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  1. That would be cool to see at night if all those headlights actually worked. May need to wear sunglasses though....5555.
  2. Agree. I know a few Trump supporters in Thailand and talking to these guys is incredibly frustrating. The biggest problem is that these people really do live in an alternate reality. If these folks don't like what they see in the news, they'll find another news source that fits their narrative. Some Trump supporters have been ditching Fox News and flocking to Newsmax. Why? Because Fox has largely accepted that Joe Biden is the President-elect while Newsmax has not. Some people would rather watch fake news that they agree with than real news that they don't. It's asinine, but that's how
  3. Trump just reeks of desperation. He's been getting clobbered in the courts which says loud and clear that his claims of voter fraud are fake. So now he's trying to strong-arm Republican legislators to break the law on his behalf. Why? He hates to govern, hates the job...mostly (except for the power part). And he keeps saying he's super-rich and will be happy to go back to his pampered private life. Why then?? Ahhh, it's the felonies he's facing. Being President is about the only thing keeping him out of prison. And this is the guy the GOP wants to be their President? Sad!
  4. I'll see your 70 MILLION Trump votes and raise you 80 MILLION Biden votes. Time to fold!
  5. Have you been following the news? The great lawyers have withdrawn from the cause. Now it's mostly second and third raters. Yes, there are 2nd rate lawyers, 3rd rate lawyers, and beneath that there's a thick layer of muck. Once you get past the muck, you get to Rudy....555555
  6. I think Trump is trying to get Republican legislators to intervene even when it's not their role by law. The electors from each state were decided before the election and will come from the party that won the popular vote. So electors in Michigan will be Democrats. But the Michigan legislature is Republican. Regardless, their Gov is a Democrat and she must certify the winner.
  7. Even Fox News had to concede that Rudy was lying his as* off.... [But as Fisher accurately reported Giuliani made “really bold and baseless” claims about voter fraud and “called it a nationwide conspiracy, and yet he failed to provide any hard evidence.”] ]Fisher went on to say that Giuliani is telling one story to the American people and another when he’s in a courtroom.] [“Giuliani continued to claim widespread voter fraud in Philadelphia, even though he has already said in court, and I quote, ‘This is not a fraud case.’ So what he’s saying in public, not under oath, is
  8. I really don't get your point. These women are giving money to their boyfriends willingly, correct? So what's the freakin problem? You should consider that there may be more to the story that you're just not privy to. It would behoove you to avoid meddling in other peoples' business, especially if you don't have the full story. This would be sound advice even back home. In a foreign country, this could be good for your health.
  9. This must have really annoyed Trump. "Doesn't Netanyahu understand loyalty?? It means not talking to the dude who beat me in the election!" But Netanyahu isn't stupid. He'll pal around with anyone who can help him and Israel. Which explains why he's been so friendly with Trump. That ends 20 Jan 21.
  10. I'm guessing Rudy's "big scoop" is about Dominion. He seems rather susceptible to crazy conspiracy theories. But he doesn't seem to get that this one has already been debunked...by everybody. This dude is in la la land.
  11. There's probably an equal amount of scamming going on both ways, and not always for money. What exactly do you want done about it? Maybe the Thai government should just prohibit foreign men from having relations with local women. Or maybe every adult should be allowed the freedom to decide for themselves without government intervention. I prefer the freedom myself. And if I get scammed, it's probably because I allowed it to happen. By the way, I know a number of farang guys who got fleeced by their farang wives in a western divorce. Do you consider that a "love scam?"
  12. Rudy is such a disaster. I saw him on Fox talking with Maria Bartiromo and Rudy was claiming--yet again--that he had groundbreaking evidence of malfeasance but "couldn't disclose it yet." Didn't we just go through this freak show with the Hunter Biden saga? Even Maria was incredulous and was like "Rudy, you're running out of time. Disclose it already if you have it!" [As President Trump’s team continues with its struggle to substantiate claims of widespread voter fraud, Rudy Giuliani, who Trump on Saturday put in charge of his efforts to challenge the outcome of the election,
  13. This has zero chance of succeeding. Or to put it another way.... [Trump's 2020 chances '100 percent dead' after 4 swing state lawsuits are dropped] https://www.yahoo.com/news/trumps-2020-chances-100-percent-185428888.html
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