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  1. Best water pump brand Grundfos. Best reasonably priced brand Mitsubishi/Hitachi as mentioned, probably not much difference between them.
  2. I am trying to figure out what is the best place to place the indoor unit of an A/C in our bedroom. The bedroom is 4 by 4 meters and approx. 2.75 meter high, and because of windows the bed can only be in one place, but I have three options for where to place the A/C fan unit: On the wall above the bed (at the head) blowing towards our feet On the opposite wall blowing towards the bed On the side I don't think the second option is the correct choice, since we don't like the cold air blowing directly on us. I assume that if placed above our heads, the cold air will be blown away from us and "fall down" somewhere at the end of the bed or beyond. If placed to the side the airflow can be directed (somewhat) away from the bed, we have this situation in our Bangkok condo and it works OK but not perfect. What is the opinions of the learned members of ThaiVisa? Thanks in advance. Sophon
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