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  1. I currently teach Science at an all EP private school. I can also teach Math if need be. Native English Science and Math teachers are always in demand, so I'm sure I could get another job if I left this one. If I was a regular TEFLer I would be worried about staying employed though.
  2. ^ Sanooki, I took the St. Roberts course and got a Teacher's License shortly after my 60th birthday. The way that I look at it, is that it's better to keep as many options open as possible.
  3. Women from 3rd world countries are much less likely to know how to swim than men. Unfortunately, these overcrowded boats seem to capsize frequently. The non-swimmers aboard are usually doomed.
  4. I'm sure that biometric ids will be used in addition to the regular paperwork, rather than replacing it.
  5. ^Remember that foreign men and foreign women do not have the same rights under Thai immigration laws. A foreign woman married to a Thai man does not have to show any money in the bank to get a 1 year extension. She just needs to show that they are still married and living together (though my info is several years old and things may have changed since then) I would think that a foreign mother will also have fewer requirements than a foreign father.
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