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  1. If I had to lay down a bunch of my own money in a bet as to whether it's true or not I would bet it's not. Expect it's just some posters getting some miscommunications....the Thai-English misunderstanding type thing....or just some not-so-informed bank rep saying such. I've lost count the number of times I've asked a Thai bank rep a question....got one answer....asked it again to another rep a little later and got a different answer. And there have been a few times it was only after going up the supervisor chain did I finally get the correct answer. Ditto in a few question to my "US bank" reps over the years.
  2. Clean air today in my part of western Bangkok (Khet Talingchan). At 3pm I'm getting a PM2.5 reading of 2 inside my air conditional house and 9 outside. Matches up with an Air Visual reading of 9.7 done at 1pm in a location also in Khet Talingchan but about 2km away from me.
  3. With a Bangkok Bank direct deposit acct you can see it on your ibanking. From ibanking you can transfer funds into it but you can not transfer funds out of it. To do a withdrawal or transfer-out you must visit a branch. You can also transfer funds into you direct deposit acct using SWIFT, ACH, Transferwise type money services. Basically removing funds from your direct deposit acct requires your living body to visit any Bangkok Bank branch.
  4. And my family member whose SSA payment is "not" being received in IAT format got a similar reply from a different Manila rep today...whose name I excluded from the partial quote below. Seems Manila has a scripted response as the responses are very similar. Hopefully the SSA is truly working with Bangkok Bank "and the US Treasury OCC driving the ACH IAT format requirement" to ensure no disruption in SSA payments.
  5. The ACH Direct Deposit and IDD Direct Deposit are two different systems. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the primary funds transfer system used in the U.S. It's primarily a "intra-US/domestic" transfer system but it does have international transfer capability if a bank in a foreign country is enrolled in ACH. Like how Bangkok Bank here in Thailand has ACH "receiving" capability through its "New York branch" which is a licensed US bank. A key component of the ACH system is each bank is assigned a unique 9 digit ABA number....like Bangkok Bank NY branch ABA number is 026008691. Just like a social security number is unique to an individual the ABA number is unique to a bank. And if you have paper checks you can see your bank's ABA routing number printed at the bottom along with your account number. ACH uses two different file/transfer formats....a domestic format with specific underlying coding and an international (IAT) format with specific underlying coding. The IAT format is really just a domestic format but with more detailed info. And that underlying coding "which is all important" like how a domestic ACH transfer will usually use a Standard Entry Class (SEC) code of PPD for most direct deposits...PPD stands for Prearranged Payment & Deposit. However, for an ACH transfer "leaving the US" it has to be in the ACH IAT format....more detailed info...and uses an SEC of "IAT" which stands for International ACH Transaction. This coding is all important as it allows banks/authorities to easily and quickly identify/evaluate transfers....all the computer systems need to do is say "show/report to me all transfers with SEC "IAT". And this makes it easy for an bank computer system to accept or reject any transfer....like with Bangkok Bank they will simply need to set their computer systems to only accept transfers were the underlying SEC is "IAT". No manual review required....easy for the computer to spot and reject. The International Direct Deposit (IDD) system uses the SWIFT system and the key code/number used it the 8 to 11 digit SWIFT/BIC code....for Bangkok Bank that code is BKKBTHBK (8 digits)...or BKKBTHBKXXX (11 digits) is fine also....the last three digits are optional and just represent a specific branch that banks some might want to include in the SWIFT code. The XXX in this cases just means the head office. As you may know, a SWIFT transfer includes detailed info on the sender and receive like how the ACH IAT method also requires. No SEC used in the SWIFT system....a SEC is unique to the ACH system. As for the part you quoted that was from Danthai's post. Where he talked "new" signup form as in the SF-1199A form the latest version Aug 12 but a Jun 87 version is still in use by many because the Aug 12 version is really just been updated to be more user friendly for completion on a computer compared the the Jun87 version that is meant to be filled in by hand. But both still require the same core info such as name, address, routing number, bank account number, etc.,...there is no difference in terms of how one would result in IAT format being used and the other non-IAT format. In fact, when I went to HQ Bangkok Bank yesterday with my family member to have them sign-off on the new SSA IDD for Thailand form I asked them are they now using any "new" direct deposit sign-up forms....they said No....still only using the SF-1199A for ACH Direct Deposit because they still haven't received any implementation guidance from the Bangkok Bank New York or SSA....as far as they knew the IDD was still in the testing phase. The rep had just became aware of the new IDD for Thailand form as we all just have....since