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  1. PS they probably don't want private vehicles on the island, as it's crowded already, so check that out.
  2. They can't take all the food and other supplies needed to the island on the passenger ferries, plus what about the vehicles on the island ( they didn't go on the passenger ferries )? There has to be an option- it's just a question of whom to ask about it.
  3. If she wanted to just contact him to say sorry, IMO she could have done it on facebook. No need to speak in person. If asking for money it's easier to ignore, but she probably knows that.
  4. The movie about Mary, Queen of Scots had a black actor playing a Scottish nobleman. The justification that I read from someone in the movie was pathetic. If trying to make an historical movie the least that can be done is have actors that fit the parts. It's all the same sort of BS that is having a discussion about a female 007. BTW, the latest ( Craig ) Bond movie hasn't even been shown in NZ yet. Anyone seen it and if so, is it worth the money to see it?
  5. No accounting for how movies are rated. I watched "In my father's den" recently. It won awards and was rated well. I disliked it, and there wasn't one character that I liked in the entire movie. It was so boring that I almost turned it off after struggling for half the movie. It did get a bit more interesting last half, but I'm glad I didn't pay much to see it. I wouldn't even rate it, it was so bad IMO. The scenery was nice and it was very well made, but a nasty plot and horrid characters.
  6. I think you haven't read Childhood's End, but in brief it deals with the transformation of humanity into spiritual beings that are presumably the highest possible plane of evolution below God. On a whole different level from individuals striving to attain nirvana.
  7. The not drive to the hospital order might be in case they had a severe reaction to the vaccine.
  8. What you need to know about the AstraZeneca vaccine and the rare blood clot risk https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/124798047/covid19-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-astrazeneca-vaccine-and-the-rare-blood-clot-risk
  9. Not if they require a passport to rent, and anyway one would do well to be wary of the bike scam in LOS, especially as they may be looking to make up for lost time.
  10. Try reading it again and comprehending the point I was making- I never said they were not wearing masks.
  11. The 80s were good if one had savings and no mortgage. My fear this time is that they put interest rates up for borrowing but keep interest on savings at near to 0%.
  12. Wasn't sordid- it was paradise for a guy that grew up in a country where women were high maintenance and thought they were special. But for Bkk/ Pattaya I might have gone my whole life without knowing what enjoyable rumpty was.
  13. on the basis of that thinking it's never, ever going to be safe to open the bars again! Perhaps that's the plan.
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