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  1. Can you elaborate what you mean when saying "amount would never be known until deposit was made?"
  2. Thanks once again Lopburi3 This really sucks big time! After successfully using the ACH system for almost a year, I'll have to find a new way to get my money every month. Has anyone found out which bank(s) are able to send IAT formatted transfers from retail consumer accounts originating in US? Seems like Transferwise is a good option for many. I'm sure it been posted before, but can someone please outline how to make reoccurring monthly transfers into a Thai Bangkok Bank personal saving account? I assume this deposit will show as an international transfer? I still need to be able to prove the money is coming from overseas to meet immigration requirements. My apologies if I'm asking questions which have already been answered before.
  3. Is anyone still using BOA to make ACH transfers to BBNY? I just looked at my local BB account app, and I see something that says "CREDIT FEDI B2B" Does anyone know what this means? Also if I want to transfer money using Transferwise, is there an option to send ACH International, or will I need to send it as a SWIFT come April 1st?
  4. Let's say someone is married to a Thai, and they are no longer able to make the yearly Non-O extension. Where can they get a new Multi Non-O based on marriage without having to show any type of income? How long will this visa be valid?