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  1. That's more than close enough. But if you want to tinker some more and get it at 1.4 and 1.9 you will need to adjust the "span" screw adjustment.....that screw halfway down the switch secured by a nut. Make half turn adjustment on the span screw (be sure to first loosen the nut holding the screw and then retighten the nut). I can't remember now but I think a screw CW turn reduces the span...start with a 1/2 turn....if it don't reduce the span then turn it back to it original point and then initially turn a 1/2 turn CCW....see what happens. Once the span between th
  2. Last year around August which was shortly before it was time for my annual extension of stay, my mail-in 90 report receipt hadn't come back yet...I had mailed it around 3 weeks earlier. First time this had occurred in the 3 years or so of doing mail-in reports. I wanted the new receipt for extension of stay renewal purposes because sometimes the immigration officer wants a copy. So, I went to MTT with a paper printout of the EMS tracking showing receipt by CW. The immigration officer told me to got back to the waiting area as she had to make a call to CW. I expect she wanted
  3. That screw will change both the cut on and cut off pressure, not just the cut on pressure. When you say the pump is working good, you really just mean it appears to be working OK since it pumping water although the pressure cut on/off points are incorrect and may damage the pump/wear out components sooner, etc. Up to you if want to tinker some more....see if adjusting the screw can get you the pump's design pressures like shown in the spreadsheet earlier. Maybe give in another 1 turn CCW which should lower the pressure points....your pressure gauge will tell you if t
  4. I'm not really sure what I'm seeing/hearing in the video in terms of cut on and cut off points/pressure. I looked/sounded like "maybe", repeat maybe the cut-on pressure was around 1.8 bar ( specs call for 1.3), the cut off pressure around 2.4 bar (specs call for 1.9) and then the flow switch took control and allowed the pressure to climb to its steady max of 2.6 bar (specs call for approx 2.9 bar but 2.6 is close enough). If I understand you video correctly then it seems the pressure switch is adjusted too high....instead of 1.3 and 1.9 bar its at 1.8 and 2.4 bar. Since you alre
  5. Regarding the requirement for the immigration office to receive the report at least 15 days before the due date, I know that is the stated requirement but for the last 3 to 4 years I have been doing mail-in reports to CW I have never sent a report to arrive at least 15 days before. I typically mail-in the report via EMS in the 10-15 days before window and the report is received/signed for my CW typically 2 days later. This means my reports have been arriving CW in the 8-13 days before window. Now, the date I put on the TM47 form is typically around 14 days before the due dat
  6. My latest mail-in report to CW went like this: - Report due: 29 Apr - I mailed via EMS: 16 Apr/a Friday - CW rec'd/signed for report 19 Apr/a Monday - CW processed: 29 Apr. This happens to be the due date for current report. Over the 3-4 years I've been doing mail-in reports to CW there have only been 2 or 3 times they held the report and processed it on the due day to prevent any lost time. Normally CW has processed my reports same day received or within just a few days of receipt. - CW returned mailed: Date Unknown....no postmark on envelope. - I rec'd new re
  7. Hook to the tap...where you hook the hose; not the end of the water hose as a 10, 15, 20 meter long hose will cause a pressure drop.
  8. Sure....that's what I meant by a mobile pressure gauge....like the one in your picture above. Just keep in mind that the further away from the pump you get there will be pressure lost primarily due to pipe-water friction.. So, try to hookup the gauge to the water tap/outlet closest to the pump (hopefully not too many meters away) to minimize the pressure lost which adds error to the desired pressuring measuring point right at/real close to the pump.
  9. Put a pressure gauge in your output line not far from the pump's output. Or temporarily hook the pressure gauge to a water tap close to the pump. Then fully turn on a tap somewhere in/around the house to get the pump operating continuously....then watch/listen for the pressure switch cutting on and off. Those points where the pressure switch click on and off should be approx plus/minus 10% of the pump's specs like shown in the spreadsheet....that is, the 1.3 and 1.9 bar settings for you particular pump. Important Note: Since you have an EP model where the pressure switch and f
  10. Oh, by way, in this 11 year old thread I ask for feedback on the Mitsubitshi EP series of pumps as I was thinking about replacing my Mitsubishi "WP" series pump. However, as of today, I still have my WP-255 pump made back in 2007/2008. But it has had repairs along the way....all of which I have accomplished. - I have replaced the tank that the pump/motor assemble sets on...replaced the tank a couple of years ago....the tank developed pin-hole corrosion leaks around the seam at the bottom of the tank....attempted to fix these leaks by spot brazing at a shop but the
  11. The video basically shows how to mal-adjust the pressure switch to get the pump to turn off and on--and only god knows what those two pressure points turned out to be since the mechanic did not use a pressure gauge. But the video does include annotation saying in "actual use" you need to use a pressure gauge to check the pressure in the output line.....see the snapshot below. And the only reason he added a shutoff valve in the output line was to ensure there was no water leaks down stream like a leaking commode, water tap, pipe somewhere, etc., that was allowing a continuously w
  12. Well, it might make it easier to get an extension of stay each year, but now you have wife maintenance upkeep costs....and some wife models are high maintenance.
  13. Yeap....me for one. Last year/2020 at CW I switched from an OA extension of stay based on my 2008 OA visa to a marriage extension of stay...I had a dozen uneventful retirement extensions of stay under my belt. I specifically did the switch to avoid the health insurance requirement. No problem in doing so but the IO stressed in English and Thai language to the Thai wife and I that I would not be allowed to switch back to a retirement extension of stay with the underlying, old OA visa if desiring such in the future....if I wanted to switch back to a retirement extension of stay
  14. But the Thai FDA needs to make it appear rubber stamping is hard....takes time. And there is also the big decision of which ink color to use.....I think green is the current fade.
  15. For those of you who use a Mitsubishi "EP" Series water pump, repeat, "EP" series, like the one pictured in the attachment, Do you get constant/steady water pressure? I currently have a Mitsubishi "WP" Series water pump (came with the house). The WP series is where the pump motor sets on top of a small booster tank, but the design/operation of the WP Series pump is for the water pump to turn off and on as the pressure in its tank reaches approx 30 psi (pump turns on) and 40 psi (pump turns off). The specific psi pressures vary by tank model. While I get an "average" 35 psi water press
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