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  1. Notice that the USA is not even on that list? That is because there is no accreditation done by the US Federal Government. Accreditation is done at the regional state level. This does not mean that Thailand will not accept degrees from the US, but they might ask for a letter of accreditation from WASC or some other regional body. Despite it not being on any of the OCSC lists, they did accept my B.S. from the US along with my rather dodgy Philippine Graduate Diploma.
  2. Treat them like a tax collector!! Isn't that a bit too harsh?
  3. Kids are mobile disease vectors. They can spread a disease more effectively than anything on Earth! If one student with a cold or flu comes to a primary classroom he or she is guaranteed to infect at least two or three classmates. They are especially likely to spread C19, as children are usually asymptomatic and won't even know that they have caught it and are spreading it. Most schools in Thailand are scheduled to start on July 1 and most Thais live in extended 3 or 4 generation families, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a wave of grandparents falling ill in late July.
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