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  1. There are some missing pieces. The extension of stay stamp pictured in the OP is a tourist extension that expired in May 2017, so that is not relevant. There is also an entry stamp from the 23rd of May 2018 giving a permission to stay until 22nd of May 2019 based on a Non Immigrant OA visa, so I don't think the OP is here on an extension of stay. At some point he must have been given an OA visa which is the basis for his current stay. His OA visa is probably expired (but we can't know for sure until we know when he applied for it), so his current permission of stay was protected by the re-entry permit in the second picture. This means that he was correctly given the same permission to stay (until 22nd of May 2019) that he had before his trip. To address some of the OP's questions: While your OA visa was still valid, you would be given a new one year permission to stay every time you enter Thailand. That is why you were given a permission to stay until May 2019 when you entered in May of 2018. After your OA visa expires you no longer have a valid visa, so you will not qualify for a new one year permission to stay. However, you can protect your existing permission to stay (until May 2019) by applying for re-entry permit. You correctly did this, so when you re-entered Thailand your permission to stay until May 2019 was "reinstated". 90 day reports are entirely separate from your permission to stay in Thailand. Your first 90 day report was due 90 days after you re-entered Thailand. Since you reported again today, your next report will be due in 90 day from now. But as mentioned, neither 90 day report has anything to do with your permission to stay. Within the last 30 days of your current permission to stay, so somewhere between the 23rd of April and the 22nd of May, you will have to go to Immigration again to extend your permission to stay. It is not "automatic" and you will have to show THB 800k in your Thai bank account. When you do, you will be given a new permission to stay until 22nd of May 2020. If you don't want to go to immigration for a new extension, you can alternatively go back home and get a new Non Immigrant OA visa. If you time it correctly, you will be able to do your extension and 90 day report on the same day, but they are two separate processes. Hope this helps. Sophon
  2. The first extension counts as a 90 day report, subsequent extensions do not. Sophon
  3. If that was your point, then I guess you missed where the OP referred to his partner as "her": So not people making assumptions, just people reading what the OP posted. Sophon
  4. Not much of an assumption. When people talk about wanting to spend time with their partner, they normally talk about a personal relationship rather than a business partner or the like. Sophon
  5. Sophon

    Retirement Visa

    Of course they require copies of the bank book showing updated balance and any transactions for the last three months. Have you ever met any Thai government entity that didn't keep copies of everything? Sophon