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  1. Almost all of my stuff for motherboards and laptops is Asus, had no problems. Just don't buy the cheap end stuff.
  2. "Got it in the aeroplane", right? Of course there are cases in Thailand. It didn't just suddenly disappear. No biggy as long as they are of the old D614 stock and even if they aren't, people are so easily spooked now they'll social distance by 500m if they think there's a leper walking among them. This end of the world is a bit boring. Roll in the next.
  3. Taking a vaccine among the first is sort of like installing a freshly released new version of Windows or buying a new model of a car. Risk is high there will be complications until updates arrive. Factory recalls are not possible, though, and no reinstallations either.
  4. That's the race to the bottom. You don't want to join the group of losers if you absolutely don't have to. Printing money comes at a price to pay later. Thais will silently suffer without much resistance, so let 'em, is the MO of the elites since.. a few centuries?
  5. Joe is 77, so yes there's a good possibility. Can't they find anybody who's not one foot in the grave in US? The country needs fresh blood.
  6. Greenback bouncing back a bit. As long as the machine says brrrrr, gold will continue to go up. Corrections are normal market behaviour. Something like this..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperinflation_in_the_Weimar_Republic We live in interesting times.
  7. Very hard to find a suitable escape destination right now, most of the world is on the brink of either economic or geopolitical disaster. My choice would be Switzerland, if I had to escape right now. Nestled in the mountains and armed to the teeth.
  8. Never mind the cheese, I'm going to look up the dude with a tanker truck full of water. Then the only question will be how to chill it to perfection.
  9. I do enjoy a good apocalypse. Much like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
  10. It was a has-been Chinese zoo for years before covid. Demolish the sea side, then it has some hope as a watering hole near the sea.
  11. Three cases, right? The remarkable thing seems to be they were completely domestic, the virus has still been making rounds in NZ but nobody noticed.
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