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  1. Yes Jomtien beach is open, the only restriction I saw today was the cordoned off area about halfway along that is set up for the Jet Ski World Series event that starts tomorrow.
  2. All this for something that never actually happened, how weird.
  3. Pure speculation on your part unless business owners are in the habit of divulging their financial circumstances to you.
  4. BTW Leaver, if for some reason you fancy cooking your own Sunday lunch there are 3 new expat supermarkets that have set up in the last couple of months to cope with the dwindling demand of expats in Pattaya. Rather outrageously prices have dropped, I guess they must have the only realistic Thai landlords in town. Did anyone mention the Govt might be looking rather surprisingly at reviewing visa requirements to encourage visitors and investment to Thailand. Always good to take the long term view, sit back, relax and enjoy what's within our control.
  5. The same ones that we explained to you last year. Are you struggling for somewhere to go for your Sunday lunch yet ?
  6. It's more imminent now than its ever been. With current developments and the best case timeframe for the vaccination program, I think we are seeing the potential for a 4th quarter tourist recovery now being delayed until at least Q1 2022. So another meaningful high season will be lost for bars, restaurants etc.
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