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  1. My ex wife was a professional chef and loved cooking, but you think I should do my own cooking ( and ? for her )? Given I did "give her money" and she contributed nothing to "us", and she had a 100% better lifestyle than she would have had on her own, how should I have regarded her when she treated me like an ATM?
  2. LOL, the Thai partner may treat the farang as less equal. I unfortunately ended up within the reach of the family and quickly realised I was nothing and they were everything. Inevitable divorce followed. Pity, as our first year far far away from them was bliss.
  3. No never, repeat endlessly everytime you think you might till common sense strikes. Reading the divorce threads is good too. If she insists on getting married, have a village wedding, big party, monks, not legal as in taking all your money. Thai culture was a scam that my ex wife used on me all the time. in the end she told me I had to give my money to her <deleted> family because it was Thai culture and that was the end of our marriage. Happily I got the sin sod back, so they didn't get it all.
  4. Other than looking on google I can't recommend anywhere in Bkk, but more affordable places would probably be in Pattaya, which is close enough for Bkk residents to go for the day, and for those that need an hotel, way cheaper. Are her parents paying the 250 k or is that down to you? I hope that you do know it's not actually necessary to have a big party, or pay the sin sod to buy her from her parents. Good luck.
  5. Perhaps they grew up with western attitudes and don't think its their job.
  6. Unless she co operates, his chances of getting enough money appear slim. My sympathy to the OP, but every farang contemplating marrying a Thai woman should read the OP, and take steps to avoid being in the same situation should the worst happen. I was lucky and got an uncontested divorce, and managed to keep some money, though I lost everything I had bought for the house. Still ended up with not enough money to continue living in LOS, much to my everlasting despair. Life back in my own country is <deleted> so I understand how the OP feels about going "home".
  7. If "golf" had been included in the title I could have avoided spending 5 minutes of my time on a thread on a subject I have no interest in.
  8. Anyone that thinks they have right of way on a pedestrian crossing in LOS, needs to see a psychiatrist immediately
  9. The side of the road was determined by the way carts were pulled. Nothing to do with sword battles.
  10. LOL. No such was needed when I got my yellow book. Very easy. That goes to show that just because YOUR marriage extension was easy, it ain't necessarily so for others.
  11. My information comes from the visa forum pages where such has been reported many times. I didn't do the marriage extension precisely because I didn't want those hassles. Even the retirement extension was becoming more difficult over the years, but I've posted all that before, so not going to repeat.
  12. Be great if you can tell us how you don't. Then we might not too.
  13. That's inevitable and would have happened anyway. When AI finally arrives, that is just the taste of what is to come for manual workers. Sad, but computers and robotics are making humans irrelevant when making stuff. All going to backfire immensely when a/ not many are earning enough to buy the stuff the robots make, and b/ when all the young, unemployable men riot and burn the whole thing down ( that's IMO ).
  14. Windmills are usually placed on hilltops and ridge lines where they are very much "in your face". Coal powered plants can be placed where few people see them.
  15. Is $15 trillion enough to pay unemployment benefits and free health care for all the people that AI make unemployable? including 44 percent of workers with low education. Does the government think that all those millions of sacked workers are just going to sit quietly at home and watch day time tv?
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