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  1. Just to be pedantic, all marriages in LOS are civil ( except village weddings carried out with monks ). The marriage is done in an amphur office. The ceremony/ party/ booze up is separate and does not constitute a legal marriage.
  2. Sounds like BS to me. I did mine there.
  3. They have no discretion. Waste of space and the sooner replaced by a robot the better.
  4. Can you do it in a different office? I couldn't have done mine same day in Bkk. An agent would probably solve your problem.
  5. I didn't take witnesses to mine. Ask in the office where the divorce will happen if they need witnesses, as the staff can do that. Otherwise, have to pay next door neighbour to go.
  6. People living in Idlib or the Congo would disagree with you. We live wonderful privileged lives in the west compared to most of humanity, and we waste it on BS, for the most part- reality tv, anyone?
  7. Only saw the movie. Can't see how there is enough to make a series out of it though. Is it just a load of angry women hating men? Get enough of that in real life.
  8. They wouldn't have found it though. That was a one time thing, and most of the hippies have sold out. It wasn't even a world wide thing, as I didn't see anything different where I lived. Happily, some good music came out of it.
  9. It was dire. It did have a story line though, but it was rubbish. He certainly isn't thanking me.
  10. I watched his show occasionally and we must have watched different nights. He wasn't funny, though he apparently thought he was.
  11. Agreed, but also replace chipboard with something decent. I'd also be concerned about what the rods are attached to in the ceiling. Otherwise the only sure cure is supports underneath, but make sure they are over a vertical board or they may break through the counter top.
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