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  1. They are probably trying to make the air as clean as parts of Germany!
  2. there's been a marked increase in my rural area certainly more pups but a good few older dogs being dumped by inconsiderate heartless vermin I must admit to helping out an elderly retriever cross who was dumped by railway tracks in a completely remote area We have taken in another pup to be trained by my 2 big gals (both former rescues ) as a fearless guard dog,......
  3. Won't hear a bad word about this bloke he fixed it for me and taught me how milk a cow blindfolded
  4. What do you mean? Why would I have had that? Relevance? It would appear despite this dear gentlemans (using the term loosely) perceived wealth and value to the human race ,his sense of humour is bankrupt
  5. Nah its not its gone from a nice clear edit button ...to lets have a seance to find it that's probably what this bloke was looking for, albeit at high speed
  6. Well if that's what's left of the car i am not overly surprised Whatever the cause at least no one else was injured
  7. Aha!! so its been upgraded or whatever you call it i thought it looked a bit different must admit it looks a bit bleak I am sure it will remain at the cutting edge of reporting Thai news. No adverts on mine though so something must still work
  8. Dont think you have much option Yes there are trains from Hua Lampong around 5pm 6pm(but you can join them at Bang sue which is nearer ) it would be preferable to book in advance at any railway station. However these trains will take at least 6 hours so you are looking at a late evening early morning arrival A taxi would be hopefully somewhat quicker although you are dealing with rush hour traffic, fare 2/3k depends on you negotiation skills and drivers willingness to earn money
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