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  1. The strong arguement in favor of Americans living abroad is that they pay taxes on their worldly income and are obliged to live by the USA regulations. It's a two street: pay taxes, receive benefit.
  2. Unfortunately foreigners not conforming with the Covid regulations stick out like a sore thumb. I don't know about Phuket but yesterday I was walking through the Royal Garden plaza in Pattaya and noticed 3 expats sitting in the designated rest area chairs with out their masks on. True the chairs were far apart and most probably transmission of covid was unlikely but they don't seem to understand or care about the big picture. it would not surprise me that the chairs will be put away so that no-one will be able to sit down in the mall because the actions of a few selfish expats. I would like t
  3. "Tourism operators in Thailand have hailed the country’s plan to waive quarantine for vaccinated travellers from October as a positive step towards positioning the country for a robust post-pandemic recovery." Positioning the country for a robust post-pandemic recovery ==> Whatever they are smoking I want some too. The Thai government should stop dreaming up non-sensical plans to attract new tourists and focus on retaining the long-term paying tourists. Haven't they heard of loyal customer retention programs? Of course not! Long-term tourists are replaceble and should be happy
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