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  1. And Mitsubishi have the Expander, which is similar to the BRV (same class). Both are cheaper than the Captiva. The Captiva is kind of in a price class of it's own between small and normal size SUVs. The closest other SUV in price is probably the Honda Hrv.
  2. The first extension also counts as a 90 day report, so you will have to report 90 days from 9th of December. Subsequent extensions will not count as 90 day reports.
  3. Re 2.: For this year the Revenue department has extended the deadline for filing tax return until the end of June. It's meant as a stimulus measure to help counteract the effect of the Corona virus on the Thai economy.
  4. It depend on what type of account you have. Before last year, the banks were only required to withhold tax on saving accounts if the total interest was over 20k Baht. That changed last year, so now the bank has to withhold tax on all interest unless they have your tax ID on file. For fixed deposit type accounts nothing has changed, and the bank still has to withhold tax whether or not they have your tax ID on file.
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