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  1. I'm sitting outside Banglamung DLT as I type this. Arrived 7.30am. Small crowd waiting outside and numbered tickets were being handed out on the entrance steps. I got #15. Doors opened at 8am. Went to document check at 8.45. No medical certificate required for 5 year renewal and, although Jomtien IO will tell you you need two residency certificates for car and bike licences (and charge you accordingly - 300b each), you don't. One plus a photocopy is sufficient. Despite my early arrival I was given another number and told to return at 11.30 so I don't expect to be out of here much before 1pm. Ho hum.

  2. My five year car and bike licences are due for renewal in September and I wondered if it would be possible, bearing in mind that my local DLT is extremely busy, to go through the process at a quieter office in a different Province. Would the fact that my Certificate of Residence will be for an address in another Province pose any problem? Any advice would be much appreciated.

  3. How dare they try to take the airport back from the criminal yellows shirts who held thousands of foreign tourists hostage including children and infants. These mongrel caused great pain and anguish to many people from around the world. I had an appointment in Melbourne that I couldn't make and lost a few thousand dollars because of the lowlife yellows.

    On a purely selfish and self centered note , I had a bit of a result , I was supposed to be going back to work in China the day they took it over . I was "Stranded" in Pattaya for another Week

    You call that a result??

  4. My multiple entry Non-Imm 'O' expires at the end of September. Given the increasingly stringent requirements needed to apply another one from the London Embassy, I have decided to change it to retirement status. Two questions:

    I own, and will continue to own, a condo in Bangkok but am about to move to Na Jomtien to live in a house I purchased in my partner's name. As I will only have proof of residence in Bangkok, will that be acceptable at the Jomtien Immigration office?

    The 800,000 baht required will have been in my Thai account for 60 days when I go to apply for the new status. Is that sufficient time?

    Many thanks for any advice that is forthcoming!.

  5. Great news! Many thanks for the fast replies. BTW.........before posting here I tried to call the Hull Consulate to get an answer. Has anyone EVER got through to them? They turn round postal visa applications super-efficiently but good luck to anyone who actually wants to ask them something! All I got was an answer-machine message (not as hilarious as the London Embassy one)stating their opening hours. Email drew a blank too - dropped them a line 4 days ago and no reply as yet.

  6. A professor at the University of Sydney was giving a lecture on 'Involuntary Muscular Contractions' to his first year medical students. Realizing this was not the most riveting subject, the professor decided to lighten the mood slightly.

    He pointed to a young woman in the front row and said, 'Do you know what your asshol_e is doing while you're having an orgasm?'

    She replied, 'Probably fishing with his mates.'

    It took 45 minutes to restore order in the classroom.........

  7. :o For those who are willing to move out of Sukhumvit area.

    Name: Lido

    Location: Soi Sribumphen, Yanawa.

    Have just polished off a delishus Tiramisu with a vino rosso per favore.

    Medium priced, more of a Trattoria than a Ristorante...spinach to die for.

    And my favorite liquer, Limoncello goes down well...But to each their

    own taste....I dont venture far from home and enjoy the villagio

    atmosphere of same soi that I have mentioned...bon apetito blah blah..

    :D Dukkha

    Seconded! :D

  8. I now need someone to professionally turn my ideas into a workable, blueprint. to thereafter project manage and build. If it permitted - can ask for what experience any readers have had of Rosegate Building Consultants and other design, project manage and build companies they could recommend - ideally with a European management team.

    I've been calling on Rosegate's expertise for several months now and wouldnt hesitate to recommend the company or the contacts they have provided me with.

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