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  1. It is not as simple as that, when you live in a small town like I do you may be waiting hours to see a doctor and infecting other people. Nothing is obvious with this virus.
  2. Pray harder for more vaccines so we can have good health!!!
  3. I think there should be a hotline number for people who think they might have covid 19 as what to do next.
  4. You should have been there in 1967,Tet was the only thing that gave life to the country but made the troops there a huge target.
  5. I for one don't mind Songkran. I only wish when there is water throwing that they won't put ice in the bucket when they throw it, as I have too many dents in my motorcycle helmet.
  6. Yes forget the 90 days reporting but if you want us to spend more forget the 800,000 baht requirement in the bank for the retirement visa or the 400,000 baht for the marriage visa. This money just sits there and does nothing for the economy. We should have more freedom with our money after 10 years of living here.
  7. I am confused again is the the third wave or is this the first wave with very little testing done? And we can't even blame it on the tourist.
  8. Did any of the 500 get wet? Because if they did they could be in big trouble?
  9. Just tell your kids not to climb trees for a few months and pretend it's not there. Boy isn't it so nice the talk about things other than covid 19. There's much more news around world we need to get to. One more thing about the bees don't look up!
  10. You know the Chinese should have the best vaccine in the world but they don't. They copy everything good for the markets, yet not a good vaccine, not even for their own people, why?
  11. Why private hospitals the cute girls in my 7/11 can do the jab just as easy at half the cost. In time also the 7/11 might have buy one get one free.
  12. Lets hope there will be less people traveling to Thailand on the cheap less effective Chinese vaccine. I think Thailand will have it's hands full enough with covid during Songkran.
  13. So you are saying that all viruses are natural and not produced in a lab, as there are many labs world wide that can alter or change viruses. I am so proud of Australia's stance on wanting a full investigation of the covid 19 virus and wish more countries would jump in
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