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  1. That Mango Paradise is a new one on me. Never saw it in my time in LOS. Perhaps a Bkk thing? Thanks for the photos.
  2. Dreaming much? I've been visiting and living in LOS for decades, but IMO officialdom only tolerated us because we brought hard currency. BTW, scams didn't start this century.
  3. On the one hand I agree that Thais have learned that tourism isn't a guaranteed, and I definitely think a real reduction in tourists would benefit the environment. However I fear that while restricting farang tourists they will go back to huge numbers of Chinese tourists destroying everything in their path as happened to Maya Bay.
  4. Siege of Troy was about 1250 BC and first known script was about 3200 BC. I'm pretty sure someone wrote down the Iliyad at that time. I would describe "falling in love" as more like "falling in lust". I fell in love all the time in LOS, but it was only lust, after all. I believe that Wikipedia is on my side. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_(love) The more current and Western traditional terminology meaning "court as lover" or the general idea of "romantic love" is believed to have originated in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, prim
  5. I see nothing about how many are asymptomatic and only tested positive. I also see nothing on how many recovered without ongoing ill effects. Only giving figures for infected and deaths is just half the story, IMO.
  6. When I was in the military they injected us with one of those needless pressure guns. If they can use them for the corona vaccine they could do hundreds in a day if they just lined everyone up. Depends on how the vaccine has to be given.
  7. Given Trump probably has all the dirt on Biden and his son, and it would be come out in court if he were prosecuted by the DOJ, I'm pretty sure Biden isn't going to allow a prosecution, just like Trump decided not to follow through with Clinton.
  8. Why? Biden has already said he won't pursue Trump. Far as I know, Presidential pardons don't apply to state prosecutions.
  9. Assuming one injection per worker could be given every 5 minutes ( allowing for breaks and meals ) in an 8 hour working day that's ( by my calculation ) 84 injections ( tell me if I'm wrong ). Someone better at maths than I can work out how many workers would be needed to give 80 million doses in one year.
  10. IMO doesn't make any difference whether 1 week or 2. It's time lost from what one would rather be doing and costs as well. I'm not going anywhere on a 2 or 3 week holiday and spending a week in an hotel by myself and 2 weeks in quarantine on return home.
  11. Tourism hasn't disappeared and won't, IMO. INTERNATIONAL tourism has a problem but domestic tourism is doing well in NZ. As for companies that concentrated on international tourism and charged prices locals could not afford, I've zero sympathy for them if failing. They can reduce prices so locals can afford and do with less profit. From what I read on TVF local tourism is doing OK. It's overseas tourists that have vanished. They should be using this time to improve the infrastructure for when farang tourists do return.
  12. No need to wait 15 years. Any long term side effects should show up within a couple of years. That's what I'm planning to do, and if no side effects by 2022 I'll take it then.
  13. I have vaccinations and last was for flu. I'm not against them, obviously, but will refuse the corona vaccine because of the speed with which it has been produced. 6 months ago we were being told it was going to be a long time as safe vaccines normally take years to develop. Far as I'm concerned, the rush is for the usual reason, but as it might be regarded as a conspiracy theory will not say what I believe to be the reason on here. I'm sure most will know what it is.
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