it's a Feb 2019 form only published a few days ago by SSA. I say "HQ" Bangkok Bank because my branch is the branch on the first floor of the HQ Bangkok Bank building in Bangkok, and at this branch to get US Govt Direct Deposit setup they sent you to the second floor of the building which handles the signup, incoming transfers to Bangkok Bank branches as a whole across the country, sets policy for all Bangkok Bank branches in Thailand, etc. And the rep I talked to is the rep on the Bangkok Bank 1 Oct 18 letter regarding the IAT issue. The rep also said a person with military retirement pay coming to Bangkok Bank had brought in a DFAS IDD form for completion which she showed me a blank of. I said, yea, seen that before....it's from the DFAS webpage...it's generic IDD signup form "SF-1199-I", but unfortunately Thailand is not on the DFAS approved IDD list which is shown at below link. I've contact DFAS several times over the last 6 months about "Do you do IDD to Thailand or is something in the works to add Thailand to the approved DFAS list?" The answer was always No....the list of approved countries is shown at below webpage. https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/manage/idd.html But Bangkok Bank still signed off on the IDD form because when a bank signs off on that area of the form they are only confirming the correct bank info is being used like ABA routing number, SWIFT code, bank account number, bank address, etc. They will sign off on any type of Direct Deposit form as they are many different forms used by different govt agencies and civilian companies. SSA has its IDD form, DFAS has it's IDD form, VA has it's IDD form, etc....ain't no standardization among US govt agencies paying benefits in terms of forms used and which countries they will send to. Actually, a person don't even need to use these type of forms to sign up for direct deposit "if the US govt agency you are dealing with" also allows other methods like updating your Direct Deposit info online, calling it in, etc. Unfortunately, regardless of the method used to signup/change Direct Deposit it may not result in your Direct Deposit being sent in IAT format as that will also depend on other factors such as the address you have on-file with a benefit paying agency, does the agency also use IAT format, and other factors.
  6. I totally believe you as I've been dealing with Manila and Baltimore since late last year in trying to get my family member's payment format corrected to ACH "IAT." Have done telephone calls, emails, and letter by snail mail with a 1199A included to show Thailand address of family member and branch used. Included copy of Bangkok Bank 1 Oct 18 letter stating the change. To date, the payment remains in the ACH domestic format (i.e., not IAT format). Frustrating. So, today a completed IDD for Thailand form will be sent in....see if that does anything although SSA has not officially flipped the IDD for Thailand enrollment switch on yet.
  7. Do you work for the National News Bureau of Thailand....or maybe the Tourism Authority of Thailand?
  8. Sounds like your building is only outfitted with DSL/phone line built into it which means the fiber connection only goes to the ground floor where it's then converted to a DSL signal....and DSL max speed is going to be in the 50-100Mb ball park depending on the quality/condition of the DSL wiring/switches within your building. Even switching to 3BB or True (if they even service your building) probably wouldn't help as they to would be using DSL for the final X-meters to your residence. You need to fine out if "fiber" can be run all the way to your residence on floor number so-and-so and what ISPs service your building.
  9. Undetermined at this time. But "normally" that's the way it works....even the Bangkok Bank rep I talked to today implied such....but everyone is still waiting for specific guidance from above.
  10. Yeap, expect you have the Ethernet card's Speed/Duplex set to 10Mb versus Auto Negotiation where it will adjust speed up and down automatically....go to 1Gb speed if required. Setting would be in the card's config/driver settings.
  11. Oh, you were probably charged Bt20 for each of those out of banking region/provinces ATM withdrawals, especially if not using a Bangkok Bank ATM. While the Thailand ATM Pool allows four free withdrawals per month that is usually only within the same banking region/province.
  12. The right wing have moved on to a new boggie man or should I say boggie woman. Their two most current favorite boggie women are Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)....right wing just can't stop talking about them.
  13. When looking at the AUD-THB from 1994 to current day its recent trend downward is not promising...now at a low last seen back in early 2009 and the 2001-2002 time frames....maybe it's just a 7 to 10 year cycle thing.
  14. If we just want to look at the last 10 years of USDTHB...Feb 09 to Feb 19 we are still well within the normal range of variation.
  15. Best you ask SSA. But I would "guess" if you receive two separate payments each month....two direct deposits...one payment for you and a separate payment for your son as his representative then you would need to do two forms. Now if the son's benefit is just added to your benefit and both are paid in one combined payment then only form should be needed. But ask SSA for the actual answer....I'm just guessing.
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