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  1. It was the late German FIL that managed to squeeze out the Thainess from my family, Pioneering work, really, took him two decades. Good job too. Of course living here it's a constant battle to keep it out.
  2. They probably grew up knowing that spewing BS will never be allowed. People who lie for whatever reason must be called out and torn a new one.
  3. Word of advice, never believe a single word out of a Thai's mouth, doctor or not. Verify with farangs and that at least twice too. No matter what the issue is. The 'Don't Thai to me' didn't just appear out of thin air.
  4. I thought tourism was just a teeny weeny source of foreign currency and Thailand, the supreme 1st world powerhouse, got it's $ from hi-tech exports and IP rights. I guess the cash flowing through the bar cashier is piling up.
  5. Ah right, reminds me when MIL had a scooter accident and injured the liver, the verdict from I think it was Pattaya Memorial that said she's gonna kick the bucket thanks to advanced liver cirrhosis (she barely drinks at all), Banglamung hospital young doc put her to bed and immediately recognized it as acute trauma. Been six years I think and she's bouncing around the kitchen happily right now. Won't go to memorial even if I accidentally cut both of my legs off, butchers.
  6. Which is funded by .. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/13/opinions/casinos-southeast-asia-intl/index.html Aren't the Chinese cuddly.
  7. "Thai hosts on Airbnb" or Chinese that bought the places to be used as illegal hotels..
  8. Plaraa (flukes) and laukhao. Also assorted "healthy Thai food". https://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/26/world/asia/26iht-thailand.html Sod the peasants, as usual.
  9. Certainly the usual approach here to most of what ails Thailand. Or feigning ignorance.
  10. Truth is always better than BS to save some fluffy feelings. Rip the plaster off.
  11. Only includes the prices, not the headaches and frustration.
  12. I think the race definition is caucasian. It's a non-dominant gene, as I can easily see when I look at my kids. Healthy tan they got. Same with blue eyes, blonde hair, etc. I think I should be on a protected species list already.
  13. Still wondering why Chinese build casinos the first thing after they colonize a country? https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/13/opinions/casinos-southeast-asia-intl/index.html
  14. I've long predicted the white man will be extinct soon, thanks to feminists. Nobody wants to procreate with them.
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