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  1. You are correct about Australia, the number I had was outdated, even though it was from ourworldindata.org, an excellent resource.
  2. The vaccination program in Thailand has not been good so far but Thailand, believe it or not, is actually ahead of Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, and just a bit behind Japan in terms of portion of the population having at least one shot. There are not enough vaccines to go around at this point until production can ramp up. The vaccines have only been available for 4 months or so. Lots of countries are struggling to get their populations vaccinated and I assume Thailand did not feel the urgency that some other countries did given the low number of infections through 2020, one of the lowest in the
  3. I agree. Also, places where alcohol is consumed also encourage the gathering together of people together in large groups. In normal times that’s good. In the middle of a respiratory disease outbreak not so much.
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