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  1. You have a point. Golf is a finicky game. To be as dominant as Jack and Tiger were in their days, one really has to be obsessed with golf (and have the requisite talent). Huge purses, new technologies, and too many distractions. The field is also getting deeper all the time. Morikawa certainly has game. But will he be more like a Zach Johnson or T. Woods? The odds are the former. I will say that Morikawa has a totally hot GF.
  2. This is really not a fair comparison. Caddies in Thailand are not supposed to be anything like "professional tour caddies." I'm sure those folks get paid more than 600 bt a round (est. fee/tip). As for some of your specific complaints, I'd never want a caddie to "club me." I prefer to decide for myself. Reading greens? Basic right or left helps, but the caddie won't know how hard you intend to hit the putt. Some golfers just want to have someone to blame when they miss. As for distances, get a range-finder. Otherwise, you can see for yourself where the yardage markers are...roughly. As for the course stipulating the minimum tip, I've never seen that in the north, but have seen it on some BKK courses. Anyways, I like having a caddie around as it improves my golfing experience....usually.
  3. All this is happening on Trump's watch. 3+ years into his presidency. So whether Trump likes it or not, he owns it.
  4. Trump is basically defunding social security and medicare with this move, as payroll tax funds these programs. Not a very smart move in an election year.
  5. You really should ask him what he thinks is missing in his life. And I'm not talking about basic stuff like certain foods/restaurants, or TV shows, or the arts, etc. What is of the utmost importance to him that is missing here that he could only get back home? If he's really homesick for family and friends, I can understand. But then that didn't keep him from leaving in the first place. Thailand is obviously different from your home country, especially if you're from the west. Constantly obsessing about what one "can't do/can't have" in Thailand is a truly self-defeating mindset. Like Bruce Springsteen said once, "You've got to learn to live with what you can't rise above."
  6. Certainly a mean thing to say, but....jail time? Come on. She certainly isn't skinny. Maybe this will motivate her to drop a few pounds.
  7. You're deflecting. This is about the NRA, not unions or the NAACP. And you're completely missing the point. The irony is the people who should be most concerned are the dues-paying NRA members themselves. The NRA is stealing their money. Heck, even Oliver North, former President of the NRA, saw this with his own eyes.... [Oliver North, the retired Marine who was pushed out as president of the National Rifle Association in a dispute within the gun-rights group, said in court documents filed Thursday that he was thwarted when he tried to raise alarm bells about alleged misspending and denied that he tried to oust the organization’s longtime top executive.] [The documents detail concerns North said he raised over several months and the efforts he said he took to try to have NRA spending audited and reviewed by an outside, independent entity. He said the red flags began to emerge this past spring when he heard that NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre had received tens of thousands of dollars in clothing, private jet travel and other perks from the group’s longtime marketing firm, Ackerman McQueen; he also has questioned money being paid to the law firm that has represented NRA in its fight against that firm.] https://www.marketwatch.com/story/oliver-north-in-court-filing-says-nra-is-smearing-him-to-avoid-scrutiny-2019-07-11
  8. Golf? And cheating at golf. Of course I meant anything related to governing. But if you ask him how to cheat at golf, or how to use your celebrity to get into a girl's pants, or how to get MAGA rubes all excited at a rally, or racist words for any group of people, or how to rip-off contractors, or how to cheat on your taxes, or how to make people think you're rich and successful when you're not....etc., he's probably quite knowledgeable.
  9. Actually, there's been a few interviews where Trump embarrasses himself "hugely." Chris Wallace, Lester Holt, just to name a few. Simply put, if the interviewer challenges him on his lies, Trump will fold like a cheap suit. And Trump will lie, guaranteed. Or if the interviewer challenges Trump's knowledge about...practically anything. The man doesn't know squat about anything. That's why it's so important that there is a real-time fact-checker at any Presidential debate where Trump is involved. Trump has to be fact-checked on any comment he makes because he will lie his ass off if not challenged.
  10. Agree. People don't realize that exercise is not just for losing weight. It can help prevent all manner of ailments including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, lung disease, etc. And for expats in Thailand, it can also help with sexual endurance....if that's your thing.
  11. There's enough deep hatred of Trump nationwide to get people excited enough to vote. On the other side, there's not too much hatred for Biden. Let's face it, how can anyone hate their grandfather. He may have lost a step, but he's still a nice, honest, and decent old man. And that's all America wants right now after 3+ years of lying, nastiness, and corruption from Trump.
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