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  1. We have a large reservoir in our village. Maybe 600 metres by 200m. It was dug out by the government about 12 years ago. Because it is sited on an existing marsh area it is always at least half full. They built a water tower and pumphouse and "Somchai" and friends installed a 2" plastic main throughout the village all of 2" under ground, (didnt last long). But none of the pumps have ever been started. No-one will pay for unfiltered runoff water, for that matter for any water. We do have an annual fishing competition on the pond that attracts hundreds and raises money, but no water is "officially" used. A few 1" small pumps and hoses. One day, I am going to put my 3" pump in that pond and fill my ponds. But now, TIT.
  2. Loved the story. Stories like that are the trigger for many discussions in the villages of Isaan. Especially with the location at the DaiYai shrine. The elders of the village would be asked to explain the meaning and the signs being given to you. Anamism at work. I would be very interested in hearing what the verdict is, good or bad sign! But as suggested in a previous comment, be prepared to offer tamboon and hold some sort of ceremonial event.
  3. Agreed. Shipping 40-50% water is not ideal. The most viable answer is to ship the acid and licence the blending and distribution locally.
  4. I read a technical sheet and thought the volume was high. They were concerned about drift and were talking about large droplets and needing complete foliar coverage. Well, that isn't going to happen easily around here. The fine spray used currently will get the foliage wet but with less water. They do say it is oily and hard to mix however. Very mixed reports in that review you posted as well. Have to find out more I suppose.
  5. Arh, my brain hurts, took me five minutes to work out how to turn the calculator on! Besides your 55 baht/rai currently has me stunned. It cost me about 160/rai all up. Have to wait and see if they are interested in coming to Thailand first anyway.
  6. As I said rough numbers. I am assuming using the same gear and technique as usual, hence the same total volume sprayed. Also assuming the $9-10 per litre commercial "retail" price if buying in 1000 litre IBC's. So a healthy amount of chalk and cheese difference in our numbers.
  7. Relatively new on the market in Oz so I doubt here yet. I have asked them if at least some trials are possible. We will see if they are interested. Quick numbers based on their retail pricing would be about 300 baht per rai plus sprayer cost. So expensive against Roundup on face value.
  8. https://ocp.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/SLASHER-Flyer-plus-QA.pdf This is a possible alternative herbicide approved for organic use in Australia. Sounds interesting
  9. Very interesting article. I am not an expert and can make no comment on the science involved but it makes sense to me. A very cloaked attack on the obvious major corporate player here at the end though. If I was still actively involved in the industry, I would adopt a strategy of complete isolation. Nothing comes in, anything that goes out, stays out. The only open issue would be the chance of infection via commercial pelletised feed. Considering the temperature and process, that seems unlikely.
  10. I agree. A phased change is the only sensible way to go. Politicians are the same globally ensuring re-election is of importance to them, but I admire the Thai speed in this process compared with the all talk do nothing we get from Canberra. These chemicals aren't something new here or elsewhere and most of the "evidence" is based more on vested interest than scientific study. I am not a supporter of continuing the use of these products but recognise they work! Lets hope that a manufacturer of a "safe" alternative stands up and offers similar performance and cost.
  11. The chemical ban was reported again today in "that other paper". Seems all sides are digging in and calls have been made for the PM to direct the ban be imposed regardless. It appears the PM supports a transition to better solutions. To quote: "Gen Prayut said he has always made it clear that he believes the use of the three chemicals must be reduced and eventually removed from the market. Today, the government is still preparing for the ban. It is up to the NHSC to devise measures to accommodate the ban of paraquat, glyphosate and chlorpyrifos, according to Gen Prayut."
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