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  1. I wouldn't set foot in the sea here but the improvement in the air quality is unbelievable, one of the biggest positives of the current situation. It makes you realise how much pollution is being pumped out when the town is fully operational.
  2. Noticed the Jomtien one was shut. I know they are expensive normally but there's a sale on in Clark's in Central mall which might be worth checking out.
  3. Things I've not seen post lockdown - beer delivery lorries pulling up outside bars and wheeling in crates of beer.
  4. I might look at their beer prices for a bit of nostalgia.
  5. Lol. When I went in shortly after they re-opened I couldn't believe how much weight a couple of the more attractive long term staff had put on. Didn't look like they'd been putting in the hard yards on the family rice paddy up country during lockdown.
  6. I was out and about in town yesterday and Soi 6 was dead from mid afternoon to early evening. Same the last 3 weeks I've been there. If that business model works then maybe rename it Soi Ozark. I was told by 1 girl in a bar I was in that the rent was 85k a month because there were accomodation rooms above and the landlord wasn't for reducing, I've been in late afternoon the weekly and I've been the first customer each day. Every week the girls faces look more desperate due to the lack of customers. A lot are not being given a salary now because the owners can't afford it, freelance only. I went along Beach Road to Walking St. and there wasn't one place with any number of customers in it. The Beer Garden had 2 at peak time. Having been in the Soi Buakow/Pothole area twice last week there appears to be a total disconnect between what you read online from bar owners and the reality on the ground. Retox now shut 1 day a week with the lame excuse there is no sport on a Tuesday. Why not just tell it as it is? I can understand why invested bar owners/groups are trying to portray the current Pattaya scene as having some life about it, they are desperately hoping that if people are able to travel they are going to come back to Pattaya. The reality is the whole place is dying on its feet, I really doubt many places currently will make it to Christmas at this rate. I expect by the end of September many will call it a day Not just bars, Central shopping mall in the afternoon is just bizarre how deserted the whole place is. I counted 14 staff standing around in the Apple store and there was 1 couple looking. Empty ground floor units now appearing and strange little arrangements in the food court area to try and cover up the lack of activity and emptiness. Check the sign in sheets the next time you go in anywhere and look at how many customers they've had all day. I like a more relaxed Pattaya but this is something else.
  7. I went into the Beer Garden last night, took one look and walked out, 2 customers at 10pm.
  8. No need to bother, I can confirm the service is not in operation still. When it starts uo again I'll add it to this thread.
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