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  1. Start with the Thai rice exporters. Try this site http://www.thairiceexporters.or.th/default_eng.htm
  2. I suggest you need to research more about the essence of Thai culture and what motivates Thai farming people. It is nothing like our western ambitious career path. It is tradition, family, religion and the like. Sabai, sabai. Do not judge Thai people by your own standards of success. Anyone with land can prepare the ground, plant seed, fertilise and harvest without a baht in their pocket. The system exists to make it happen. The rice market will continue to increase in volume along with population. There will always be the "middlemen" to finance it. What has changed here is the y
  3. Really? And you think they believed you? 5555555555555 When was the last time the "overdue" harvester or tractor turned when promised? Guys it doesn't work that way, never has. The exception used to be rubber tappers. The plantation owner supplied all materials and the tappers cared for the trees and land, spread fertiliser and harvested the rubber. Sales income was split on a percentage basis. It worked when prices were high and a good income was to be had. Now, same as rice hard to find people prepared to work for nothing.
  4. We are talking about farming labor in small villages, ain't we? What is paid as wages to other members of the village is effected by the going rate of rice. In the case of family members often there is little, even no cash involved.
  5. For those who would like to know more on the financial side of rice farming, the link below was produced a few years ago and provides a guide. It is a complex picture which should be understood in context of this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPoacysvVQI
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