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  1. Lesson number one- have a vasectomy or use a condom if not wanting her to get pregnant. Don't rely on birth control pills. Lesson number two- never tell them you are rich.
  2. Immodium is if one can't use a loo like when travelling. Diarrhea is the bodies way of getting rid of what ails it.
  3. My mother was like that and lost a leg to diabetes. If it continues for a few days see a Dr. I get episodes occasionally and they don't last more than a couple of days. I do NOT take antibiotics.
  4. I've had severe food poisoning and the effects are not as given in the OP. See a Dr if worried. I agree about staying hydrated as most of us do not drink enough water.
  5. Are you aware that if they take nurses away from other areas, those areas will not function efficiently? The NHS does not have loads of nurses sitting around with nothing to do but make cups of tea for the consultants and flirt with the junior Drs, despite the impression given by tv soap operas. Of course there are probably those that think nursing can be done by any old person off the street, and the years of training they do is not necessary.
  6. the company was unhappy with EU/UK bureaucratic restrictions. I think that is the significant reason, and perhaps not the profit motive so much, but could be both. Companies exist to make a profit, not as some sort of socialist makework.
  7. That's not how it works. The nurses do not "take advice from Drs" as how to operate a ventilator. The Dr writes an order and the nurses care for the patient using their own training as how to operate the ventilator. You make it sound like nurses are still Drs handmaidens, and requiring Drs to tell them how to do their job.
  8. Do you have any actual stats as how many were "long extended" as opposed to less than a month? Not many occupations that I know of allow more than a few weeks holiday a year. Thank about why they use the term "two week millionaire" to describe the farangs that flocked to Pattaya.
  9. If you don't like Pattaya why don't you go to any of the hundreds of other places that will happily take your money? Why the obsession with Pattaya? Nobody in Thailand likes knowing that Pattaya is the prostitution capital of Asia. Sure 555555555555 The thousands that live off the night scene in Pattaya like it.
  10. Yeah, it's just a virus, but the actions governments are taking in reaction to it are going to change our world, probably for ever. Humanity will carry on, but only till the next virus pandemic, and the one after that, and the one after that.
  11. 555555555555555 Rich people are just as into prostitution as any, but they keep theirs out of sight. Did you never wonder why rich men spend so much to rent girls from escort services? There are hundreds of other places in LOS for non sex related activities- why are so many obsessed with changing Pattaya?
  12. Poor people won't go there because it's no fun, and rich people don't want to go somewhere they can't leave the house because it's too hot. Anyway, all countries dependent on tourism better buckle up because we'll probably have more important things to spend our diminished wages on than flying off somewhere to lie by a pool, like food.
  13. Yeah, the great mystery to me why anyone would spend real money to set up a business in LOS instead of just enjoying life as is only possible in LOS. That includes building expensive houses in an Issan village when they could be living by a beautiful beach somewhere for the same cost.
  14. No. 7 does not have that facility, but you can put all the photos you want to modify on a flashdrive, put the FD into your 10 machine, edit them and then put them back on your 7 machine. Disagree about 10 being better, but since they won't upgrade 7 anymore it's just a matter of time before they all die.
  15. Far as I'm concerned that is a bad joke- I'm in the danger zone age wise and no government official ever contacted me to see if I was set up, had enough food, money and a safe place to lockdown in. Negative in the last category. I refer to the government department that is responsible for the aged. Because the government has banned travel except for essential businesses, no one can come to help me, and if it goes bad the ambulance is the only option for me I don't expect my neighbours to do anything for me as we are all in the same boat. Plenty of people in distress as they lose their jobs, their income, and their future. The government organisation that is supposed to help people won't even answer the phone. There is going to be hell to pay when this is over. Far as I'm concerned I've had my innings and some of it was great. I'm ready to pass over, but most, I suppose are not. It's times like these, while waiting to potentially die of something too small to see, that faith is so wonderful. Facing potential death and thinking there is nothing after must be depressing- what was the point of it? Having faith, I know that when I pass, there is the greatest adventure yet to come.
  16. The black death really was apocalyptic, but we still manged to come back and overpopulate the planet.
  17. Great book, not so good tv series if I remember correctly. I think the triffids were a bit pathetic. The guy that wrote that book also wrote one where creatures from the deep came up and killed everyone, but I don't think they made a series out of it. In fact he wrote many apocalyptic novels. Level 7 was a great book. On the Beach by Nevil Shute was made into a movie- that was pretty good at the time. Heaps of movies about end of the world as we know it, but not all involving pandemics.
  18. Does your sister's A & E have hazmat suits, full face masks etc etc etc? Nurses are people too, and some may decide they don't want to die because their employer won't provide the necessary protective equipment.
  19. A ventilator at its most basic is just a pump to introduce air into the lungs. Where it gets complicated is making a machine that won't actually kill the patient, and training people to operate the machine safely. It's all far more complicated than lay people can imagine. If it was as easy as people imagine on this forum, they'd have done it already.
  20. What you may not know is that the cost of medical equipment is not high only because of the cost of production of the item, but because of the insurance that has to be paid. I assure you that nothing on a ventilator is not essential- they ain't a mobile phone that has all sorts of unwanted accessories on it.
  21. governments are not getting normal tax receipts so resorting to funny money options like quantitative easing which is slime word for printing money which leads to inflation. Imagine 80s inflation and large numbers unemployed. That's a recipe for worse than depression.
  22. Unfortunately you apparently have little to no idea of what the Pattaya bar girls were actually like ( I say "were" as apparently few around now ), but there was always the occasional rotten one to be found, just as in any occupation anywhere. uncouth, crass, tramp stamped Unfortunately I've met a few western women like that, and they were not prostitutes. I never met a Thai bar girl that fitted that description.
  23. Most visitors to Pattaya's bars ( ie farangs ) were probably on visa exempt and didn't need to extend as on holiday, like I was for most of the times I visited.
  24. and then you woke up! If they didn't do that when there was billions of baht pouring into the city, why would they do it when there is little or no money coming in at all? If there is a bright side to this, it's that the tea money from the bars for a certain element has vanished. Perhaps ( am I dreaming? ) they will start actually enforcing the laws to get the fines.
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