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  1. A democrat criticizing Trump- shock, horror, stop the presses. Seriously, that can be taken for granted. After all, they claim Trump is responsible for everything bad that ever happened in the past and will happen in the future. Do they have any election policies other than bribing the voters and blaming Trump? Certainly can't run on law and order.
  2. Regardless of where and how it came it's inevitable that a recurrence happened/ will happen. They need a better plan that imprisoning us every time a schoolboy has a sniffle. I'm all in for the Swedish solution, but that word never leaves her mouth. That would imply that the citizens were not sheeple.
  3. If you watch "The Sweetest Thing" ( great movie ) there is a scene where Christina Applegate is in the ladies bathroom and a bunch of women get to have a feel of her boobs- classic. BTW, they had a song about penises, which is hilarious- probably on U Tube.
  4. English is not the first language for many posters and no one likes a smart <deleted> criticizing them. I doubt many come on here to learn grammar.
  5. Sorry, but in the context of the Thai economy your ( and every farang combined ) contribution is so insignificant as to be meaningless, IMO. If it was significant, they'd be encouraging us to live in LOS, when the reality is otherwise. That is not to say that your contribution isn't significant to the people that directly benefit from your largesse.
  6. Don't tell me what to believe and I'll do the same for you.
  7. Any dangerous man suffices, but the corporate types have to be seriously wealthy. It's a survival of the species genetic thing. Females seek to mate with dangerous men to give their child the best genes to survive, but after breeding they seek a caring type of bloke that will happily bring up another man's child, as the father won't.
  8. Long after I discovered LOS, when I stayed in Bkk for more than a couple of days I'd stay in Uncle Ray's ( if I remember the name correctly ) which was located behind the Dynasty Inn on Soi 4. It was as grotty as it comes, but certainly cheap, and one minute walk from Nana. Long gone of course. Now part of Dynasty Inn. Happy days, those.
  9. I know exactly what you mean. After my divorce I wouldn't go back to the beaches I loved because I knew I'd be too sad remembering the happy times when I was with someone I loved on a beautiful beach.
  10. Only the body part, but popular is popular for whatever reason. Remember those movies that were popular about people swapping bodies? If that happened to me I'd be the biggest slut around and never have to pay for a meal or a drink.
  11. LOL. No farang without PR or citizenship can call LOS "home". We are aliens and subject to eviction without appeal at any time. There are only farangs that have fooled themselves they have "homes" in LOS, and farangs that act as though they may have to leave tomorrow. The wise, IMO, farang only "invests" as much as they can walk away from, and does not buy property that they can never own ( in reality ).
  12. The city still has lots of residents pooping every day and the sewage treatment plants probably don't work better than they used to. Just because one can't see it ( as much ) it doesn't mean the water is safe.
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