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  1. Had to check what that ERRST is, as I was wondering how many probes they got floating in the oceans. Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST). So what's the forecast for tomorrow's temp at the Mariana trench then?
  2. What about the last 15 seconds? I love it when people zoom into timeframes to find something they like. Provides lovely trading opportunities to screw them over. Point being, when you pan and zoom enough, you'll always find some spot to fit your hypothesis.
  3. Ok that got me worried. The only way the surface would be getting hotter beneath the antarctic ice is if the core is overheating. I guess I'll add Earth exploding to the never ending list of things that'll kill me.
  4. Yeah. Too many humans eating them and encroaching on the pastures. We're a pestilence.
  5. This is what no politician wants to talk about. It's easy to see why: less people mean less votes for the politicians that pay for their votes using the climate taxes. It's called "social democrats", a legal form of Robin Hood politics. The pension ponzi schemes also need fresh meat for the machine, with westeners abstaining from breeding, that needs to be imported and as a side effect their values and belief systems get imported, until they become the majority. It's practically suicide by politics. The first step to controlling the population is to remove politicians and start direct democracy, something that hasn't been tried since the ancient Greece. The technology to enable that has arrived.
  6. In mathematical terms, you need to get the derivate of the temp data to get the rate of change. I seem to remember that was taught at secondary school. Most people don't know how to use it, much less fit a linear approximation or polynomial and get the rate for a given timeframe. Yet they'll happily copy and paste graphs. Yes, it's warming up, been for a century at least. Good. Not fast enough for my tastes, though. Bit surprised about the 1940's hot seasons, as those were around the years the bitter cold winter war was fought between Finland and Russia. I guess it's local up in the arctics.
  7. VAT refunds, pffft, offer import tax refunds and then we'd be talking. Thais have very few goods of their own that tourists would buy, it's mostly imported and the taxes make the prices of "luxury" goods ridicilous.
  8. MAybe they arfe virtual clients. He could have given a useful nugget too, bit didn't: what exactly is "common law" marriage here? Village wedding? Gotta prove with photos? The law as such AFAIK doesn't have such term in it. Cohabitation could mean room mates, be careful who you bunk with, when they move they'll take half of your possessions, eh?
  9. Already at it: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/politics/2018/12/28/monument-marking-defeat-of-royalist-rebels-removed-in-dead-of-night/ I guess they'll let the victory monument stand. Newer addition.
  10. That's usual these days, everybody takes whatever their favorite term is and starts to evangelize their take on it. You just need to think critically and as Adam Savage said, 'I reject your reality and substitute my own'.
  11. 'Academic Dr Larch Maxey wanted to stick himself to the Bristol City Council building in a bid to get them to declare a climate emergency. ' Ah, one of our famed consensus scientists at large.
  12. Oh come now, would you like to end up in a tank after 300 million years of restfully sleeping in the ground? Think of the feelings of those poor zooplanktons! Dead plants have rights, too!
  13. The banner is right though. Lots of the fossil fuels came from now extinct animals and plants.
  14. Sell it outside Thai schools, the kids will snort it in straight from the bags.
  15. Magnesium would probably be part of it. Some delayed reaction to start it off and there you go, magical naga in action, all you need to do then is to collect the cash from true believers. Never give a sucker an even break.
  16. 'sustainable investing must go mainstream' There we go. Nothing like selling prepackaged funds to suckers du jour.
  17. The idea of left and right is outdated. It's a circle with communism and fascism next to each other in authoritarian south, liberalism west, concervatism east and libertarianism in north. One of these days I'll draw it. Anyway, the "extreme left" and "extreme right" are close to each other at the southern soggy bottom. Nutters, both of them.
  18. Just to point out what flavor it is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaek_Phibunsongkhram That's how Thailand was born and Siam died. Still the same ideology in play.
  19. Sounds like coup-a-coup in the making to me. Uncle too has gone too democratic for their tastes.
  20. I think I'm willing to bet my left kidney for it to be KP. Nah, make it both. A non-story.
  21. Brrrr. Although I can take the cold as long as it doesn't <deleted> down all the time. Last few days have been nasty. I miss the hot season. Where is the global warming when you need it, somebody call Greta.
  22. The problem with that is it's too easy to measure the actual effect of the policies, you know, curbing population growth, the area and density of forests, air quality and other tangibles. Where's the money in that?
  23. Yes, all about feelings. That's what PR is about. Pull 'em heartstrings.
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