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  1. Excellent post i cant believe these people who say theres no change In UK terms its a 10 000GBP bond to stay here now thats the crippling change alone!
  2. And the difference here is??? Aha i see more shopping centres and the one party in charge has guns and tanks
  3. Its a a well known proven fact drunk drivers cause 25% of accidents It only goes to prove 75% are caused by sober ones drivers we need to drink more for our own safety
  4. There plenty of Chinese Thai businesses outside BKK (and probably inside) that are not even paying 300THB yet So dont hold you breath
  5. You dont a camel all at once unless you are really hungry or IMHO desperate .silly
  6. Actually i have eaten dog, along with camel i would rate as the most unpleasant meat i have ever tasted
  7. I am a dog lover i have 3 on my property all strays i rescued as pups They now lead the "life of Riley" but are great guard dogs So i am asking If the woman loved the dog so much whys it still a stray (albeit a dead one now cant blame the guy at all!
  8. I have a paid for property here so little outgoings just me wife and dogs leading good but quiet life in a remote area My bank balance here in Thailand can vary from 2/3 hundred k to 2 million business cash flows vary so yes when i am under 800k i use an agent ,average balance would be say 250 k i would never keep a large balance here My work is self employed tourism based not in Thailand i travel reasonably often
  9. What about the frozen money i spend about 300k a year and bring it over sporadically from my business if NOT available i use an agent A BIG difference i am not retired and have a business to run so cash flow is sporadic plus most money s held out Thailand
  10. I agreed agents fees will for sure rise but i suspect they will be under the costs required on the money go round method. Agent will be tidier less work, and probably cost involved
  11. So in a nutshell People using 800K method and spending it its now gone up to 1.2 Million because of 400 k dead money Married although a pain is looking preferable if i can stop wife beating up IO if they mess her around, i wont be pretty for sure!
  12. Till he falls (or has fallen) out of favour with his paymasters and significant other speaking to 2 Thai friends one very political in BKK, i have had it intimated he will not be feeling too comfortable
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