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  1. is a printout of online banking statement (bangkok bank) that says "international transfer" adequate to show immigration at time of extension?
  2. dont forget the police main motivation is to get negotiation fees and it is in their advantage to posture in such a way
  3. yes please, give us her contact details. suggest you contact her in advance of your trip as she can schedule you to be seen right away (if you are in a rush) if no rush da nang is a great place, nice beaches, tons of good food, nice coffee, very affordable accommodation. i stay near the beach and rent a motorbike.
  4. yes please, give us her contact details. https://goo.gl/maps/U9S7ynBpkS72
  5. do you not think complex / difficult extractions occur in all geographic locales? sounds like the reason to remove crown and root was due to an emergency as you stated. either trauma in which case the root could also have been fractured into multiple pieces already or pulpitis aka hot tooth. roots do not always come out in one piece either. a tooth extraction wound site would typically already be well closed well before 4 months so i dont understand how pieces of root could even continue to come out? please elaborate it is a well documented fact that excellent dental care and facilities can be found in vietnam. i have had multiple root canals and crowns in vietnam and the experience, facility and dentist expertise as well as great english proficiency were second to none and i include dentists i have seen in new york city and hawaii thus the statement is not made lightly. in addition alleging one difficult experience/protracted outcome is a very weak argument to trash dental care of an entire country. something like 250,000 patients in the united states die each year from medical mistakes, think about it.
  6. Including teaching children from an early age, step by step about building and maintaining a civil society (and without specific political content). One serious aim being to teach kids that all civil societies have laws for good reasons and they apply to all and their must be a justice system which is fair to all. the mlk(rip) style . " i have a dream" stuff doesnt work in los
  7. almost as good as a bangkok worker using a blowtorch to cut open an unexploded ww2 era bomb Bangkok scrap workers cut into live World War 2 bomb, explosion kills seven https://edition.cnn.com/2014/04/03/world/asia/bangkok-world-war-2-bomb/index.html
  8. without a passport he could not even take his child to a nearby country for better medical care
  9. cuba, whose system is working way better than that of venezuela, should step in and help maduro get his country out of despair, abject poverty and famine.
  10. not bright enough to realize his phone may be damaged or destroyed either and cost for new one. forward thinking vs any thinking ?
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