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  1. It's amazing that you keep bringing up these occasional one or two lies (alleged), but ignore the 15,000+ lies (confirmed) by the current occupant of the WH. Funny that.
  2. Grow up for Christ's sake, unless calling past Presidents "sissy" makes you feel like a real man.
  3. like a sissy, I might add. You put Obama and Trump in the ring together and Trump will be knocked out inside of 2 minutes. It'd be like Ali and Butterbean.....5555
  4. It's not a matter of "reading minds" but rather reading some of the posts on TV written by Trump supporters. Some of the stuff you guys believe are beyond the pale....alternate universe sort of stuff.
  5. So you agree that Fox news pundits are not credible sources. Good for you. Why don't you name specific reporters and news organizations they work for that you consider credible. I'll bet he gets some of his news from this guy below. It seems right-leaning people are more susceptible to fake news. They want to believe pretty much anything that supports their narrative. And these creators of fake news know it. They're making money off of the ignorance. [Washington (AFP) - Christopher Blair produces false stories he insists are easily identifiable as satire rather than news. His pages can rack up millions of views, and at least part of that audience believes the material is true.] [Blair -- a self-described "liberal troll" and political activist -- says he knows what to write for his right-wing "target audience" through years of "being embedded in their world."] [He does not hold that audience in high regard.] ["They live on... fear and hate and misinformation and very specific storylines that everybody knows aren't true except for them," he told AFP.] https://www.yahoo.com/news/master-false-news-gives-wing-americans-headlines-believe-012738936.html
  6. Agree. I have an excellent dentist in Chiang Mai that I've been going to for the better part of the last 10+ years. Perhaps the OP is just unlucky.
  7. Daily Caller? Lordy, a totally unreliable source. But I'm curious to your rationale. To be fair, are you suggesting that Trump supporters also cannot serve on the jury?
  8. You appear to be all-in for Bernie. It's too early to tell, although we can see he's doing well currently. But this article describes why moderate Dems are concerned. [...moderate Democrats on Capitol Hill concerned that, if the self-described democratic socialist wins the party’s presidential nomination, it could jeopardize efforts to protect their House majority and take control of the Senate.] ["Trump is going to make this a referendum on whether you want to build on the economy we have, or junk it and turn to socialism," he said. "That does not play well for candidates in bellwether areas."] https://www.yahoo.com/news/moderate-democrats-worried-sanders-surge-2020-field-090034502.html
  9. I am naive? And yet we like the same candidate? You need to work on your debating skills. It is intriguing how nobody addresses points in here. Like I have asked ten times, who is it exactly who wont love getting free healthcare? Why do you think a less well funded, centrist , establishment woman dem can win when one just lost to Trump? Where on earth are you getting your theory that Sanders wont beat Trump (he is polling better than any dem candidate against Trump by the way). Did you know Sanders has a double digit lead among dems now? Again you're missing my point. So you're going on and on about the free healthcare that Bernie is promising. This is what Trump will say: "My healthcare plan is better and it's cheaper. Half as cheap. No, one fourth as cheap. And it will be the best healthcare plan ever. The most wonderful healthcare plan in the history of the world. And by the way, I'm not a socialist." And you didn't answer my question about how Trump got elected in 2016. One big reason was he and his right wing machine made Hillary unelectable. Not to everyone of course, but to enough. And he did it with lies and half-truths. He could do the same with Bernie, and it'd be much easier. That's my point.
  10. Geez man, you are naive beyond belief. So tell me, how do you think Trump got elected in 2016? Hint: It had nothing to do with his debating skills. Or facts, policies, ideas,...nothing like that. Look, we're on the same team...I think. I want Trump out, I don't care who does it.
  11. You've been in Thailand too long. Sure she's not a 21-year old hottie with a tanned hardbody that we've come to love. But I'd do her. Note to all the feminists: That's a complement!
  12. I like Bernie, always have. He's an honest, decent man and would be infinitely a better President than Trump. But the socialism thing, you seriously underestimate the GOP machine's ability to spin that, as well as the average intelligence of the voting public. Bernie may be saying socialism in the sense of Norway or Sweden, but the GOP will tie it to Venezuela and every shthole banana republic out there. And people will believe it. If Bernie becomes the Democratic candidate, of course I'll support him. But it's risky.
  13. This is your primary point....and clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. The trial is over. The prosecutors laid out their case and the defense laid out their's. A jury of his peers looked at all the evidence and found him guilty on seven counts. Only the sentencing is left. So when you say Stone did nothing wrong, what the freak are you talking about?
  14. Just watched the clip and didn't see anything offensive at all. The thread title is completely off-the-mark as he didn't say it like that. And I'm not a big fan of Jim Carrey. Everybody (well, those offended) needs to get a grip.
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