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  1. You have made 4 post all abusive and vindictive you know nothing of the situation you are simply making a fool of yourself !
  2. He should hopefully fly Monday or Tuesday a network of people are helping
  3. You on the other hand are perfect! We can only aspire to become as holy as this "Oldie" creature I sincerely hope karma heaps pestilences upon you
  4. Actually not far from the truth ... more or less spot on He is good spirits despite all this, luckily nearing his German pension so it will soften the blow, along with social securty He leaves many friends behind, just had 2 messages from UK and Australia wishing him well Hopefully he leaves early next week Good luck and safe travels mate!
  5. What an odious comment maybe you have a visa but no friends
  6. It is very strange Micheal was well known to both Thais and foreigners he has helped the local police at various times so something or "someone" has changed recently to bring this about. For a German he had a positively evil british sense of humour,as i said he will be missed
  7. A thoroughly nice man and friend , he has helped many people in the town It will be sad to see him go
  8. When they refunded me for my April ticket (i could not change date only refund) they said they should be working by September which was my new flight date
  9. No residence needed i was told although i have a family address but dont live there for 27 years 25.00GBP I am returning for few months to Uk is sept so appointment no problem
  10. Fair enough This is one of the reasons for my return to UK in sept to do exactly this although i am going back for a beer induced holiday as well
  11. Try Kickstart / ist contact they can open a UK bank account with a UK bank obvously for set up fee maybe worth it though https://www.1stcontact.com/kickstart/bank-account
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