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  1. Reminds me of the Thai war time heroes. Or the Italian ones.
  2. That would make sense, since at this point Wuhan hospitals are utterly overwhelmed and would only accept the most critical cases.
  3. Meh. Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong all have a better chance. All of them need more work, though, especially in cases where they have to get rid of China first.
  4. Ancient Greeks got close. The current leader is Switzerland, I think. Real, direct, real-time 24/7/365 democracy would now be possible thanks to new technologies like blockchain, but obviously politicians that benefit from the corrupt representational system will fight until last drop of blood to prevent that. That said, Churchil quoted it well: 'Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others'. He was referring to the representational model.
  5. That's a good summary of it. Thailand is as many of it's female inhabitants: ready to serve for a few baht. The irony of it is China is using the money it got from the west, through scams like reverse mergers and by exploiting it's own population as low cost work force to become "world factory", to buy Thailand. West should've put in a bid directly. I'm sure the Norwegians would've liked to own a tropical colony, a missed opportunity.
  6. This one is more viral than influenza and transmitted by droplets (ie. sneezing), also as aerosol. I don't think the primary way to get it is through contaminated surfaces. Hence it doesn't matter much if it dies in 1s or 1 month on surfaces. All you need is to breathe in air where the aerosolized viral load is present, or have direct contact with an infected person that has fresh droplets on the skin.
  7. Screening being taking temperature and looking for people who are coughing. Already proven ineffective. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/19/health/coronavirus-airport-temperature-checks/index.html
  8. The Europeans here now did their reservations long ago, it's winter holiday season. Nobody in their right mind is planning to book now. Wait a couple of weeks and euros will have left the building.
  9. But but I thought China was handling it so well, eh Tedros?
  10. That's Thainess 101. Stick your head in the sand and work hard on pretending everything is well, while somebody is ramming a tree trunk up the trademan's. Kreng jai, na.
  11. And this will cause the rest of the world to treat Thailand as part of China, expect quarantines or no entry when flying out. The usurpers are condemning Thais to duke it out alone.
  12. Fah talai jone, I ordered some caps from lazada couple of weeks ago, cheap. It's an antipyretic so can be used instead of paracetamol. https://mb.mahidol.ac.th/en/new-look-at-an-old-remedy/
  13. Maibpenrai. Thais will feel the effects of that cultural flaw later, when it's far too late to do anything.
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