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  1. Over the last 20 years in Isaan the farming demographics and technology has changed enormously. The two quotes above should be viewed from this perspective. Back then over 70% of the Thailand population were involved in farming that almost entirely did not contribute to the "formal economy". Very few paid income tax or contributed to social security. Whilst agricultural domestic trade and exports where included, the money moving inside the community did not. GDP figures were at best estimates and surely understated. Even 15 years ago as the country industrialised, when it came time t
  2. Thanks for the important correction, sorry if I mislead anyone. Senior's moment.....
  3. Things might have changed. As I know it Centrelink use the Commonwealth and their rate is a few % under market. I use transferwise and save considerably. Plus it is here within a day or so. It also lets me wait for better exchange rates, usually when the baht is going down as the aussie going up against the USD. The baht trading is low and it stays flat to the buck whereas our politicians love to kick our currency around and the swings are higher. Can make up to 2 or 3% difference.
  4. Thanks for the thought guys but I like my sleep. Besides at 68 the days of self insurance risk are numbered for me anyway. Better to do it now. It is just a pain that I didn't take the 3 month O visa in Australia and the risk on getting the bank account setup and extending it here. Still with the current health situation I figure the health insurance clause could well be extended to other visa types soon enough. The immigration guys "holiday" is all but over.
  5. I have spoken to Immigration and was told "cannot". Have the money in the bank etc.. I was told the only change would be to a marriage visa. Again could do we have been together for 20 years but I dont wish to go down that path.
  6. I like the OP have an OA retirement visa which I will apply to extend soon. I had thought of doing a border hop and letting it expire, re-entering on a tourist visa and then converting that to an O. Obviously reason being extensions on an OA will only be granted with 400K inpatient/40K outpatient health insurance and only for the period of coverage. All that went west with COVID so I will take the insurance. The OP will need to do the same.
  7. Have a good look at the Centrelink pages. There are two issues involved: first, satisfying the eligibility requirements for the pension which include having resided in Australia for 35 years during the period from 16 yo to applying. If the total is less then the pension amount is reduced by 1/35th per year. The second is qualifying for the pension to be portable. The 2years comes into this section.
  8. Interesting. Despite my grumbling I like the life here, pretty care free. As for rice farming stopping, I doubt it. It is the basis of the community and yields the fundamental diet. What has changed for us is twelve years ago our rice was in part a cash crop whereas now it is a near zero cost food source. The challenge has always been to use the land for other things during the dry with limited water.
  9. This is what I worry about most. The water table here is lowering. As it does the ground dries and more water percolates in. Combine that with estimated 1" per day of evaporation from ponds and surface water during the dry season will not last as long. It seems the water table decrease may well accelerate. Time to think again about harvesting and storage of rainwater.
  10. As has been mentioned before, our rice crop is not good. Water stressed and full of weed. Several weeks ago I decided that since it was just at flowering we would fertilise to get what harvest we could. Now with seed fill underway the provincial water authority decided to flood the irrigation/drainage ditch which runs past our land and our paddies as well. The worst possible timing. If they had done it a month to six weeks ago whilst still tillering I could have used a selective herbicide to kill the competing weeds. There is government assistance for drought effected crops planned. Obviously
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