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  1. If Greenland really was for sale, I'd imagine it'd go the highest bidder. I'm pretty sure Russia and China would be interested, and they don't need congressional approval. Maybe a trade. We can give them the state of Alabama.
  2. Foreign funds leaving the Thai financial markets is good news, and should lead to the weakening of the THB....albeit gradually.
  3. Yes there was. And I would say the same thing I did then, that is, I go through yellow lights all the time. In heavy traffic, there is almost always another vehicle following me through. Which means I probably would have been rear-ended if I stopped. What city is the OP in? Just hope they're not cracking down in Chiang Mai.
  4. 5555....a good example of a farang listening/believing his Thai GF even though it makes absolutely no sense. But to the topic, just about any Thai would know more than a foreigner how to find a job in Thailand. The OP can't be serious.
  5. Yo Khun Quasi, it's not all black and white. Yes, it would be hard to find long term companionship with someone that would fit all the criterion that we dream up. For example, I knew a guy who wanted a hot young female, no kids, never married, thin, educated, speaks fluent English, dresses classy and enjoys European art and culture. Needless to say, he had to settle for much less. But if said 55 y/o simply wants to find temporary companionship with a young hottie, that's pretty darn easy. Having said that, Thailand appears to be the hub of single mothers. For guys that don't mind that, there are many young attractive females who would be exceptional long term companions.
  6. 55555....it could also be that Trump et al wants to see a UK that's even more screwed up than the USA is right now.
  7. Hendrix was all gadgets while Clapton really could play. Back in the nineties I used to go out with Claptons bass player Jack Bruces niece, she was 20 years younger than me. Clapton himself would probably say Hendrix was better. Back to the topic....I'm more of a Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin guy. But to answer the thread question....the Beatles have been much more influential than the Stones. And Sgt Pepper was probably the greatest album ever.
  8. If you think you're saying anything that I don't already know, you're mistaken. Of course it's about the money. But so what? Many of us have spent a lifetime working our asses off to ensure a better life in our twilight. It's time to reap the rewards. But before I let you off the hook with your assumptions about the purity of American values, don't think I don't know how American women are raised. "Marry above your class." "Find yourself a good doctor." "Don't settle for second best." Etc., etc. Do you think a hot supermodel like, say, a Kate Upton, would settle for some average Joe? Come on. Money talks, Bsht walks. It's that way all over the world.
  9. So less legal immigration would mean more illegal immigration. And perhaps more asylum seekers. It appears Guatemala will not be that "safe country" that the US was demanding.... [Guatemala's President-Elect Says the Country Can't do a Migrant Deal with the U.S.] https://time.com/5651664/guatemala-president-elect-us-migrant-deal/ So much winning....
  10. It sure does sound like the corrupt Cambodia government is selling out the country to the Chinese. Just horrible, especially to the common Cambodian. They'll have nothing left of a country....or end up servants to the Chinese. Sure hope Thailand doesn't go that way.
  11. Condolences regarding your friend. That's a tough way to go. But I get your point about women in the USA. If you're north of 50, it seems no women under 40 will talk to you. I've got middle aged friends in America who are upper middle class, very well-off, and they're relegated to dating what we would consider very old women...if they're dating at all. It seems like getting old in America is mostly about waiting to die. Sure you can have hobbies and recreation and all that. But there is something about being with young females in Thailand that keeps one energized and vibrant. For an older single man, being "stuck" in the USA is much worse than being stuck in Thailand.
  12. He is certainly within his rights to complain about the complainer. Who are you to judge?
  13. The contradictions: Some of you guys insist that these Thai Chinese hi so's want nothing to do with farangs, i.e., you've never been with one. Yet, you same guys pretend like you know so much about them. How can that be? It's sort of like back home when some old fat drunk insists that he would never date a western supermodel because they're too skinny. Yeah, right.
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