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  1. My experience has been the seller provides you a link to Microsoft servers where you download the software and then you use the activation key the seller also provides. Did this recently in buy a Office 2019 key off Ebay...did it three times around 4 years ago in buying Office 2016. Each times I download the software from Microsoft and then enter the key provided. Sometimes you may have to do the activation via telephone call.
  2. I stand corrected...it is to cover all medical requirement to include COVID.
  3. I'm still amazed the deal was for Bt186 Billion....not million but billion. Either they were going to make enough gloves for the entire planet or each glove was going to cost a 100 times more than it should.
  4. The $100K coverage requirement is for COVID19 only--it's specific to COVID19. There is no separate requirement for general purpose medical coverage unless you are entering on an O/A Visa. Edit: Correction...the $100K requirement relates to all medical coverage and it must include coverage for COVID.
  5. Once you get the marriage certificate translated/legalized/etc., your local Amphoe will register your foreign marriage in the Thai marriage system....you get a Kor Ror 22 during that initial registration. Getting your that first Kor Ror 22 is where all the effort/time is. Now that your foreign marriage has been registered in Thailand each year when you go to your local Amphoe to get a marriage registration they will issue you a fresh Kor Ror 22 marriage registration easily....just takes a few minutes...cost approx Bt25....no pain like the initial registration. But for folks w
  6. Bangkok Bank typically quotes a very conservative 45 days but it will probably take less. Over the years of reading many ThaiVisa posts in actually how how long it took for a check to clear/balance become available is typically far less than 45 days. Bangkok Bank quotes 45 days because many times they must mail the check to an intermediary bank in country XYZ who then accomplished the cashing/clearing for Bangkok Bank. In the posts I read around 3 weeks seems typical...and those have mostly been personal checks. Personal checks typically take longer to clear than a government check. And
  7. Take a look at the font size on your smartphone with it's approx 6 inch display....the font is now significantly smaller than before...too small. Before the upgrade it was fine...now too small....now I expect many people will need to zoom in and then scroll left-right to read most posts comfortably.
  8. I"m sure the answer would be No in terms of getting a COE issued.
  9. Unfortunately, Thai banks take longer to clear a foreign check as they mail the check back to an intermediary bank in country XYZ to process the check. And then they add in extra clearing time to make sure the check don't bounce. No laws/regs in Thailand as far as I know that set maximum clearing times like we are use to in western countries.
  10. That guy is using an agent....he's paying the agent Bt15,000 who makes a very handsome profit for a simple application. Maybe the guy is using an agent because he simply don't understand or nor wants to do simple paperwork, he don't have required funds/medical insurance and the agent is getting the immigration office to waiver/look the other way regarding the income/insurance requirements, etc. But for a person off the street applying for a retirement extension of stay renewal the cost is Bt1,900...I did that for 11 years before switching to a marriage extension this year...Bt
  11. 1. You do need to register with DeeMoney to get an online acct....but I expect you could walk into one of their very limited number of branches and do transfers when needed without registering for an acct. 2. Yes..you would typically use the QR/bard card scanning function with your bank mbanking app to fund the transfer online. You will need to check your Thai bank mbanking app for limits as your Thai bank sets limits on transfers.....varies among banks. 3. See their webpage....go to their webpage (deemony.com), select "Send To" for the country you want to send to
  12. My foreign U.S. Visa and Mastercard cards work fine Thai banks and merchants. In fact used my foreign Mastercard debit card to do a Bt150,000 counter withdrawal just last week at a Krungsri branch....but sometimes I use a Bangkok Bank branch. Now if you try to use a foreign card in a "small" branch they may not accept it....they will probably refer you to a larger/more full service branch.
  13. I stand corrected....you did mention reason for transfer used....I just didn't see it. When using the Long Stay Visa Thailand reason and when sending to a Bangkok Bank acct that is supposed to result in international coding but Transferwise has always said they can't guarantee that as glitches can occur....or they must use another Thai partner bank to complete the transfer....and their primary goal is to complete the transfer fast vs ensuring a person gets international coding.
  14. You did not say which reason for transfer you chose within the Transferwise reason for transfer selection. You know, a menu that pops up with various reasons and then you select one. Which one did you select?
  15. For the reason for transfer did you select the Long Stay Thailand Visa reason? If not that's probably why you got the interbank/domestc transfer coding as Transferwise didn't use Bangkok Bank as its partner bank for that transfer which means Transferwise used K-Bank or TMB as the partner bank and then K-bank/TMB relayed the funds to your Bangkok Bank acct. The reason probably lies in the reason for transfer you chose.
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