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  1. OP, The Transferwise website shows all the costs and the simple process. You would probably want to do an ACH Pull from Transferwise to your US bank to fund your transfer. That is, Transferwise pulls/debits the money from your US bank acct. Other ways to fund the transfer also. Once Transferwise receives the funding then they send the baht to your Thai bank. Simple, easy, straight forwarder....all shown on the Transferwise website.
  2. Sheryl, Can you list a some of those many...and which foreign insurance companies they favor? Thanks.
  3. I expect the great majority of Thai hospitals will not accept American or any other country's insurance simply because it takes work and specific knowledge to file claims with insurance companies....file the claims in the format/in the detail required by the insurance company. Instead, the patient must pay the hospital and then the patient file for reimbursement. Thai hospitals are familiar with Thai insurance companies....they speak the same language...understand the claim forms/requirements...the online claim systems...they can easily communicate to resolve a claim...etc. Yes, you do hear of a few Thai hospitals which will file claims with certain foreign insurance companies, but it's uncommon.
  4. Today when I submitted for my annual retirement extension of stay renewal at Chaeng Wattana (Bangkok) immigration I had to provide a TM30 receipt before they would complete the extension approval. As I had never filed a TM30 in the 11 years I've been in Thailand I didn't have any TM30 receipt....had to file one while at immigration today...also ended up paying a Bt800 TM30 fine. With that TM30 receipt from the TM30 section the Extension of Stay section then continued processing/approved my extension of stay. Over the last decade of doing my retirement extension of stays at CW, they never checked for/required a TM30 receipt....today they did....and it just wasn't me....most extension of stay applicants were being sent to the TM30 section to get a TM30 receipt in order to continue processing their extension of stay application.
  5. Well, about 3 of those 8 hours was the annual retirement extension of stay renewal time....a renewal where they have never asked me for a TM30 receipt over the past decade. But today they did require a TM30 receipt since immigration is now enforcing TM30 requirements for "individuals"...enforcement they have been very, very lax on for the past few decades when it comes to individuals. Most of the enforcement over the years has been on hotels/rental landlords/etc., and not individuals. So, instead of being able to complete my annual extension of stay by around 11am I was there until 4pm because I needed a TM30 receipt for the extension of stay package....and based on TM30 queue numbers I decribed earlier there were probably 400 to 500 people filing TM30s today at CW...and CW only has two counters (counter B1 and B2) for TM30 filings....with only two counters the filings go slow.
  6. I've knew about the TM30 for a long time...the form that most individual farangs never filed because immigration didn't really care or enforce (until just recently) unless you were a hotel/landlord renting out places. For the individual, immigration just really didn't care nor enforce the TM30 law until very recently...this year.
  7. To add to my post above from yesterday, today I was at Chaeng Wattana doing my annual retirement extension of stay renewal and had to file a TM30. When setting down with the immigration officer in the Long Stay area "L" to review the paperwork for the extension one of the first things she looked for was a TM30 receipt. Of course I didn't have one as I've never filed one in the 11 years years being in Thailand...and this was my 10th extension of stay at CW....a TM30 receipt has never been required before. Anyway the officer did most of the work to approve my extension of stay, but then gave me a blank TM30 with a queue number attached for the TM30 area (area/counters B...and they only have two counters in area B to process TM30s). The officer had a whole stack of blank TM30s with queue numbers on her desk....seemed to be giving them to most people....only partially processing their extension of stay renewal package until it was determined whether a TM30 was onfile or not. My TM30 queue number was 256....and it was approx 10:00am. The officer said to come back to finish-up the extension processing/approval after checking with the TM30 Area B folks...see if I needed to complete a TM30...pay a fine..etc. Went to area B....it was packed with a couple hundred people...they were only up to queue number 106. 1200-1300 lunch time arrived....my queue number wasn't even close to be called yet....they are now only up to around queue #155 when stopping for lunch. My #256 was finally called around 3pm. Had to complete a TM30 and pay an Bt800 fine....I now have a TM30 receipt and can go back to the Long Stay area L to complete processing of my extension of stay. However, before I leave the TM30 area B which is collecting Bt800 fines from many people I ask is this the section that also processes "online TM30 registrations." I even opened my Section 38 (TM30) app to show I'm awaiting the verification email....said I submitted the registration 3 days ago...haven't got any email. The area B rep said yes they are the ones that process the online registration for those folks serviced by Chaeng Wattana and I probably will not receive the verification email "for at least 10 