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  1. "Fleece the rubes"....5555, so appropriate. You have to hand it to Trump, he knows how to monetize this sick adoration of his rube supporters. I recall right after the election, when his campaign was badly in debt. If he had simply said he lost and requested money to pay off his debt, he would have raised next to nothing. But by claiming that the election was stolen and he needed money to fight "the steal," he was able to raise millions. And now he's teasing the rubes again with his 2024 run....real or not, who knows. When it comes to fleecing his supporters, no one comes close to khun T
  2. This is what the Republican Party has become....a party of conspiracy theories who celebrates losing. Trump is the rightful leader because no one knows more about losing than the Donald.
  3. Good question. I've gotten a ticket going 122 kph, so as someone said, 120 might be the cutoff. But who knows for sure? Of a big concern also are the cameras at intersections that might catch one going through a yellow/red light. I've had a few friends get nailed for just following others through a yellow light, even in heavy traffic.
  4. Trump can never win another national election. The only power he has left--maybe--is to derail the careers of certain Republicans in very red states. That, and the power to incite extreme nutbags to commit violence.
  5. Well that there is pretty high on the wacko meter. Since Trump is history and never coming back, you need to find yourself a new cult....5555.
  6. 55555....don't these Republicans ever get it? With Trump, there is no such thing as a team. It's about him and nothing else matters.
  7. I wish they would just stop making such a statement. Firstly, it's pretty darn obvious. Secondly, it gives everyone the impression that it's all the government cares about, the "image" of Patts and Thailand.
  8. Well this thread certainly explains your "man in Hanoi" thread and the REAL reason you're miserable. It's not Thailand that's making you unhappy. It's being married with kids and not having access to the young hotties. I get you. Many men are in your predicament. They run around chasing tail for years and it was all good. But after awhile, they get bored with that. They figure that settling down and having just one will solve the problem...until it doesn't. The thing is, if you divorce your wife and go back to that life, you may just get bored with it again. No easy answers.
  9. So the guy should have just lied to the cops? That would make him an accomplice....not a smart move.
  10. Depends. If you're in prison and have your freedom to think and behave severely restricted, then yes. But as a free man in a country like Thailand? Not really. By the way, you seem to accept this "man in Hanoi" as a fountain of wisdom, when in fact, he could just be some old fool who got fleeced by a Pattaya hooker and is now a mental wreck. If you can allow such a person to influence your thinking that much, you've got more problems than you realize.
  11. While you've made some valid points, you're missing some crucial aspects of this latest ruling. The DA is not only getting the tax returns, but more importantly, the underlying financial documents. Just looking at the numbers on a tax return doesn't answer all the questions. [In addition to the tax returns going back to 2011, Vance has subpoenaed four other categories of documents, including financial statements, engagement agreements, documents relating to the preparation and review of tax returns, and work papers and communications related to the tax returns.] [The
  12. I do wonder if there's a "secret pardon" out there for Trump and his family. Knowing how corrupt and shameless he is, it wouldn't surprise me that he would try to cover his own ass somehow. Not that it would help him in state cases.
  13. These brainwashed followers of his will believe anything Trump says. Even after Trump is unceremoniously shipped off to prison, he will claim miscarriage of justice and his minions will send him money. Maybe in time they'll figure out that they were conned, but Trump will siphon every last dime from his cult followers. You might say they deserve each other.
  14. Not every Floridian agrees with the nutty Gov.... [Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried announced Monday that she would disregard an order by Gov. Ron DeSantis to lower flags in the state to half-staff to pay tribute to Limbaugh, the conservative firebrand radio host who died last week after a battle with lung cancer.] [“Lowering to half-staff the flag of the United States of America is a sacred honor that pays respect to fallen heroes and patriots. It is not a partisan political tool,” Fried, a Democrat, said in a statement. “Therefore, I will notify all state
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