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  1. So not all scientists then? If it's not unanimous then it's not settled. If worried why not wear goggles?
  2. Not sure what you mean by What do you think, why? but I think western civilization is doomed and not too much longer before it falls to the populous country that knows what gender people are. Going to be lots of unhappy kids that were brought up thinking they were special.
  3. I was referring to myself, and in NZ air travel was too expensive.
  4. No, I just can't be bothered being baited any more, but it was off topic. Bye.
  5. A mask without eye protection INCREASES the risk to yourself. See how many people are adjusting the mask with fingers that could be infected, which means they could introduce the virus into their eye. Not many in public wear eye protection. I'm far more likely to pick up the virus on my fingers than through the air.
  6. Up to me employing an illegal would be a mandatory jail term for any legal citizen that does so. They are the worst sort of people as they exploit the vulnerable to save themselves money.
  7. I never said the government could. I said the illegal person should not, but that they do so IMO because they know the child can't be deported. The US can't remove children born in the US but they can remove the illegal parent(s). Up to them if they take the child.
  8. Both parties have to be present at the amphur.
  9. Bet I will what? I do know that a certain very populous country is going to be the next dominant civilization, as the west is rotting from within, which is how all civilizations fall. Can you imagine all those fat kids that have a phone glued to their hand fighting a world war?
  10. I've seen series one and two of Fargo. Waiting for 3 at the DVD rental shop.
  11. Men need to wake up and see what is going on. It's all being taken over by subterfuge. At least I won't be around for the full horror to come.
  12. There is no reason to reject the idea that we are descended from a race that came from another planet. God created them too.
  13. No, because it's flaming which is against the forum rules.
  14. Quite right too. Farangs have always had an inflated opinion of our importance in LOS. IMO we are not half as important as we like to think we are.
  15. I like that. Wish it was like that in NZ. I did own a house and land once upon a time,but the hag from hell got it, and my chance had passed. At least I never let my wife talk me into building a house for "us".
  16. Going by the photo the beach front is marked by the coconut trees, and clearly the resort in the forefront has built in front of the line of trees and have obviously cut them down where that resort is. The width of the beach in the background is CLEARLY wider than that in front of the sea wall and it should be the same all the way along. Rules in LOS, LOL, LOL, LOL. Sufficient of the necessary to the usual suspects is all that is necessary to make rules go away. Hua Hin is a prime example where the big condos illegally encroached their properties below high tide mark. Rules obviously did not apply there. I'm not sure from your post, but at high tide are the steps under water? With 4 hours to go before high tide I expect they would be. Rules can be followed but still be immoral. Encroaching a beach is immorality of the highest order. It's stealing from the public that should be able to walk along a beach without hindrance from greedy developers wanting profit. PS I have checked google earth and found a large resort "almost at the southern end of Chaweng" that is encroached below the natural line of the beach front. A perusal of the photos on the web site for that resort confirms my suspicion. Given the lack of a sign on the photo in question that I referred to I can't say for sure it is the same resort but seems likely.
  17. There are not enough foreigners going to go to Thailand to make any difference. They could open the borders without restrictions and tourists are just not going to arrive to welcome anyway. It's not just quarantine in LOS, it's also quarantine on return home. If they really want foreigners, issue a one year visa, renewable for ever, without the idiocy that is in force at present, at a reasonable cost like Cambodia and other SEA countries do. I have zero confidence they would do that, no matter how bad things are.
  18. Alas I am not able to go there and enjoy it while it lasts. I envy those that are and not dependent on business to survive.
  19. I read Biden's "plan" on https://joebiden.com/climate-plan/#. Reads like a wish list to impress the easily impressed but IMO, most is not going to happen in his lifetime, if at all. The Biden plan will make a historic investment in our clean energy future and environmental justice, paid for by rolling back the Trump tax incentives that enrich corporations at the expense of American jobs and the environment. Biden’s climate and environmental justice proposal will make a federal investment of $1.7 trillion over the next ten years, leveraging additional private sector and state and local investments to total to more than $5 trillion. Sooooo, he's going to spend 1.7 TRILLION taxpayer dollars and alienate the very people he needs to put the plan into place. Good luck with that. Does he actually realise the economy is rather screwed by something called corona? However, among the yards of wishes are two gems that I agree with 100% Protecting America’s natural treasures by permanently protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other areas impacted by President Trump’s attack on federal lands and waters and small modular nuclear reactors at half the construction cost of today’s reactors Identify the future of nuclear energy. To address the climate emergency threatening our communities, economy, and national security, we must look at all low- and zero-carbon technologies. That’s why Biden will support a research agenda through ARPA-C to look at issues, ranging from cost to safety to waste disposal systems, that remain an ongoing challenge with nuclear power today. IMO the future of clean energy is in nuclear I also like Spark the second great railroad revolution. Two centuries ago, the first great railroad expansion drove our industrial revolution. Today, the U.S. is lagging behind Europe and China in rail safety and speed. Biden will develop a plan to ensure that America has the cleanest, safest, and fastest rail system in the world – for both passengers and freight. IMO none of the above ( excluding Arctic reserve protection ) are going to happen in his term if he wins, given the cost and the antipathy to nuclear- nuclear plants are currently closing and not being replaced, far as I know. Perhaps after his time. Pity he seems wedded to battery cars. I didn't see anything about hydrogen which is the great hope for our future, IMO.
  20. Don't expect much sympathy from anyone. Thailand is a capitalist country and foreign "investors" did so with the intent to make profit. Pretty sure they didn't do so for charitable reasons. They gambled and lost. If they knew what they were doing they must have known it was risky. I've known for decades that LOS is not a country to invest money one can't afford to lose, and so should they have known if they did any research.
  21. When Turkey removes it's occupation of Cyprus, the US may feel able to be neutral.
  22. Most of us do see it but what is the plan to change it? I've heard of nothing that is affordable, acceptable and doable. Perhaps others on here can enlighten me as to the plan. Increased taxes will not change anything so that's not a plan.
  23. Why do people that know they only have temporary residence have children then? They should not, but they know that children born in the US are anchor babies. If they choose to have children that should not affect their return as they can take the children with them. The world is full of strife, but why is it that the US is seen as responsible for every person at risk? Australia has the right policy.
  24. Perhaps she intends changing gender. Does she actually still make movies?
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