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  1. Simply not true even the scabbiest schools have about 4 daily uniforms each week Why cannot secondhand uniforms be used or poorer families and only one uniform at that Answer someone's making money out of it
  2. Hardly I live south of Prachuap within 14km from my house i could drive a motorbike (actually I would probably fall off so I would walk then) along a rough dirt track and be in the back end of Burma Imagine if i know of such a route that just what the "natives" of both sides know
  3. Its not torture but many of the people here still travel abroad to see friends etc In 21 years its only the last year i have not left Thailand at least once a year ..and yes i am currently finding staying put hard work !
  4. If i can take my dogs with me no problem i wont worry Not so worried about missing The Thai family
  5. How on earth do you close or patrol a land border? i live about 14 km from the Burmese Dansingkorn border crossing thats closed or patrolled at least However there's dozens of side roads tracks fields you can walk through (no know the way cigarettes and whisky and other "stuff" gets in) I seriously doubt these 2 girls are the only ones doing this
  6. Well there is an answer that would halt them
  7. Feel sorry for the bloke, ok he shot them they were sick Normally the so called "devout lardy da gunner Graham buddhist Thais" would dump them at the side of the road You know its True!
  8. Thank you for the help and advice
  9. Sorry never realised it was Apple related i just saw laptop acer aspire E5 473G 32HE model number N15C1 Prachuap Cheers
  10. Similar problem here My Acer aspire E5 works fine but body is broke, its cracked in about 3 places and screen holding top and bottom together fittings broken (screen is fine) But seems no can find or be bother to order parts and or repair or as one did quoting the cost of a nearly new laptop Its currently held together by superglue!
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