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  1. I was in the fitness business for 30 years, including several in BKK in the 90's. I worked in Thaniya Plaza and use to run a couple of laps of Lumpini 5 or 6 nights a week, I was never a jogger. Having been a PTI in the army I accepted long ago that while exercising I was also doing a certain amount of damage to my body. I also worked in Hanoi, Manila and Phnom Penh, same story 5/6 nights a week. In 2010 I had pneumonia and found out that I had lung fibrosis, not exactly a surprise. If you enjoy exercising outside then Asia, unless you're way out in the sticks isn't exactly conducive for a healthy respiratory system. Three years ago I had a massive stroke and the thinking by the boffins was all the exercise previously had saved my life. I walk with a quadstick now and can barely make it across the road. You can't have your cake and eat it, so enjoy the relative peace and relaxation of Lumpini and think about the positives. No one lives forever.
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