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  1. Seems that I may have had it right when I opined that America had a high corona death rate because so many are obese. That was in posts long ago last year so don't expect me to quote them.
  2. Good post. I had the op because I was told by the medics that it was the best way to allow me to be able to urinate. That was long ago, and now there are ways to free up urination without destroying ones ability to enjoy a full life. Given what I know now I'd trade a longer fun devoid life for a fun life that lasted less time.
  3. When I first set foot in Thailand, diet for the common folk was mainly rice and vegetables, with some chicken, pork or fish, and most worked physically. Obesity was pretty much unknown. The obese people were the rich eg Miss Jumbo competition. Since western fast food became common, obesity has become widespread, though it may not be the only reason for it. Go in any rural store and it's full of sugar and salt laden snack food and drink. It was so sad to see schoolkids, buying junk food from 7 11 and fatty snacks from street vendors- some of them were already obese.
  4. Personally I'd rather be sleeping WITH someone in LOS ( and not getting much actual sleep if you know what I mean ), living a life of bar excess and late nights, and die before I have to be committed to a rest home to rot in front of day time tv. I might die sooner than I'm going to, but it'd be far more fun while I was living it.
  5. Give up the Honda and beer, and you'll not only eat better but be healthier and have a better chance of not being killed on the road.
  6. Some young Thais I knew were lazy, but the great majority worked harder than many farangs I've known, for a lot less reward and in far harder conditions. IMO your rant against Thais in general is just so wrong. Or perhaps you have a better reason why the land of the everlasting hub is still as poor as it is? I do, but most expats know what it is and it's not because Thais don't work hard.
  7. Correct. Auckland in NZ should have had another harbour bridge or a tunnel 30 years ago, but it's all gone wrong now and they have done ZERO about it, far as I know ( perhaps they have a super plan to fix it, but it's been kept very secret ).
  8. There is, IMO, NEVER any reason to be bored, unless in jail. A "free" person has the ability to do anything they want within the law, finance and reason. IMO if someone is bored in Thailand they will be bored anywhere. Also IMO, bored people are the ones that need someone else to tell them what to do. Become self motivated and one will never be bored. The rest of the day I guess chase bar girls After 6 months I guess bored Obviously different to me- I'd never get bored chasing BGs. However, if that becomes boring there's plenty of other things to do- beco
  9. Most of the people I've known as friends are still alive, but they were never obese, actually did physical work, and didn't use takeaways as their principle source of food. The only man I knew that died young was fit and healthy, except for the hidden medical condition that killed him.
  10. In a world going obese, it would be kind if people moderated their eating and remembered the poor nurses that have to care for enormous obese people when it all goes wrong for them. Back in the 1980s hoists were not needed on wards because people were on the whole not obese, despite dieting not being fashionable ( people ate better food as processed food wasn't as pervasive back then, and people did a lot more physical activity ). Now, hoists would probably be necessary on every hospital ward. Also, IMO obese people should have to purchase two seats on aeroplanes, as it's unfair to
  11. If I did say that religion is off topic I erred. Religion is certainly to do with God, but one doesn't have to believe in God to attend church for social reasons. Plenty of church goers that do not behave as one would if they believed. Why is science on topic? God is spiritual and science is about things. I don't believe because science proved God exists ( it hasn't ), and if I believed in science as all knowing how could I believe in God?
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