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  1. if only all the pervs monk and non monk, old and young could switch to election posters
  2. Posters think that he may be guilty . What is your problem ? did my post not elude to that?
  3. tried, convicted and sentenced by the tvf nothing in addition is needed
  4. a thai gal i know (manager at japanese multinational firm) tells me the thai language forums are filled with thai women reporting the immigration rules are splitting families. luckily im not married but would not be a bad idea for some thai married women to organize and approach a tv station to do a story about it.
  5. looks like she never rode one before. first time i tried driving a scooter i went to wide open area with no people or vehicles or obstacles
  6. just reinstalled motor in grinder and working ok thus far. seems the motor lost torque and speed (10 years) so all is well for now
  7. We were talking about Thai people not the military industrial complex. There were a million Americans here and the Thais didn't much care for them. This xenophobia is nothing new was my point. Yours is another story. Did Thailand profit from the American military alliance? It made Thailand the tiger of Asia and elevated it above all of its neighbors and gave it a head start that will never be erased. The American military industrial complex in Thailand built infrastructure and trained Thai workers and funded the Thai government for 10 years. They left in 1975 and left it all behind. xenophobia is an unknown and unappreciated concept in some countries including thailand. cannot expect the whole world to be pc thailands allowing usa to use it as a base during viet war served us interests well and thailand benefitted also. think amity treaty is still in effect that supposedly gives us citizens some business advantage.
  8. finally with some caveats. # semi lethargic obese gal that brought me motor at first refused to test it to show me it functions correctly. then i told her about repair delay, and paying 800 baht and the customer has the right to test before leaving. then she agreed (speaking thai helps a lot to motivate them beyond standard laziness. works and has uniform speed. # i had to ask for receipt with the purported 2 month warranty.
  9. almost every day a horrible accident = sadly but realistically desensitized. efficiency in that cremation was also accomplished. they never learn
  10. more insightful info https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20190318_22/
  11. finally ready. will pickup tomorrow and post pic
  12. 'my thought exactly but i was thinking more in lines of the father offering dowery to the groom.
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