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  1. I eat bendy bananas every day, either from my garden, my neighbours garden, from the local market or form the Thai family depending on what they have. That is why a bunch of bananas are called a hand, simply because in their natural state they follow the shape of the human hand.
  2. But the EU/Canada deal had to be approved by all 28 nations for it to pass. When there are only 2 nations involved surely it will be a lot easier and many years quicker.
  3. If you want a storming headache try finding any 2 reports that agree on numbers. It is harder than finding a particular grain of rice in a dark warehouse. Sure I can find a link which proves you wrong just as you can find one that proves me wrong. The most difficult trick is to find the one which is closest to the truth (whatever that really is). Well the population of the UK in 2017 was 66,181,585. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/uk-population/ In 1972 it was 55,953,522. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/uk-population/ There was an increase in population of 10,228,063 in the period. I have tried to come up with actual numbers of unemployed rather than percentages and I have got so bogged down with links it is giving me a headache. For example there is this link https://www.businessinsider.com/unemployment-in-the-uk-is-now-so-low-its-in-danger-of-exposing-the-lie-used-to-create-the-numbers-2017-7 Jim Edwards Jul. 23, 2017, 5:39 AM Government statistics put unemployment in Britain at just 4.5% — a low not seen since the 1970s. But the real rate of unemployment is four times that. We walk you through the evidence that shows why official unemployment numbers are so misleading. Economist Danny Blanchflower and Richard Clegg of the ONS challenged this article. See more on that debate here. The ONS also produced household data suggesting that the true rate of unemployment is 3 times greater than the government's preferred statistic. More data here on the effect of chronic underemployment of the unemployment rate, and the depressing new reality of the gig economy.
  4. Now I DO feel sorry for the Thai people because they are mostly unarmed and have no really safe way to protest at the Army coups. Would anybody here willingly step up unarmed, to a mass of soldiers, armed with rifles, APCs, tanks etc and tell them that they are wrong and should return to their barracks and never stage a coup again? I certainly wouldn't or couldn't. There is a small glimmer of hope in my mind that as the majority of soldiers are conscripts they may refuse to open fire on unarmed civilians, some of whom may be part of their families. Sure if that happens there will be some soldiers shot by the regulars and it may tip the rest into returning fire and mutinying. This only my thoughts and opinions. There is a breaking point somewhere for Thais.
  5. What happened back then may possibly happen again soon. The drawback for the military is that what they could hide so easily back then will not be so easy to hide nowadays with so many smart phones having cameras and internet access and the social media. They only way that this government, or another coup government, could stop the news leaking out in the short term would be to block the internet completely, close down all the media press, censor the TV and radio and close ALL the border crossings, including ALL international airports and sea crossings. That of course will play havoc with all the millions of tourists coming in on holidays not to mention the immense loss of income from those tourists. They would also need to keep people 25 or more km shutdown and moved, so that nobody can sneak up to the borders and use the internet connections from neighbouring countries. What Gen Apirat and ALL the other generals don't understand is that the day of the dinosaur has gone and they should have gone with it.
  6. Not really a promotion more a reward for long service and good behaviour. Usually at the pre election or dissolution of parliament and the Queens honours list. I am not sure if PM TM would qualify after the buggers muddle she has made of Brexit.
  7. No they don't need any more time, Theresa May is a dead duck now and at the next general election she will be gone, and with no promotion to the House of Lords.
  8. What don't you understand about the fact that we WANT to go? It is only the idiot that lives in 10 Downing Street that is the problem. The same one that said there will be NO second referendum. The EU will not negotiate any more (not that I blame them for that) so let us go our own way, which is what the majority of the British people who could be bothered to get off their arrrse and vote actually voted for.
  9. http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-decline-and-fall-of-european-union.html
  10. Quote "What you can achieve in the EU and within the EU in the space of a year trade wise most other nations take 10." Can you remind us all how long the EU/Canada deal took? Surely it wasn't completed in a year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comprehensive_Economic_and_Trade_Agreement CETA is Canada's biggest bilateral initiative since NAFTA. It was started as a result of a joint study "Assessing the Costs and Benefits of a Closer EU-Canada Economic Partnership",[21] which was released in October 2008. Officials announced the launch of negotiations on 6 May 2009 at the Canada-EU Summit in Prague.[4][22]
  11. I don't know about the fish but their wine is excellent, far better than that French p1ss, and you can even buy it in Villa and I think I saw some in BigC. Australian, S African, NZ, Chilean and Portuguese wines are much nicer than Euro plonk.
  12. To whom should I donate it? I didn't see the guys from the party for 3 weeks, and there is only me at home to eat it and I am not going to throw it away.
  13. I did a Google search for sugar cane harvesters and there are quite a few out there for sale, new and used. They all lack one vital detail though. There are no prices listed. If they are imported you need to get the purchase price and add about 250% which is what it will probably cost here in Thailand. You would also (if you were smart) order spares at the same time, so that if you do need something, you don't have so much downtime on the machine.
  14. I made a couple of them in December for a party. 1 got eaten and I sliced and froze the other 1. When I defrosted the slices, the meat and crust was OK but the defrosted egg was horrible.
  15. Have a look here at the monthly forex rate GBP/THB from January 1990 until January 2019. https://www.ofx.com/en-au/forex-news/historical-exchange-rates/yearly-average-rates/
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