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  1. Excluding rent internet ( not necessary) medical etc it can be easily done but certainly no fun
  2. He needs to be shipped to Dudley for a closing time fight with a bunch Dudley gals who are usually "prone to annoyance" and "easily angered". (NB when pubs are open of course) He would probably them wish to be sugar cane cutting or in prison!
  3. i do suspect with an agent you do not fail the test though! Possibly not even take it
  4. Hmmm Hardly overly convenient The Prachuap port is in or around Bangsapan about 80km from PKK and aprox180 from Hua Hin Maybe ok for trucks and folks travelling going south i guess IMHO not a viable passenger service
  5. I do beach walks most mornings Wifes spicy cooking can be explosives' had to resort to beach bush more than a few times ...life in the tropics Luckily beach is more or less deserted on a plus it feeds the wild dogs
  6. Sadly we are in Thailand, the government dont really giving flying duck about their own so we are well down the list I have no objection to paying a reasonable price for a western vaccine from a private clinic or hospital Likewise I have no problem with the Thai populace being injected with whatever cut price jungle juice the government can get or make themselves
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