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  1. Do you really believe in an effective vaccine? It would've been there by now if people could do it. The virus mutates. That's the problem. The vaccine that is developed now could not be useful for the infections happening in a few months afterwords. Same with the flu. There are still many people who get the flu even if they had the vaccine. So far there's no vaccine for corona viruses. HIV is also a virus that doesn't have a vaccine. It's not that simple.
  2. I agree with you. There's no COVID 19 in Thailand at the moment. Of course there were and are some random cases, but to spread them into 67 million population, that's nothing. I live in Thailand and I don't know anyone who has got it even if I could be related to thousands of peope. That's says it all. The government should restart the local tourism as soon as possible as it hurts people in that business. Their 5000 Baht cash handouts are a joke. People used to make that in a day before the crisis hit. Many people need to pay their mortgages and leasings for their cars.
  3. With such a reduced air travel we still get this news?! Really sorry for those people who lost their lives. With such news I can never trust air travel. I always feel unsecure while flying,
  4. I'm glad to see the today's report with 0 cases. I hope it stays this way, so we could go back to old normal. I'm really annoyed by this charade.
  5. I don't think Australia is a bad place to be stranded.
  6. Ban this, ban that! It becomes annoying. People who want to smoke will smoke no matter what, menthol or not. There are age restriction laws. When people meet the age let them choose what to do. Stop babysitting!
  7. I might slightly disagree with you. As I live in Thailand currently I would like to know about things that are happening here as well. It's not bad to know things even if they don't relate to foreigners directly. It also gives us an opportunity to voice out our oppinions about the matter. I know that nobody cares about our opinion, but once the idea is heard it doesn't matter where it comes from. This 1000 Baht cash handout is a disgrace as Pattaya heavily depends on tourism that used to bring a lot of money. As for today hotels and beaches are still closed. A score of people lost their income and surprisingly the current governors seem to be content with their achievement of keeping everything shut even if the threat of the virus is very low at the moment. I guess they care less about people financial situation as the officials are getting paid regularly and with some bonuses for doing a great job by ruining so many livelihoods. The solution to the problem would be opening the local tourism as soon as possible and minimize the restrictions as well.
  8. Why threatened with closure? By closing one place the crowd needs to move to another place and then it will crowd that place. Bangkok is a very crowded city where implementing social distancing is very difficult or even impossible. Wearing masks and hand sanitizers should be enough for crowded places. And creating queues for the purpose of tracking does not help the problem.
  9. I would add wearing masks and the culture of not touching each other while greeting. That plays a role too in the low spread of the virus in Thailand.
  10. What an absolutely stupid comment. Online learning for young learners engages parents exclusively. That could be a problem because parents have to work, and not all parents have proper skills to teach. Online teaching equals more burden for parents. It is opposite to her statement.
  11. The learning outcome would be: to make sure the students are happy for an English class. What kind of learning outcome is that? There is no clear learning outcome from this video. She was talking about aches with wrong pronunciation, then chanting about being happy in an English class. Pure gibberish that has no connection whatsoever.
  12. Good luck in tracing those millions in case of an infection. Have they thought before implementing it?
  13. Why concern? Just open the bloody schools. Wasn't it July 1st? Why all of a sudden became a concern about online teaching? Just stick to the plan and everything will be alright.
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