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  1. That is odd. My last 2 numbers are 53 and it should be paid on the 4th Wednesday but it arrive at Wise bank around 3.30pm on a Friday afternoon, too late for me to get it. I do the transfer on Friday and it gets to my BBK account around 2pm on Monday afternoon.=, or the next banking day in Thailand. Where does it go from Wednesday to Friday in the UK?
  2. I applied for my Pink ID card this morning at the amphur. I took my wife and copies of my passport, marriage certificate in English and Thai, a copy of my Kor Ror 2 or 22, plus my passport and yellow house book. We dealt with 4 people and it was done in about an hour. They were quite happy to see us and extremely helpful. They even showed me a copy of their old paper folder with a photo of me with a beard that must be 12 years old and asked if it was me. On the way home I asked my wife how much it cost and it was either free or they forgot to charge us. I much pref
  3. Nowhere near as bad. If there was a free vote for all Thais between Prayuth and Thaksin. Thaksin would leave Prayuth in his dust and you need the Hubble telescope to even see him in the distance.
  4. But the thread subject is about Thaksin. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1216174-thaksins-wrong-pfizer-jab-is-not-registered-in-thailand-fda-mention-jail-terms/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-16452388
  5. Thaksin may well have been corrupt, but the current lot stole the whole country at the point of a gun. They ignored the caretaker government run by Yingluck who were gearing up for a new democratic election, simply tore up the constitution and wrote a new one in their favour. They promised elections and took 5 years in doing so, promised to end corruption, to reform the police. They wrote themselves an amnesty for ALL past, present and future acts. They promised that there would be no coup, and a few days later they had one. They promised happiness and reconciliation to
  6. Really. And without frigging the electoral system in the same way that the current lot did, without the cheating and "fixing" by the EC. No guns, military or police were involved, nor was there a delay of over a month before the results were released. Thaksin has done far more for the Thai people than any other PM since 1932.
  7. How to bring happiness and reconciliation to the Thai people. We will fine you heavily and jail you for daring to get something that is not readily available. Oh no, not you sir, because you are a rich and powerful HiSo with many friends in high places and, yes sir, I do know who your Daddy is.
  8. Actually they don't HAVE to do it if they are trying to keep us at the back of the queue.
  9. AFAIK 1 We are supposed to register with Mor Prom. 2 How you register apparently is by using the Thai Pink ID card. 3 The Pink ID card is issued at the Amphur on production of your yellow book (or blue house book if you have a condo). 4 If you have neither you will be unable to register I think. 5 Having got your yellow house book, Pink ID card and successfully navigated the Mor Prom app and registered, you then wait for a response from the Health Ministry who will tell you the place, day and time to get your jab, currently Sinovac for the fit and und
  10. If you truly believe what you say, then come up with verifiable links and facts that are acceptable with reputable media worldwide. If you cannot provide links and facts then perhaps you are wrong.
  11. Because he is a whole lot smarter than the people who are running the country nowadays. He was the only PM in Thai history who was freely elected in a legal democratic vote and was PM for 4 years. Not only that but he was re-elected for a second term. He was only removed from power by coup. His sister, Yingluck was also elected in a free and legal democratic election and she was also removed by a military coup. Under each of them, Thailand was a much richer and happier country.
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