrity and crditability of the Thai government, and Thais in general.) Had to finish off your sentence (smile).
  4. Excellent post. Well witten but unfortunately the siginifiance of this post will go over the heads of many of the ThaiVisa readers. I was taking a Thai language class at the Father Ray foundatiion where I heard that a Jomtien Codominium owner could not sell his unit to anohter foreigner because of this. The condominium owner had to accept a lower price from a Thai. This is real and no F%$#ing joke. This speaks volumes about the hi-so Thais contempt for foreigners and how they treat them. If you don't understand what has taken place and what the imolications are, I cannot help you. The only
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