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  1. In the USA they are now saying that only 6% of the reported 200,000 that died from the virus directly. That's around 12000 deaths that killed people without other medical conditions. So what's the big problem?
  2. Remember if you park in a car space, park in the middle of the space. Don't let them think they can get their car in your space as well. This has happen to me a few times blocking me in.
  3. Ever since I saw that picture I have been looking for a t-shirt that says [Don't Shoot I got my visa] as it might be needed from the 27 of September?
  4. The state of the world right now gold and silver looks like your best bet.
  5. I sent the first picture to my travel agent in the USA I am sure it will make a nice poster!
  6. I think Pattaya is like CM and maybe other cities and well 2 locations for visas. One for tourist visas and one for long term visas based on marriage or retirement. It would be nice if they told people on the internet as some places are far from the io.
  7. I have a friend that got his 60 day extension based on his daughter. Now his daughter is in her 20's and going to school. the io in CM told him that he could get the 1 year visa without the 400.000 in the bank and without showing 40,000 a month income. Seeing that I never herd this before you might know something on this?
  8. I would suggest that after the 26 of September we all start carrying our passport with us when we go out as that's when the hunt will begin?
  9. There maybe only backpackers left and they sleep in the temples for free.
  10. I went to CM io yesterday for the 60 day extension for 2 reasons. Firstly if the Amnesty was not granted today there would be large amounts of people there. Secondly, I didn't want the Amnesty to interferer with me getting a 1 year visa. CM io was less than half full yesterday and I got there at 10.30am and left at 2.00pm with the 2 month extension in my passport.
  11. I think wearing a mask is great as I have to take a bus trip tomorrow And the smell of garlic so early in the the morning coming from my fellow passengers would make me puke.
  12. The Pros say 15 minutes with no mask just talking. They must of had some very stupid violetear's to get answers for this question.
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