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  1. FACT! Women that carry a little excess weight often live longer than men that mention it
  2. Even if its not affected good luck in explaining to Thai airways check in!
  3. And is that a 3BB problem or you computer problem 3BB works for me with torrents so by deduction its your computer problem just saying
  4. For your own sanity and evidently to make this reporting thingy work.... How on earth can you live in Thailand for 6 years without leaving i struggle to do 6 months Well done old chap you are a stronger man mentally than me for sure
  5. Had it twice!! you feel like you have been run over by a bus its hot and cold sweats bed sheets soaking for first couple of days everything aches stay in cool room drink plenty doubtful you will want to eat, sleep /rest Misery last for about 4/6 days feel week for further 2/3 weeks
  6. same here, i have a script block but i have to pause to write a post i then see the adds but luckily only a few down the right side and only for short time until its reactivated
  7. I live in a remote area only CAT was available before now 3BB both in my experience are good especially service wise initially i was with CAT but changed to cheaper 3BB I believe TOT is a nightmare here as well luckily not available in my area Re service problem do you have to contact local office....My 3BB is call centre only and they are good BUT If you are in or near a town and need technicians every 2 weeks something is seriously wrong Hopefully you can change provider
  8. it does look odd cant be a serious change i assume somethings gone tits up in the programming If it is real change someone wants their head looking at
  9. RIP to Passengers Sad to say they are Lao it wont get much news coverage in Thai press. At least the worthless driver cannot do it again
  10. I really think you need to look for relatives of "esteemed democratic junta" who own insurance companies or franchises I am sure healthy commissions will be paid out for such favours to eagerly awaiting pigs at the trough
  11. Thai joke My grandfather was bus diver he died peacefully in his sleep unlike his passengers who died screaming in terror
  12. Yup but with a (please select... more than one selection is acceptable) drugged up speeding careless sleepy or asleep unqualified drunk Driver behind the wheel
  13. Re hobbies i agree I sail a RC sailboat and needed a replacement servo, dealers/ shops here NO hab! cannot etc. Ordered exact brand name one on line from UK sent by EMS arrived within 4 days cost including post 500 THB cheaper than if i had bought here!
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