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  1. In 6 months you all will be on your hands and knees begging him to come back. He can take all the ... you can throw at him because he's the man for the job. Good luck Biden and watch out for Harris as she is coming for you.
  2. We can all put our heads in the sand for the next 4 years and hope when we pull our heads out America will still be there. If we get rid of the ballot machines, then we can take back the house in 2022 and Trump will be President in 2024. 80 million people voted for Biden? Come on man!!!
  3. He's trying to sell more Chinese vaccines to the world!!! Any idea what his cut is?
  4. He will not go quietly in the night. We will see what kind of mess we will all be in after a few months of Biden and his bag of fools will do. Lets hope President Trump will be there in 2024 if America is still a free country!!! Free speech is only the first thing that will be vanishing.
  5. It's really not that easy to get out of Thailand to get to Australia. I have a friend that is 82 years old and in bad health and he had 5 cancelled flights from the Australian embassy. On his 6th ticket he got out. You would think it would be harder to get into Thailand that to get out of Thailand?
  6. We are not a bunch of grapes as you may think. The truth is something you already know but too ashamed to admit it. Also I hope President Trump pardons Julian Paul Assange as he told us a great deal of things.
  7. Pardon the Media, something will freeze over be fore that happens. 100 million plus Americans know that the American media is trying to take away our free speech. The truth must come out as to why, as it effects us all.
  8. One guy just hung himself where I live. If the Thais don't get help from their families and they are under 60 they have nowhere to go. It's such a shame and he was only in early 40's.
  9. When will it be a concern? You must act now! Before we find out that these cheap vaccines that are coming in don't really work so good. Give the Thai people and us a choice of vaccines.
  10. Early days, when Biden gets in everything will tank as he spends more and more money and the debt grows to new heights. Hold on to your Gold and Silver and buy more!
  11. He could face life in jail in LA.? Why didn't they stop him before he walked in the shop?
  12. It's never ending, their want grows and grows little by little. Why would anyone want to come here as a tourist? This only hurts Thai people as each day brings a new way to suck us dry.
  13. But they are half the price as a good one and everyone likes a bargain, no?
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