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  1. Heaven forbid! Kayleigh McEnany herself said that the president doesn’t lie. She also promised reporters she would never lie to them. And she managed to keep a straight face while saying that, so it must be true.
  2. What is the minister going to do about all those other (hundreds? or even thousands?) abusive teachers, and not only in kindergarten.
  3. Reminds me of a story back in the 90’s, when wildlife conservation groups were trying to re-introduce the lynx (bobcat) back into the wild in the Jura region of Switzerland and France. They had been negotiating about it with the government and the farmers for years already, and the sheep and goat farmers and shepherds in particular would have nothing of it, claiming the lynx would kill many of their animals. Then one day the wildlife conservation groups drop a bombshell and announce they have already re-introduced several lynx back into the wild a few years before and the animals are thriving. When asked if they had lost an unexpected number of animals to predators over the last couple of years, the farmers and shepherds had to admit that this hadn’t been the case. I will leave it up to you to figure out the analogies between this story and the OP.
  4. America may not be all the all the way there yet (although it is high time to rapidly start applying the brakes), but Trump sure is showing his true colors more and more as he faces defeat and probably/hopefully prosecution once he has been escorted out of the WH by a couple of federal marshals. Or whoever else has jurisdiction to kick his ass out of there.
  5. Of course Trump is right, in that China must be held accountable: it’s where the virus came from and they tried to cover it up. But that doesn’t take anything away from the complete mess that Trump and his administration have made responding to the virus. If there had been a half decent response, there would have likely been far fewer deaths in the USA. But Trump decided to play it down, because he was afraid it would hurt his chances of being re-elected.
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