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  1. Unlike your darling president, that is? He began whining before the election already that if he lost, the vote was rigged and he was not going to accept the result. How about that for a gracious loser?
  2. The only thing that needs to be thrown out - of the White House, that is - is you, mister Trump.
  3. Just wait until the bubble bursts. Trump is increasing the deficit by trillions and trillions of dollars and putting the country in hock for generations to come.
  4. The spitting has gone way down. I was in China first in 1989, just before Tiananmen, and traveled through the south by bus and train. You could slide down the aisle of every bus and train because of the thousands of the loogie's, it was so gross! You don't see things like that any more.
  5. In this particular instance it is probably much more an ethnic conflict between Dogon and Fulani, that has little to do with religion.
  6. No, please, by all means, continue tweeting and dig a deeper hole for yourself. Hopefully some day soon all those tweets will be enough to indict TD (again) for obstruction of justice and abuse of power and a second impeachment can be started. He'd be the first president to be impeached twice, and in one term, no less. Although his hardcore base will probably see that as quite an accomplishment.
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