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  1. My being on a Type-OA non-immigrant Visa, and living in Phuket, I find this thread (wrt Phuket immigration) of applying for a 1-year retirement extension on a Type-OA permission to stay and not having to prove Health Insurance an interesting possibility. I have superb Health Insurance (covers myself and my Thai wife and exceeds the Thai minimum requirements) but its not on the limited official Thailand health insurance company list for Type-OA visa permission to stay 'retirement' extensions. My permission to stay in Thailand on my Type-OA is until 27-February-2021 hence sometime in February-2021, I need to apply in the Phuket immigration office for a 1-year extension of my permission to stay in Thailand, either due to 'retirement' or due to 'marriage'. Last year in December (2019) I went through the effort to register my foreign marriage (almost 20 years ago) to my Thai wife, here in Thailand. I had planned to apply in February-2021 at the Phuket immigration office for the extension based on 'marriage'. I'm tempted now, to show up in the Phuket Immigration Office in February-2021, with the paperwork prepared for both possibilities for a 1-year extension on my permission to stay (ie paperwork ready for an extension by 'retirement' with no proof of insurance; and also paper work for an extension by 'marriage'). And then see what Phuket immigration will accept. Its a bit extra work to prepare paperwork for both possibilities, but having the 'larger' amount of money in the bank (800k) is not an issue - and I am sufficiently curious to be willing to go through the extra hoops to have paperwork for both possibilities. Its all very interesting.
  2. I tried the online 9 days ago, and obtained the noted error in this thread. I attempted with both Firefox and Chrome in GNU/Linux. In my case I had re-entered Thailand on 29-Feb (on a type-OA visa) and the 90-day would be in a day or two from now (and about 11 to 12 days from my re-entering Thailand). I attempted the on-line more out of curiousity if it would be easy to get working for me, as the need to do 90-day reporting at present has been deferred due to the pandemic. I have never attempted the online 90-day before. I quadruple (actually more than that) checked all my entry information, so I am fairly certain there were no errors made in my data entry. I happen to live within 10-minutes of the immigration in Phuket, and my wife and I had an errand to run today that would take us right by the Immigration office. So I prepared all my 90-day reporting paperwork in advance, and we stopped by Phuket immigration this morning, and I completed my 90-day report, being in and out in less than 10minutes, with my next 90-day report nominally by 24-August-2020 (assuming no further pandemic 'extensions' to the 90-day). There was a big sign in Phuket immigration noting 90-day reports are not needed to be done at present time (ie deferred). In case any one curious I posted more detail in the Phuket subform area in the Phuket Immigration thread.
  3. I did my 90-day reporting in Phuket Immigration earlier today. I had all my paperwork prepared in advance (completed TM47, copy TM30, copy TM6, copy passport picture page, copy OA-Visa in passport, copy permission to stay stamp in passport). I was in/out of Phuket immigration in less than 10 minutes. Some details in case anyone curious: .... I arrived at about 09:15am. There were 2 other non-Thai present, one sitting at a counter with an Immigration Officer (IO) and the other using hand sanitizer to clean his hands prior to departing. Everyone in immigration was wearing masks. There was no one sitting by the two tables where the Phuket Immigration Volunteers normally sit, and all chairs in the indoor (and outdoor) waiting areas were empty. No one waiting. There is a big sign noting 90-day reporting is not needed to be done at present time. I politely stood by the entrance to the IO area and after less than a minute of standing, an IO walked up to me and asked what i wanted. I replied that I was hoping to do my 90-day report. The IO instructed me to follow him, and he went to a counter, checked all my paper work, entered some items into his computer, printed out the paper that records my reporting and states the date for my next report (24-August-2020). And all was complete in less than 10 minutes. I note it was not necessary to go in to immigration to do the 90-day report at present with the COVID-19 90-day reporting 'extension' (apologies for inaccurate wording). I previously attempted to do so online, but since this would be my 1st 90-day report since having a new TM-6 (re-entering Thailand on 29-Feb-2020) I speculate that might be the reason for the online 90-day report not working. Also, Phuket immigration is about a 10-minute car drive from where I live in Phuket. My wife and I had to drive past immigration this morning to do another errand, so this was on my way and an easy, less than 10-minute stop.
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