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  1. Hi Peter - a very exciting idea. Wish you all success. I wonder if you have read the books on Thai river journeys written by two other adventurous souls: Steve van Beek, "Slithering South", 1988 (paddled a wooden boat from source of Chao Phrya River all the way down its mouth); and Patrick Lemmon, "A River Less Travelled", 2012 (sailed home made boat down part of Ping River). http://www.stevevanbeek.com/2a2_slithering_south_intro.php Can contact Steve or his Thai wife Piyawee: http://www.stevevanbeek.com/contact.php https://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/citylife-articles/a-river-less-travelled/ Best of luck! Thanks for this & found "Slithering South" as a kindle read on Amazon and bought it. I will have to give thought to an equally good title to give my venture............. Return of the Pastel de Nata?
  2. Its barely a yacht - its a 6m long open day sailer - it came to Thailand in a 40 foot container - could not commit to living here and not sail - The Hawk is a very good sea boat - strong & safe - but shallow draft perfect for rivers and beaches
  3. A SAILING ADVENTURE FROM KOH SAMET TO AYUTTAYA UP THE RIVER CHAO PRAYA RIVER? I have an itch to scratch, to make a one way voyage in my 6m open drop keel Hawk sailing boat from Koh Samet (Rayong) to the city of Ayuttaya - sailing up the Gulf of Thailand into the Chao Praya River and passing through Bangkok to the north - transiting some 30 bridges over a total distance of 200Nm (400km) Always sailed most of my life and now some 15 years living and working in Thailand have been fascinated and intrigued about the Portuguese sailors in the year 1511 , that found the mouth of the Chao Praya and thought it was worth a sail up to see what might be there. I am actually relocating my residence from Rayong to Ayuttaya and want to be able to say to people who meet me post sail, now a 66-year-old man, “I am so old, I came here on a sailing boat”. So a 200Nm sailing trip travelling at an average of 4 knots (400km @ 8km/hr) makes it a continuous journey time of 50 hours. An open boat, sun & wind - a 5-hour sail more than enough in a single day. The pressure of modern life, working, Premier League watching and webering puts pressure on time and thinking do some long days and get it done in 6 or 7day - use the boat engine a bit more than the Portuguese did. But wait, this is an adventure of a lifetime, mine anyway, think of all the waterside things to pass by, maybe visit and ponder about. Those 30 bridges to think about some with 4m head height (the boat rigged to lower & raise mast underway) But the temples, palaces, restaurants, quirky guest houses - poking down odd side canals - Ox Bo bends and wildlife - stuff just not seen from roadsides. So why not slow down and take it all in, plan it in detail to stop when wanted for as long as wanted before moving along. Not as a continuous sail but taking it in bites of 2-3 weekend days at a time over a couple of months? Technically river sailing is an interesting challenge - effectively a low gutter - wind direction and strength can be variable + in a river that is a bit tidal but also has huge level effect from upstream dams turning flows on & off - and those 30 bridges. Opportunity for an interesting interaction with other riverboat users. All stuff I am sort of prepared for technically and with experience - having sailed down the River Thames in the UK a couple of times - from Lechlade & through the lock system, bridges and into the tidal Thames estuary. So what I am wondering is, are there any Thai based, Thai Visa members, potential adventurers, that could develop an itch to participate - make up an ad hoc team to maybe help plan & see all or some of the cruise. What could be interesting is to involve some web bloggy types to get involved to push the envelope on discovering interesting places to stop and of course record the adventure on Go Pro’s & cameras. Currently thinking early months of 2020? Responses here or PM will decide where this goes and how
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