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  1. I've just had a sudden flash of consciousness! Trump wants to get his grubby little paws on Greenland because - that is where Father Christmas lives! Once he controls that, the the world is his! Dr Strangelove, eat your heart out - you have been trumped!
  2. Oh don't worry old chap - it has been a while since the "You're too poor to walk on the same side of the road as me!" fraternity have had the opportunity to "strut their stuff"!
  3. Perhaps he is not being as accommodating as he might be, when it comes to handing over {sorry, I meant to say restructuring) those various business interests? Maybe it is thought that a little nudge will remind him where his future interests lie...
  4. You have hit the nail on the head there - having a squad of soldiers in combat kit prowling around bars looking at the patrons, as has happened a couple of times when I have been out for a beer in the last couple of years, is not exactly the "happy holiday experience". Tourists will find it intimidating, and will go somewhere else next time. Those of us who live here, and understand the xenophobic insecurity of those who are born to rule, merely find it pathetic. It is not the only reason that tourists are not coming, they have been discussed many times here recently, but it is a contributing factor.
  5. Whilst I absolutely agree that the "restricted hours" and "religious prohibition days" are silly and childish, and do absolutely nothing to inhibit alcoholism - rather they allow the government to boss for the sake of bossing - they also come nowhere near the restrictions to personal freedoms suffered by those who live in North Korea!
  6. I doubt there will be much left (of the buffet), he appears to have tied the tablecloth around his tummy
  7. I somehow doubt that many Chinese tourists are visiting Hong Kong just now!
  8. She is reported to have on one occasion called down stairs to two rather openly gay footmen: "when you two old queens have finished gossiping, this old Queen would like a gin!"
  9. Not to mention one supported and revered above any other British institution by The Guardian, eh?
  10. They own several grouse moors too, family history of killing lots of game birds don't you know...
  11. Sadly, at the end of the day, they will have no choice! If the Chinese can transfer the activities of Hong Kong, and the economic benefits it brings to China, to Shenzhen, then they will turn the lights out.
  12. Probably a very small proportion. But they exist, and appear to have been rather revitalised by the somewhat equivocal stance of Mr Trump and his government That in itself is cause for concern, not least when viewed in association with "militia" groups, and access to military type weapons.
  13. Partially deaf in my right ear - 30 years a soldier - and I have "Depuytens" which causes my little fingers to curl up into my palms. I looked down the line of this class the other afternoon, lined up for after school prayers (RC school). The were solemnly intoning their "Hail Mary", their hands in front of them in the "praying position", each one of the little darlings had their little fingers tucked into their palms!
  14. Old dog and new tricks. Since the thread has gently meandered into age: I met one of the parents of my Primary 2 class yesterday. He (speaks good English) told me that his daughter had come home and announced that Mr John is really old (I had told them I was 61) - his ears don't work and bits have fallen off his hands!
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