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  1. My interpretation is 2 months before whatever day you "apply" which could be 30 to 45 days before the expiration date. If you apply 1 month before the extension expires, then that would mean 2 months before that application date which would be 3 months before the actual expiration date. And then if you applied say 1 month early and was approved then you must maintain the 800K for 3 months from that application/approved date which would the same as 2 months from the old extension expired date. Durn, I'm getting confused. Who's on first.... "Who's on first".
  2. Another good place for US folks to review complaints against a company registered in the US is the Better Business Bureau website. You can select by state, by company, etc. Below is set for New York complaints against Transferwise. But always keep in mind the US is a large country....around 330 million people....you can file numerous complaints (valid and invalid) on most any product/service/company. But those complaints may be a small percentage of a product/service/company customer base. But I do think when Transferwise decides you have violated some rule, they immediately deactivate your account, throw you under the bus, and become extremely hard to communicate with (i.e., hard to get someone to answer the Transferwise doorbell). https://www.bbb.org/us/ny/new-york/profile/money-orders/transferwise-inc-0121-166054/complaints
  3. Totally agree. And I expect your Thailand address combined in trying to transfer the maximum ACH $15,000 limit on your first transfer caused an algorithm to trip and deactivate your account. Nothing wrong in having a Thailand address but combined with going for the max on the first transfer that may have been the problem. But who really knows...Transferwise is not going to say even if they approve your appeal and reactivate your account.
  4. Plenty of complaints from UK folks and other nationalities but a person needs to go to website that reflects country-specific and/or worldwide feedback. The usconsumersaffairs website is basically focused towards people living in the US and US folks will go complaint there in many cases. Now go to a website that compares different money transfer services and collects feedback on a worldwide basis like below website. Be sure to click Review More Reviews at the bottom of each page to pull more review. Many, many stories like Sheryl's where Transferwise just abruptly deactivated accounts. And sometimes people with Borderless Accounts (which Sheryl didn't have) apparently get deactivated because of the "people who sent payments" into the borderless account. Sometimes Transferwise feedback provides specifics inferring why the account was deactivated but usually it just a canned response not saying why. Then we have the situation of Transferwise trying to comply with different "know your customer" rules in different countries....some countries are stricter than others. https://www.compareremit.com/money-transfer-companies/transferwise-reviews/
  5. OP, I'm really scratching my head over your posts. Where you say "it seems"....does that mean you are not sure? Then you say it only charged once per year for more than 8000 baht over two accounts. You sure you don't have some direct debit by some company for some service (not Bangkok Bank) set up that is deducting the money. Kinda sounds like you are being billed by someone other than Bangkok Bank bank. "If" you have a regular savings account with debit card the only charges from Bangkok Bank would be the annual debit card fee which is Bt200-300 for a regular card, but can be higher if you got some special debit card that comes with additional benefits like some kind of insurance coverage......but normally the annual fee for such a "special debit card" would be significantly less than Bt1000 per year. Using your debit card to withdraw funds "outside your province/banking region" would incur approx a Bt20 fee per transaction but that is charged immediately...not saved for annual billing. And if you have SMS service I think the monthly fee for that is around Bt20. Go visit you branch and ask what the fees are specifically for as for a typical savings account with regular debit card the costs are mentioned above.
  6. The ones recommended by your doctor after he/she does a medical evaluation of your condition. So many different types of blood pressure meds like thiazide diuetics, ACE inibitors, calcium channel blockers, and angiotension II types. Go see a doctor first.
