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  1. My understanding is that masks are required in "risky areas," i.e., markets, malls, public transportation, transportation terminals, offices, and all public spaces. Masks not required while eating and exercising. Of course, we're not talking about jogging in a mall. As always, enforcement may vary.
  2. It's actually good fun to meet some of these girls...if you're not looking for a relationship. The stuff they tell you about some of these knuckleheads they talk to, how they can convince men they've never met to send them money. Why do guys do that? Regardless, I can say that online dating has made it so much easier to meet a wide variety of girls in Thailand than before. But if you're doing it from overseas, not so much fun.
  3. The currency exchange rate is a moving target. In the last few days, the THB has been strengthening against the USD...much to my dismay.
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