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  1. You think the low level and low paid nurse has authority to vary the routine? They don't.
  2. Nothing to do with the nurse. They do what they are told to do. If don't like it, take it up with management. My BP varies hour to hour, day to day.
  3. History has not stopped, but it's no where near as good now for us lucky few that grew up as middle class children in western countries. For the vast majority of the world population life has always been wanting, IMO. However, there is no way to convey what it was like to those that did not live through it, and I doubt they'd have any interest anyway.
  4. My wife lived in Phayao for a while. I liked the place more than Chiang Mai. It was great as a base to visit the surrounding areas. You picked a good place to live.
  5. I also love all those British series like Morse, Frost, Midsomer Murders, Poirot and anything by Christy, etc. However, few came out of the BBC. ITV showed most of them. I was lucky enough to get DVDs of series 1 of Poirot on line, as I missed it on tv, and the UKTV channel is showing all the Midsomer Murders at the moment. Just started series 12. Never got into Doc Martin, but I loved Clunes in Men Behaving Badly.
  6. If it can be proven that corona originated in the US labs that would be a valid point, but so far only the Chinese ( to my knowledge ) have accused the US of originating corona.
  7. RCDs must have saved countless lives in LOS. Mine saved me at least twice from uninsulated wiring in the roof space.
  8. There is never a compelling reason to get personal on here, ergo IMO it was an attack. Nuff said.
  9. IMO it will never die, but it will mutate. I can see more like an escort culture. Whatever, one can take girls out from soapy massage places after having a long look at the fishbowl.
  10. Tell that to the indigenous people of the Amazon, where deforestation is dramatically increasing. The land mass may not be overpopulated, but most people live in certain areas, and those areas are definitely overpopulated. Overpopulation doesn't refer to the number of living people per se, but the capacity of an area to sustain the people living in it. Many areas are not able, hence the hordes of illegal immigrants heading to Europe and the US. The world could carry many billions more, as long as we were happy to eat seaweed and insects, and live in toxic cities.
  11. That would depend on the reason for not getting vaccinated in the first place.
  12. I never used to pay lady drinks, but I'd offer a looker the amount she'd have got from a lady drink to sit with me. Win win for us, but the bar lost. That was last century, but 15 years later I never bought a lady drink because the standard had gone down so much there weren't any I was interested in. It may have changed, but back when I was a bar hopper no bar girl would agree to meet up after the bar closed because if they got found out the mamasan would have been very "unhappy" with them. Also, given that the gogo I frequented didn't close till after daybreak, I'd have had t
  13. I lived in Chiang Mai for a year and rarely visited the bars ( there were girls there then ). I certainly never took one out of the bar. However, back when I was a tourist if there were no bar girls I would not have gone to LOS. I cancelled my trip to the Philippines when the mayor closed the Makati bars. Soooo, it would depend on whether I was a tourist or an expat as to whether bar girls made a difference.
  14. You are using logic. Logic does not figure much when considering prices in LOS, in my experience.
  15. I agree. No visa exempt entry, visa or visa extension without proof of a proper travel/ medical insurance. Too many people ending up trying to get other people to pay for their hospitalization in LOS. If one can't afford it, one should not, IMO, be traveling.
  16. Unless able to pay to go private don't expect much without a long wait. Apparently short of all sorts of medical personnel and long wait times. My "urgent" ultrasound might happen after a 4 week wait, if I'm lucky. If it was serious enough to need immediate hospital admission I doubt you'd get a fit to fly permit. If it would need paying for by ACC, they might not cover you if not living in NZ. I was interviewed for post op follow up in NZ by ACC when I returned to NZ after my m'bike accident, but I was still classed as living in NZ at that time.
  17. If hell exists, being old is a good approximation of it while alive.
  18. I was referring to the mother, who wasn't a professional prostitute, but she got far, far more out of me that 2,000 a go if we divide the amount of money she deprived me of by the number of times we did it during our relationship. I wonder how much Bill Gates wife got on the same basis.
  19. Just interested, but why do you think God has human emotions such as disappointment? Among the uncountable stars and planets and life forms of the universe there must be countless disasters as entire planetary systems fall into black holes, stars run out of fuel etc etc. All part of intelligent design, IMO. IMO it's a nonsense to ascribe human emotions to the creator of the universe.
  20. Go down far enough into the building blocks of life and the question has to occur as to where the most basic part of "reality" comes from. That's a problem for those without belief in God, but no problem at all for believers.
  21. That should be "religious teaching based on fear and hope". In my experience of faith there is neither fear nor hope. There is nothing to fear and one knows rather than hopes.
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