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  1. I have quite often looked after both of my sons and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the nicest experiences in life and I love both of them. My eldest will be 41 this year and my youngest will be 15. I have walked the floor at night with both so that both wives could get some rest, I have been peed on, crapped on and puked on and whilst it wasn't the nicest experience in my life I always feet and still feel that it is part of my job as their Dad. I now have a new career in my life at 74 as the driver of Dad's taxi and the owner of the Bank of Dad. Then again I am me, and Russel Brand is a tosser.
  2. billd766

    Bangkok Bank

    I also live in the boonies in rural Khampaeng Phet. I opened an account in my name only last Thursday using my passport (with a retirement extension), my yellow house book and my Thai drivers licence. This was at the BKK Bank branch at BigC in KPP. It took about 1 1/2 hours as my Thai is not too good as I am partly deaf and more tone deaf. I had to sign about 20 pieces of paper and pay 1,000 thb, 600 thb of which stayed in my new account. I got a debit card and internet banking. I found that once both the counter lady and myself had spoken to the call centre where I explained what I needed it went very smoothly. They certainly didn't think that either of us should be bowing and scraping to each other. My wife was not there. Not in my experience of last week. I had no letter from anyone. Perhaps the lady cashier thought I was a nice guy and also a hansum man.
  3. billd766

    Home Bread Making

    Where do you live? My nearest Tops is 65 km away up in Khampaeng Phet but I go up there once or twice a month and keep the rye flour topped up.
  4. billd766

    Home Bread Making

    When I make bread rolls or bread I usually add 250g of that rye flour to around 850g of the Green Swan brand bread flour. The next batch I make I will chuck in the whole 450g bag and reduce the white flour to about 700g and see how that turns out.
  5. That would mainly apply to fugitives in their own country. Take a good look at former PMs and Presidents in Italy and one or two other western countries plus S Korea and Japan who were holding high offices right up until they were convicted
  6. billd766

    Home Bread Making

    Yes it is but they wanted a minimum order in weight and I had no need to order 20 kg (I think) of flour at a time. Add to that I found that their prices were quite high but the quality seemed very good.
  7. What money was that? Any links or reports?
  8. I opened a Bangkok Bank account last Thursday on my own using my passport, Thai driving licence and yellow book. It took about 1 1/2 hours between me, two ladies in the branch and another lady at the call centre. My Thai is poor because I am partly deaf and tone deaf but between us all it worked. I had to deposit 1,000 baht but the cost of the account was only 400 baht and the rest stayed in the account. I did a test from TW to the BKK Bank Friday and the money was in my new account at 2:03 pm and listed ass an International Transfer. I hope that this helps you.
  9. Mine take about 24 hours except on Fridays as they Thai banks don't work at the weekends. The one I did last Friday was in my BKK Bank account at 2:03 pm today.
  10. I sent GBP 250 from TW to my new BKK bank account on Friday to arrive today Monday 21st. I know how much TW sent. I checked BKKB this afternoon and what arrived was the same amount that was sent and it was listed as an international transfer plus no charges from the BKKB. I transferred most of it to my KBank joint account and again no charge from BKKB. I have sent another GBP from TW today and it arrives tomorrow so I will check again.
  11. billd766

    Home Bread Making

    If you want a large choice of different flours and don't care how much they cost, then this is the place for you out on Sukhumvit near soi 71 and Rama 4. https://www.schmidt.co.th/th/ They seem like a great place but as I live 350 km away in rural Thailand the postage costs would be too high. As you live in BKK you are (relatively) close.
  12. Perhaps it is time to take up the old French tradition of the tumbrils and Madame la Guillotine. Set some chairs outside parliament for the old ladies to do their knitting. A public execution sharpens the minds of the survivors.
  13. billd766

    Why Suthep, Prayut slowly drifted apart

    Perhaps back in those days they were working hand in glove to get rid of the "evil Shinawatras". After being in power perhaps Prayuth felt that Suthep was becoming a liability and no longer needed him but kept stringing him along. Now, unwanted and unloved by his former BFF, unwanted and unloved by the Democrats, unwanted and unloved by all the other political parties he has reached the logical conclusion that few people like or want him at all. He seems to be all dressed up and ready for the ball and just waiting for the invitation (from anybody) to be his partner. Just my thoughts and opinion.
  14. Just another old has been PM from the last century, dragged out of his comfort zone to try to give the dead parrot the kiss of life.
  15. Go back to the CC company and explain it to them. They should be able to sort it out.