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  1. I believe absolutely that humanity will not survive. Even if we survive till all the suns run out of fuel and die, I find it impossible to believe that anything could survive in a dead universe.
  2. In 500 years ( if humans are still around ), scientists will regard today's science in the same way we regard science of 1000 years ago. We know nothing, Jon Snow ( but some think we do ).
  3. Off topic, but I love Sikh music which came to my attention in the movie "Bend it like Beckham". That movie started her career, but she ended up in the awful "King Arthur".
  4. Blade Runner is on your list, as it should be, but the sequel was an abomination. First 3 Star Wars were good, except for the Wookies and Jar Jar Binks, the follow ups, especially the last 2 were cringeworthy.
  5. 2 reasons. They are made for profit by money men, not by people that love making movies. PC has ruined almost every modern movie. Still good movies being made by independents, but they'll never be on an Oscar list. "Ride like a girl" was one, "Knives out" another.
  6. Thank you. Confirms that it's not just my computer. This forum has multiple problems because of something we are not allowed to discuss. I've been on TVF long enough to remember when it functioned perfectly, all the time. Happy days.
  7. Agree it's morally wrong, but as long as the woman agrees willingly, it isn't illegal. I saw for myself on a course I did how some of the women on the course were using sexual attraction on the instructors. Seems some people don't realise that some women are predatory in their use of sex appeal to get what they want.
  8. Anyone else having problems with the page flickering? Seems like a refresh problem. Doesn't happen on other sites.
  9. She's not the only one. Read similar before. I have given up looking for sense from the new religion, and frankly there are more worrying things for me to be concerned about. If there is one positive thing about being old it's that I won't be around too much longer, and I thank the deity that I didn't have children to suffer the craziness.
  10. If that's true, it's very sad for Phangan. I went there all the time and it certainly wasn't a party island outside Had Rin. There's no other purpose to go there, never was any other purpose than full moon parties etc. I suppose you haven't been around long enough to know what it was like before the yahoos took over, but you obviously don't know what it used to be like. Phangan became a tourist island for the relaxing QUIET beaches.
  11. Phangan never used to be a party island away from Had Rin, and the other beaches were quiet relaxing places, USUALLY. Unfortunately there's always some greedy Thai that is prepared to ruin other beaches by opening an antisocial party bar. If the rot has indeed made lots of other Phangan beaches noisy, that might explain why western tourists ain't going to LOS anymore. You are accusing the wrong people of being absolute <deleted>.
  12. Hardly. Get rid of the young antisocial yahoos and people that enjoy beach ambience will start going to the beach again.
  13. Who cares, just arrest all of them for anything, the selfish antisocial yahoos.
  14. I certainly hope all the yahoos that think it's OK to ruin people's beach experience with antisocial noise at all hours do get the message and stay away. They have awful Had Rin to ruin their ears in, so go there and leave nice beaches to people that enjoy the beach.
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