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  1. DrTuner

    Smog in Pattaya

    Any given Sunday. Anybody happen to have the link to the map with the field fires burning?
  2. DrTuner

    CCTV WiFi House Protection

    I have a couple of xiaomi mi 360 cams. They work and have motion detection, but are useless without internet. That's why I also have an alarm system with a SIM card that sends SMS. Both combined are better, plus when you do get an alarm, you need to have an action plan. Mine is to get the security guard to go and check. And keep all valuables somewhere secure offsite if you're not at the house. A huge dog might help too. Or an angry mother-in-law. Same same but different.
  3. About the bloody time, five years has soon passed and all downhill.
  4. DrTuner

    Delaying elections ‘will hurt economy’

    This is what will hurt economy: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/19/asia/thailand-election-prayut-military-intl/index.html Frontpage main news at CNN's website today.
  5. DrTuner

    NLA approves new Land Traffic Act

    So now instead of having to visit BiB, Somchai the Brainless will be able to continue his joyride on the clapped out Vigo with no brakes after paying 200baht using a mobile app.
  6. A buffet of mango and sticky rice to Chinese. This will be a spectacle alright, they should build a colosseum and arm the Chinese with longswords. I'd go cheer with wine & bread, brilliant entertainment.
  7. On the other hand, the burning season might be jolly.
  8. It's ok, thay don't need to decide anything, China will tell them what to do.
  9. Best way is just to embrace the life of a colonial master and avoid contact with natives all together.
  10. DrTuner

    Big talk but little action on Rohingya

    Big talk but little action is the standard here.
  11. Unable to comment. But I guess I can say to BKK dwellers, enjoy you swamp (although it's on the other side of the river).
  12. She's managed to get more press space than the usual 3rd rate girlies do, have to give her that. The Trump card.
  13. DrTuner

    Defense ministry defends new lot of Chinese Tanks

    Chinese tanks are a good idea, once China announces Thailand is now it's property they can just carry on as usual.