  7. Sheryl, I know you probably don't care now, but if your bank had been one of the banks that allows you to log onto from within the TW interface, you would have "not" manually entered the account number to pull the funds from. Since my US bank is one that does interface with TW I've done this quite a few times already...I don't have to use the trial deposits method. When you get to the point of funding the transfer a popup window within the TW interface would appear....this is where you logon your bank account. It's pretty similar to logging onto your PayPal account through the Ebay interface when paying for an item bought. The API used by TW to logon/interface with certain banks is provided by Plaid a major fintech company supporting many banks around the world. If your can logon your bank account thru TW then your bank is one of many using the Plaid system for various types of transactions. Anyway, once you enter your bank's logon credentials you will "not" see what you are use to when directly logging onto your bank's ibanking. You basically just see the account(s) names listed like Checking and/or Savings (or more if you have more account with your bank) and I think amount in each account....you then click a radio button as to which account to use...and then it begins validating you have enough money in the selected account to fund the transfer (probably checks some other things also), and within a few seconds it's done, you get a positive response you are good to go....money on the way......then you are automatically logged off back into the TW interface only. None of your bank logon credentials are saved by TW when using this method. This info is really for other US folks thinking about using TW. Your funding US bank may or may not be able to interface directly using the Plaid API and TW may not offer this option....if your bank can, then what I described above happens. Otherwise a person must use the traditional trial deposit setup method which takes X-days to setup. Sucks what happens....could happen to any of us....and surely will to some of us at some point. Even though TW has already replied to you if you haven't used their appeal process yet, I would....you have nothing to lose. I have an appeals related story....not with TW but with Google...you know the almighty Google in the Sky system. A few months ago Google suspended by Google Voice account out of the blue....maybe because I tried calling one number (a US govt number) many times over several days in trying to reach a human versus just getting their voice recording. Maybe the Google computers though I was some robot during mass/junk calls. Anyway, I submitted an appeal saying I can't see anything I could have possibly done wrong except maybe calling one US govt number "a lot" over a week's time frame (I gave them the number, agency/office name, and reason for calling many times in trying to get a human on the line). Later that day I got a response from Google that I had "not" violated any Google Voice policies, I was no longer suspended, and my GV number would operational again soon. But it was not operational again even after a few days.....so, I resubmitted the appeal to include a copy of their previous response saying I didn't do anything wrong, and once again got an answer about a half day later saying I hadn't done anything wrong, I was no longer suspended, and my GV number would be operational soon---but this time my GV was immediately reactivated....it been working fine since. Pib
  8. This link works. https://transferwise.com/help/article/2969094/security/customer-complaints-procedure
  9. When using Bank Debit (ACH) to fund a transfer TW applies a 0.15% fee to supposedly cover their costs in using the ACH system to fund your transfer.. Expect you were pricing out a $2K transfer....0.15% of $2K is $3. That fee sure beats the alternative of spending around $10-$20 to do a domestic wire from your bank to TW to fund the transfer. Then you'll have the remaining TW fees that they call "Our Fee." If you had been tranferring said only $100 the ACH fee portion would have only be 15 cents. One good thing about TW is there are zero surprises with their fees and exchange rate....they are clearly shown. You basically have only two fees...a fee to get the money to TW to fund the transfer and then the "our" fee. And the exchange rate is locked. Yeap, no surprises.
  10. Could be....however, I know a couple of U.S. ThaiVisa members who registered using their Thai address but fund the transfers from their US bank accounts. But I'm not sure/don't remember what verification docs they uploaded. Maybe some of them will chime-in if seeing this thread with more info. But your experience is really just another example of challenges/problems expats can face in banking, money transfers, etc. Could happen to any of us expats. And many times these challenges/problems appear out of the blue, totally unexpected.....I've had my fair share of challenges/problems over the years....and I'm sure more will come in the future. Preaching to the choir I know.
  11. Correct unless you are retired military. For retired military Part B enrollment is required to continue Tricare coverage...Tricare provides worldwide coverage....on the moon...on Mars....anywhere. Normally Tricare coverage ends up reaching the grand old age of 65 "unless" the military retiree enrolls in Medicare Part B coverage (ditto for the military retiree's spouse)....the military retiree can be living in or out of the US to enroll in Part B. If enrolled in Part B he can continue Tricare medical coverage, but he can not get any Medicare coverage/reimbursement outside the US. However, once he sets foot on US soil for one second or forever he's immediately covered under Medicare Part A and B plus Tricare....has dual coverage. Leave the US again to come back to Thailand he's back to Tricare coverage only....go back to the US once again Medicare and Tricare dual coverage. So for a military retiree enrollment in Part B coverage is a must if they want to continue Tricare coverage, whether they live in or outside the U.S.
