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  1. Yep, it's been pretty bad today. Red alert for many parts of Bangkok all day long.
  2. When will this stop? Bloody idiots behind the wheel. There is no end in sight, unfortunately!
  3. It is dreadful that there was no adult supervision. If you make children make sure you take care and supervise them until they reach that age of understanding what is dangerous or not. Parents are to blame here. Would you let a six or seven year old to swim in a pond alone? Blind me!
  4. What is wrong with these speedboats? There is so much space in the water. How come they manage to collide? Seriously, what's wrong with these poeple who manage the speedboats?
  5. These two are onto something. Why on earth would you need a fake passport to travel to Europe? A legit Iranian passport should do fine.
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