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  1. What amazes me and frankly i dont understand it...Re protection .... I was driving around today and you see many motorcyclists wearing masks but no helmet does it not make them think ...silly me
  2. I have no real horse in this race as i do my retirement visa through an agent its due in first few days of Aug However she called me today asking if we can do it next week as immigration will be very busy at the start of August, shes well informed ....oh and her partner is a senior IMO Looks like somethings planned for August
  3. I beg to differ if some one touched my dogs they would be tortured until they wished they were dead You have a nice day now
  4. Poohy is intrigued ! As Voltaire said when asked to renounce the devil before execution "This is not the time to making enemies!"
  5. I worked in a bank for 10 years late 70s till 80s you could twang girl suspender belts in those days ......most actually liked it i think I feel better already
  6. I am not an optimist at the moment the worlds a bloody miserable place. The only solution i feel is to stay alive to see what happens next
  7. It does appear support is a rare commodity here.. sort of "put up or shut up" eg larger sites you get a ticket and an answer within hours,. Now i appreciate TV is a much smaller shoe string operation and possibly any technical support is subbed out to website provider but then again any questions should be monitored, answered and solutions given by the "support" department I hope this post is not removed by moderation as is not meant to be malicious but would not be surprised if it is. I have a travel website and indeed if it fails or plays up and is reported to me in any form it gets acknowledge and hopefully rectified asap
  8. Yes i agree late 90s and early 2000 things may have been banned but any law enforcement was much more lax I was in BKK at this time an rarely if ever troubled by such things from memory
  9. Anyone else read this as KFC i was most interested until i opened the topic
  10. What a palaver! I have decided to postpone my visit to UK till next spring however i am also preparing for a long stay outside thailand i.e possibly many months as i dont see requirement easing to what it was before Maybe not a bad thing to get back on the books in Uk
  11. I live in the countryside i appreciate cities and larger towns are different, my local shop will be selling and locals drinking same as every other day, even in my local town restaurants sell in coffee cups and "one" with connections will certainly be business as usual.'Its not a tourist area (none near me and only a few in town) so its locals that are customers..they dont say anything because they know they can get around it
  12. I am under the impression the vast amount of locals are not keen on it or ignore it completely (certainly in my area)
  13. number plate please for forthcoming lottery "Out of darkness cometh light"
  14. Could Thaivisa not use the silly samaritans banner to advertise such days it wouldve much more useful and save confusion!
  15. But they wouldn't know you were here...... it's not like being on an expired visa or overstay Not saying its ideal but i you had oodles of money and wanted to lie low parts of Thailand would be ideal (like my area just near Burmese) border south of Prachuap maybe Ms Maxwell should have taken up the offer
  16. For God's Sake make your bloody mind up!!!!!! it was Saturday and Sunday a few days ago has the moon cycle changed or "divine alteration"
  17. For God's Sake make your bloody mind up!!!!!! it was Saturday and Sunday a few days ago has the moon cycle changed or "divine alteration"
  18. No ! they haven't Good news i can ready "Old boy Biggles" and my cessna from Halfpenny Green airport near Dudley it will only take a week to get here
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