  12. It's in middle of page 2. And remember, I'm talking the online SS benefit statement which may be a little different than the one they mail out.
  13. Personally and based on my "1st transfer" experience with TW, when initially registering right after you have finished setting up your logon credentials and then TW rolls right into setting up/sending your 1st transfer (kinda like a combo action) I would cancel at that point. I mean cancel doing the actual first transfer part. Now that you have your logon credential log back onto your need account and under your name/profile in the upper right hand corner click on the Verification selection. Within that area you can see what verification docs TW may need from you. For me I only had to upload an image of my US passport main page....I actually updated the main page with all the info and the eagle page with my John Hancock. Within 30 seconds I was verified.....good to go....I registered with my US address. I could have uploaded a US drivers license or other type of ID like a Military ID I think....I went with the passport as mentioned. Now when I first registered and continued on in initiating/launching my first transfer, right after that I started surfing around my new TW account, saw that Verification selection, and then I uploaded my passport mainpage and got verified. But that was done "after" my first transfer had been launched....TW had not asked for verification during my registration process....maybe it should have but just didn't in my case for some reason. That first transfer just didn't go anywhere even through I had funded it with the Bank Debit (ACH) method. At the four day point I started an online chat with TW, asked why my 1st transfer seemed stuck....said TW showed me as verified...said no money had been pulled from my US bank yet.....etc....what's the problem? The rep looked at my verification and 1st transfer status....couldn't figure out what was wrong in the 1st transfer just not going anywhere....also said my verification status was good to go. The TW rep then recommended the 1st transfer be cancelled and I initiate a new one. So I asked the rep to cancel it although I could have on my end. The rep cancelled it...I initiated a new transfer a few minutes later....a few days later it posted to my Thai bank account no problem....and since then all additional transfers have went smooth and fast. I think my problem was caused by me not completing the "verification" until after I had launched my first transfer. Somehow the TW system got confused as to whether I was verified or not and didn't follow thru in pulling the money from my US bank to fund the transfer....so the transfer was just stuck. A few months later the wife opened a TW account, but she did I like I recommended above. Right after completing the basic registration she did not follow thru with the first transfer at the same time. She then went to the Verification area, uploaded her US passport mainpage....got verified in about 30 seconds. Then the next day she logged back on and initiated her first transfer using Bank Debit (ACH) as the funding method....the transfer posted to her Thai bank account a few days later as additional transfers have. Our transfers now arrive in approx 20 hours....or at least our transfers in January arrived that fast. Yeap, personally I would register and get verified "before doing your first transfer" to avoid the TW possibly getting confused in accomplishing the verification and initiating the first transfer within minutes of each other.
  14. The new Medicare card damn burst today....the wife and I are overflowing in new cards. Both of us registered for an online Medicare.gov account today....no problems....printed out our new Medicare cards from out accounts. And then I went and checked my APO mail and we both received new cards in the mail. Registering for an online Medicare account was easy....but you need to know your new Medicare number (which the wife and I knew from looking at our SSA benefit statement) and start date of your Medicare Part A/B (which for most folks is the month & year they turned 65). No need to enter your address to registered like you need to do in creating an online mySSA account which is also checked against credit reporting agency files for a match....no public records check. Once online with our Medicare online account it was showing the APO address we have on file with Medicare and SSA. Yeap...now awash in new Medicare cards and registering for an online Medicare account was easy. https://www.medicare.gov/
  15. But the wife and I know our new Medicare numbers since the number is included in one sentence on our mySSA online SS benefit statements So, tomorrow I'll give creating an online Medicare account a try. But for now, I'm going to bed. Thanks and cheers. PS for others listening in: they have humans at that Medicare 1800 24/7....super helpful....I've called them a few times before. You still have to go thru a few interactive voice prompts at the beginning of the call but you can get a human pretty fast. So, so different that if trying to call the SSA and finding a helpful representative.
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