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  1. medical services should have a published price list, and I'll bet my appendix isn't any different that a Thai's or anyone else's. some "dickering around" is acceptable when purchasing a used car, but not when one's health and possibly life is used as leverage for a higher price. that should be seriously illegal.
  2. mouth drop open at the ineptitude and silliness of it all, and there's the 'rescuer' who continually is trying to brain the guy with a small baseball bat. 2 minutes of this, taser and done. Nope, not the thai way.
  3. hahahaha... when originally getting O-A visa in ussa a couple yrs ago I took the seemingly simple medical letter (printed off thai consulate website) to a number of clinics. It asked a) leprosy? b) elephantiasis? c) syphilus? d) TB? Figured this would be simple and easy, like who has elephantiasis or leprosy in the states this century??? the clinics looked at the letter like I just flew in from Mars and wanted them to guarantee their life savings and first born with a signature that I was OK. 5 clinics in all, "oh no, we can't sign that! we don't have a test for leprosy..." Finally got a dr that I got it done with. Good luck with getting two sigs from corporate directors from your medical mafia company...
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