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  1. Dont start me mate orbator just removed all rubbish bins from our village too expensive to collect ! natives told to burn it Tourists can come and smell burning rubbish everday and dance along the rubbish strewn beach
  2. IMHO I think they need to find who grassed them up once confirmed wait REVENGE is a dish best served cold, especially when planned well That way the grasses will never know what hit them
  3. heres another good shop https://www.facebook.com/Mini-Rc-Shop-1781537855499984 it has line account and website as well i think
  4. it can be very stressful sailing you know in January being a stupid boy i chucked it in the sea in stupidly high winds even the fishing boats did not go out anyway sailed for 90 mins.... it flew! and didn't sink i cant imagine losing it, the mrs would kill me it costs twice as much as the motorbike she would never let me live it down
  5. I personally dont race but sail in the sea off the coast of Prachuap it can be exhilarating and just one day the boat may head for Cambodia (i have avoided that for 8 years) There are sailing clubs in Bangkok (sarin city village pool) and Sattahip As in Thailand most contact is via FB but they are very friendly https://www.facebook.com/rcscthai/
  6. Lufthansa via Frankfurt connections to Birmingham Manchester etc avoids LHR madness
  7. You are looking well sir! That's just about where i was sitting!
  8. in addition today the orbator has removed every waste bin from our area as they cant afford the weekly collection evidently according to Ms Poohy the natives are being told to burn rubbish or take it to klong wan where they have collection like i can see that happening!
  9. So we have a tourist business completely ruined by covid followed by it being further ruined by the inability of a bunch of senile general's with the odd drug dealer thrown in running the country Solution is of course adding a fee to anyone stupid or desperate to visit which wont be many
  10. As i live outside Prachuap i am unable to visit town for a beer, so i have been sitting alone on a rural relatively isolated beach 5 mins from my home regularly A few nights ago i passed a. for want of a better word "rough' bunch of local Thais i know, eating drinking and fishing,(They invited me ,to join and eat drink , obviously i passed on that due to big "C").... further down the beach was 3 well to do Thai young women Come packing up time The girts walked by me leaving bottles food cartons etc , now as i clean the beach around there regularly i politely reminded
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