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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm, clouds. But I think you're right, being perpertually disgusted might lead to high blood pressure and stress and that certainly will make your life shorter.
  2. Didn't work for me, had the bloody flu a few months ago. Maybe I should upgrade to a 5000W mod.
  3. That's a good strategy. If one must stay in Thailand, then the tax rules, decent weather in some parts and it's geographical location are the few benefits it has. Although that means living somewhere with fast access to airport and that would be Bangkok, a crappy place to live in. Or suffer the hours long transit rides in mad max traffic.
  4. Well yes, those are high rollers. But they are just one in a million, on average don't make a dent in the revenue. It's the couple and family travellers that saved a year for a holiday and the two week millionaires that also blew year's savings on a holiday that used to come in fair quantities that are now missing in action and not coming back, due to the reason I mentioned and of course high baht, better places nearby and the usual suspects. There is no way to recover since Thais would have to bulldoze entire tourist areas to return it to what it was, as well as block Chinese, Russians and Indians completely. It's dead, Jim.
  5. That's because it's the import of nicotine products that's forbidden, using the devices has no specific law, just BiB on brown envelope missions.
  6. I think you're right, although I disagree it being about wine or luxury goods. My take is they can't provide the whole five star experience. Airports suck, transportation is deadly, moving around by foot nigh impossible, hotels badly maintained and food & service often <deleted> shoot and so on and so on. It was ok when you expected it, booked a beach bungalow and a scooter. That type of holiday, regardless of price, Thailand could offer very well. And Scandinavians especially love it. They would spend lot on food in restaurants, nightlife, etc. It's now all gone with soulless overbuilt coast lines and islands. Vietnam seems to have some of it left, Myanmar should flourish but they must zone it right.
  7. Wife did the biometrics a couple of months back as well. It's only once and then stored in Oz system for future reference. Was a breeze at VFS. In here TM30 requires getting to the office and finding parking (2 x 30min), waiting in the sauna like immigration milking room for 30-45mins and getting reamed by an IO trainee having an utterly hostile attitude. And it's every single time when moving back to residence, not just once. Oz FTW.
  8. Anything that's standing in Thailand after 30 years can be considered ancient.
  9. Smoking two packs of doobies is quite a sporting event, not so with cigarettes.
  10. If you aren't on the saddle by 11pm, better to continue imbibing through the night. He might have a point. Need to be drunk 24/7 to dull the reality in Thailand anyway.
  11. Second hand vaping, also known as inhaling water vapor. Yes, ban it. Banbanbanbanbanbanbanbanbanbanbanbanbanbanban. Samarn must be giggling at this STD office.
  12. That seems to be the Thai priorities, yes. Mow down a policeman in a Ferrari while coked up, spend an extended holiday abroad and no worries. Shoot a panther, instant jail. And don't even think of picking mushrooms.
  13. Interesting. Maybe they should herd them to a farm in Isaan and lock the gate. Shouldn't be too difficult, just pack into the buses and have a big flag to follow.
  14. In our household it's the wife that does the smoking. There's no smoke though. And take a wild guess if I'm gonna call the smokebusters. EDIT: Oh <deleted>. I just bought a smoker from the US. 'em coppers are gonna get me doing my rib. I guess I'll have to do nightshift.
  15. Bingo. That's what matters, even more important than the tourist dollars.
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