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  1. However Thaksin's try for an amnesty was debated in parliament and kicked out. The junta didn't bother with any debate, they just gave themselves total immunity for ALL acts past, present and future. And you complain about Thaksin and praise the junta government. They stole the whole country, treasury and all.
  2. Why are you asking posters on TVF? If you really want to know, then talk to the people who run Twitter, ask all your questions to them and the report back on this thread.
  3. And his bread is very good as he sent me the recipe several years ago and I use it for bread rolls mainly now.
  4. Out here in rural Khampaeng Phet the villages water stopped sometime in January and the borehole took over until it dried up in February. Now the people have to go to the tessaban 6km away, fill in a form and wait for a delivery of 6 cu/m and then it is dry rinse and start all over again. We have been waiting 8 days now and have no idea when it will come. We normally pay 2 baht cu/m but a tanker load will cost about 300 baht.
  5. I doubt that at all but anto seems to make a habit of posting rubbish and insults anyway.
  6. Now me, having read the OP is under the impression that all the returnees were Thai people and not a foreigner amongst the lot.
  7. Why not? Both my wives, western and Thai knew the pin numbers of the bank cards and both have had supplementary credit cards on my accounts. It all comes down to trust. If you cannot trust your wife or girl friend then you shouldn't be in that relationship.
  8. As a general elderly farang of 76 I thank you for your (unwanted) concern. However I will trust my wife far more than an unknown poster on a website.
  9. I think that they would be the same in any other country that they went to.
  10. Why should he not be looking for Thai women. I found a good one 27 years ago as did many of my friends who are still married after 10, 15, 20 years or more. I have several friends who are 80+ years and still living with their wives. Bad news sells but good news rarely does. I just Googled my self on 3 separate sites and whilst they got my name right, they got my age wrong, I haven't lived at the address given for 20 years plus I have no idea who the photo is but it isn't me.
  11. That looks extremely dangerous. Once it starts, if he hasn't got the chain break on, he will be singing soprano or falsetto instead of baritone.
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