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  1. You just couldn't resist slipping the insult once again, could you? A strong resemblance to Grouse who has disappeared from these pages about the time you showed up. Coincidence perhaps?
  2. We finished at the Immigration office at 11.30 Monday and today at 11.00 3 police came to see if we do actually live here. My wife did most of it and I was in the photo shoots at the end. I didn't have to sign a thing and now they at my wife's shop stuffing themselves for free. Still all's well that ends well.
  3. I completed my marriage extension yesterday on income alone. I have attached my trials and tribulations should anyone care to read them but be aware that this is for the Khampaeng Phet office. It is nearly 4 pages long. YMMV. The great Immigration paper chase..docx
  4. Has the UK left the EU yet? Simple answer yes or no. If the answer is YES then Brexit is complete. If the answer is NO then you are talking bovine excretia. The truth is NO until 31 October. I do understand that you are a remainer, but please, try to get your facts right before you post.
  5. More whataboutery. What should or shouldn't have happened back in 2016 doesn't matter. What should be looked now is how to get the UK out of the mess that TM got us into and work for a way forward, even IF it means a no deal Brexit. After all TM did say on many occasions that a No Deal was better than a bad deal. She and her Remainer government fought hard to achieve the FUBAR that the UK is in now as none of the barstewards ever wanted Brexit. All the MPs seem to think that becoming an MP confers magical power on them to decide the future of 66 odd million people yet there are only 650 of them. Bovine excretia.
  6. More ifs, buts and whataboutery. What happened at the time, happened. It can't be ignored or changed. Look to the future as that is getting closer. If Remainers want another referendum that is fine with me. Having said that let us complete the 2016 referendum first and after about 3 years have another but this time lay down the ground rules first. Who will be eligible to vote? What are the referendum questions to be? What is the pass/fail percentage to be? If the Remainers win that will be one referendum each so to be fair 3 years later there should be another one which will be the best of three, or five etc.
  7. Perhaps both should apply to him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0_zJ-0VHu0
  8. Most Leavers take it with a pinch or even a sack full of salt. For the Remainers I cannot comment as their educational values are far above us "fick as" as they so often proclaim in lofty tones.
  9. But that was not what I said. If you are going to agree with me then quote me with your comment as well. I am confident that Brexit will happen along with the decimation of both the Labour and Tory parties. I have a firm grip on reality thank you. No she did NOT deliver the agreement at all. She brought her last gasp agreement to the floor of the HoC where it was formally rejected 3 times. quote "That it was rejected by the Tory ERG group is factual." that is correct but who else rejected it? https://www.euronews.com/2018/12/07/what-is-in-theresa-may-s-brexit-deal-and-why-is-it-so-unpopular https://www.euronews.com/2019/05/24/theresa-may-resigns-how-brexit-defined-then-destroyed-her-premiership https://www.ft.com/content/35c56d4a-7be6-11e9-81d2-f785092ab560
  10. Quote from your post "it would not have been down to those who voted for Brexit, as most of them would no longer be alive." Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. My response is the same as that of Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) “Reports of my death are grossly exaggerated.”
  11. Actually he has little choice given that for the last 3 years Teresa May and Philip Hammond along with the rest of the Remainers in the cabinet have done their best at keeping the UK in Brexit or BRINO. That has left whoever took over from TM (Boris) a little over 4 months to undo the damage of the past three years. In addition he has to fight off the Remainers who are actively working against him, his cabinet and the wishes of over 17 million people. TM the PM who PROMISED to deliver Brexit to the country and lied every time she said it. TM the PM who said on many occasions the a No Deal Brexit was better than a bad deal Brexit. She lied every time she said that too. Brexit has confirmed to me that very very few politicians in the UK can be trusted. Win or lose over Brexit, there will be the night of the long knives in all the political parties at the next General Election.
  12. I got one this morning at Khampaeng Phet Immigration after about 20 hours of the great Immigration paper chase, starting at Immi by asking, what do you actually want? I shall write up the saga tomorrow and post it for all to read.
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