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  1. Yes its boring as hell we liven things up by shooting tourists A plus though is decent air Your photo of fishing boats is in Ao Noi not PKK town
  2. Dont be nosey not your business!!
  3. Apartments in town ,theres something thai style by fire station i think but very Thai A few about 2/3Km out of town , but there will be plenty of property in town to rent after snowbirds leave around songkhran, as after that towns pretty much dead
  4. In PKK saleang taxis meet all trains (not so sure about the trains in the middle of the night) suggest air con train from BKK 8.00am arrives PKK 13.00 ish,or HH about an hour earlier
  5. Hmm 174 000 THB Got a sneaky feeling Rolex's cost a fair bit more than that!
  6. I have booked flights back to the peoples republic of Dudley that until now helped avoid both the coronation and election (despite severe disappointment of everyone concerned i am sure both can go ahead without me) Finger crossed it all happens while i am away, having said that the Thais dont give a hoot so why should we, its their tent and their circus
  7. Try PKK Prachuap Khiri Khan 1 hour more by train from HH i live 15km south of town always a breeze here and air quality a lot better than BKK Plus plenty of hotel guesthouses in PKK or Klong wan ( no i dont own a Hotel or gh)
  8. IMHO The esteemed waste of breath dressed in orange deserves a damn good kicking with very sharp boot regardless of his confusing evidence
  9. poohy

    Help Me Im starving

    A spoonful!! Ouch!! sorry thats that idea gone flying out the window then
  10. poohy

    Help Me Im starving

    Dont think this would do you or any of us any good, but i bet it tastes nice , thinking about it maybe not so much toast though!
  11. poohy

    Help Me Im starving

    Is natural yoghurt banned? that and assorted fruit is pleasant breakfast and reasonably filling
  12. poohy

    Help Me Im starving

    Regardless of your football affiliations, this diet does not sound good! and whatever come off will thunder back on again when you resume proper rations! Not too good on advice but In a vain attempt to be vain i walk 6km daily and limit my alcohol or bread intake ( actually if i want to loose quickly i stop bead an beer for month) it seems to drop off somewhat i will be doing that in Feb march as April an May in will be back in UK feasting on real food and drinking real beer. Phew! Feel like a cheese and onion sandwich now
  13. I remember 2003 i had 45 tour leaders (non thai) on tourist visas/extensions working for me, passports sent to hull for visas, jack golf doing visa runs My how things have changed
  14. Yep its true In our rural area blue bins emptied only once a week and sometimes in our area every 2 weeks. Our neighbour has the rubber tyre thing (they refuse to pay extra for blue bin) and that fills up quickly and can overflow within days . hence they tried the dumping in ours until Mrs had a (not so)quiet word
  15. Had several issues with our only neighbor who will not pay for a large bin dumping rubbish in ours We politely or maybe not, put a stop to it Neighbour is a farmer has money but they are in indeed freeloaders