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  1. Lest someone gets carried away......note the requirement that you have to get permission to take some of the funds out.
  2. Disgusting beyond belief. So the "KILLER" crawls out of his car with two broken legs and within seconds someone swoops in and puts him in a Fortuner.......are you kidding???? It would take at least two adult men to accomplish that feat, meanwhile, all the people at the scene are deaf, blind and dumb??? Lots of this story doesn't pass the smell test. Did the wife take him to the hospital? Which one? Where are they now? He obviously won't be able to run.......another story with about 10% of the information to make it understandable.
  3. I am so sick of reading and hearing this constant criticism of the President. The next thing we hear will be that Trump had a hand in the sun coming up. One crazy person decided all by himself to kill a bunch of people.......the easiest weapon to use to kill a lot of people is a bomb or gun. Maybe he didn't know how to make a bomb......in any case, neither the ownership of guns or the ruminations of our President can be the reason this nut case decided to do what he did. New Zealand's Prime Minister now wants gun controls......because ONE nutcase did something horrible. So you ban guns and someone else makes bombs. A few people out of billions are crazy enough to do this kind of stuff........we can't stop them so quit being such a bunch of cry babies and get on with life.
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