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  1. I remember my father telling my mum she was working too hard cooking the veggies for family meals. She only had to cook them, not boil the ByJesus out of them. Fond memories
  2. Hard to see detail. What plant were they on? Most butterflies and moth larvae have a limited number of food plants. It would help identify it.
  3. No packaging, just a bag of salt with the skins in it. Buy by the kilogram from memory. Take as many as you need and soak them in water to remove the salt.
  4. Can I ask what are you trying to achieve with these drains? Please don't get me wrong, I am not being critical just curious as it seems you could generate water speeds in that system faster than bobsled runs. I am designing a rainwater harvesting for our farm and it is all about slowing the water down and filling recharge pits and ponds. Maximising capture of rain water.
  5. Hey GJ, Tried a black pepper and molasses dry cured bacon? Great stuff. Ingredients pepper. molasses, sugar and salt. You don't need the pink salt. I have recipes (on a remote drive somewhere) for farm made sausages western and some Isaan ones. You will need a mincer and spout. I buy salted pig intestines (skins) by the kilogram at an old style Thai general store. If you are interested in the recipes, let me know and I will try to find the drive. We should start a pinned thread on farm produce and recipes.
  6. Probably what I will use. Have the ability to overload if the conditions allow and to gauge volume ratios, maybe more importantly they have larger size drains etc.. and they come with their own "roll cage".
  7. A 200 litre drum would do the job. I would prefer to get a flat tank to get the CofG down as low as possible. I have seen them here, they are usually just rotary moulded with a high percentage of reground plastic and not that expensive. God, I am getting old! They probably 3D print the damn things to exactly what you want these days.........
  8. This is the one I was quoted 15K for. Second picture is our little ATV. First I need to find a tank for the spray system. ATV rated to tow 300 kg, so ideally about 250 litre tank.
  9. Thanks for posting the details. Too rich for me. Looks like I will be making my own. My ATV is only 150cc and I was quoted 15K for a trailer to suit. I want to use it as a boom spray as well as a mobile solar panel and other equipment unit.
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