days....maybe one month." Well, that explains why I hadn't got any verification email yet. I now got back to the Long Stay Area L to see about finishing up my extension approval. I would estimate there are at least still 200 people in Area B area waiting to process TM30s. Now back to the Long Stay L area. Now that I have a TM30 receipt the officer continues the final processing of my extension....that gets done just a few minutes before 4pm. As I'm walking out of immigration (and all of immigration is still packed with people in all areas) I check to see what queue number they are up to in the TM30 area B....they are now up to queue #354 and I estimate there are easily still over 100 people waiting to be called to process TM30s. With all my previous retirement extensions of stay over the last decade I've always been done, finished, out door way before the noon lunch hour...usually I'm done by 11am. But today, since I had to get a TM30 filed and get receipt I didn't leave immigration until 4pm...and I was there for their opening at 8:30am. While waiting to be called today, around 9:30am I decided to submit registration for their "Immigration eServices" using their Android app where you can do 90 day address reporting. When I submitted the registration it said a verification email would be sent to finalize activation of the registration....it gave the impression it was sent immediately. But once again like for the Section 38 (TM30) registration, no email arrived....also checked my Spam and Trash folders...no email. Thought to my self this is probably going the same route as the verification email for the Section 38 app...it may be weeks or longer before it arrives (if it ever arrives). But lo and behold at exactly 1130am the email arrives, I click the activation link, and my account is now activated....I can now log onto Immigration eServices. Since that Immigration eServices email arrived that confirmed to me there is nothing wrong with my email address...and the verification email for the Section 38 (TM30) registration simply has not been sent yet which as already mentioned the Area B/TM30 section rep told me a few hours later that it will probably take 10 to 30 days (assuming the registration passes whatever preliminary review they use). Yes, for the first time in a decade I had a full day at Chaeng Wattana thanks to needing a TM30 receipt in order to process my retirement extension of stay.
  8. Sounds like maybe which immigration office a person uses determines how fast the TM30 registration process goes. I expect the Chaeng Wattana (Bangkok) is the largest and busiest immigration office in the country by a long shot and maybe the slowest in processing TM30 registrations.
  9. Alrighty!!!! I now have hope again. Tomorrow I'm going to CW to renew my retirement extension of stay. If they require me to visit the TM30 counter as part of the renewal process (like pay a fine since I have never-ever filed a TM30) then maybe I can also ask about my TM30 registration submission.
  10. Yes. I'm doing that. I'm the landlord so to speak....I'm the processor/owner of the house....first one to submit for registration for my address....see my earlier emails.
  11. OK, so you did get the email validation email straight away. I'm not getting that....didn't get it when first submitting the registration yesterday nor today when doing an edit/update.
  12. The email you mention above, I'm assuming that's the email providing your User ID/password, and not the email validation email? And did you get an email validation email when you initially submitted? Sound like you didn't.
  13. Since I couldn't "resubmit" my registration request I checked the status again, reentered my email address and reattached the supporting docs and then hit submit. Basically "edited/updated" my registration request. I used the browser website vs the Android app. This time I did not get the "your address is already registered message" but below message saying, "Registered successfully, Please check your email to confirm registration." This is the same message I got yesterday when initially submitting my registration. I checked...and rechecked many times to include in the Spam and Trash folders....no email. And so far no email from my registration edit/update. So, although their messages imply an email is immediately sent that is definitely not happening--at least for me.
  14. Yesterday I submitted for registration via their Android app....went easy enough but never got the email they said they would send to validate my email. Checked many, many times to include my Spam and Trash folders. When checking the registration status it just says awaiting email validation. So, a few minutes ago I tried to resubmit for registration using their browser website. Entered all the info again along with the attachments. When hitting submit I got below message saying my house is already registered surely because of my registration submission yesterday. Now my house was bought brand new by me from the developer....I'm the one and only person to ever live in the house...so, it's not registered by anyone before me. Besides, if it had been registered I would have surely got the same notice when submitting for registration the first time yesterday. Their system is just not working for everyone. Apparently the validation emails are not really being sent in all cases.
  15. Russ The email you mentioned is that the one to confirm your email address or the email providing login credentials?
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