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  1. banK

    Peeing dark yellow

    Right - signing off till I come out the other side!!........ banK
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    Peeing dark yellow

    Ha Ha, After all it is Buddha day today! Thanks for everything banK
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    Peeing dark yellow

    Top line post for me - Thanks Sheryl, I'm starting to understand a bit more as time goes on. I will attempt to come off the "narcs" asap! Good wishes for your friend's operation tomorrow - hopefully good news for both of us! banK
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    Peeing dark yellow

    Thanks for the "good luck" messages . It is a bit scary! However........ banK
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    Peeing dark yellow

    Booked into to 'hotel Bkk Med. Centre' couple hours ago. Had an upgrade from standard room to superior room (twice the price but FOC) as all standard rooms occupied. Had consultation with surgeon (Prof. Tanaphon), a Q and A session. Questions asked: 1. Feeding tube - where situated and for how long, - Can eat by mouth but extra nutrition via tube as required, this can be for up to one month.. 2. Have a tube via nose - to enable release gas! What a place to have it!! - this for 3 or 4 days post operation. 3. Follow up visit to hospital after discharge - 2 weeks, maybe can have follow up in Khon Kaen. 4. What extracted in whipple operation. - 1/2 of bile duct, pancreas head, part of stomach and associated pipework, also gallbladder. 5. The yellowness will take about 3 weeks to resolve to natural colour. 6. Its ok to exercise post op. - as soon as feel able to. 7. He did say that must wait for the the pathology report to see whether followup chemo. will be necessary. If so, then probably a 6 month regime. (I sincerely hope I do not have to have it). 8. I also asked what ratio was it for someone to have the tumor in the position where it is ( right next to the bile duct, giving me an indication of the presence of a tumor). I think he said in Asian people about 10/100,000. As for European he didn't know. I think that is what he said - I didn't want to dwell on the fact because it was not relevant to my condition except for my curiosity, which is why I did not question him further so am not 100 percent sure of whether it is in fact what he said. So, here I am for the next 10 or 11 days - will post as am able. banK
  6. banK

    Lawyer for a simple will

    Does anyone know of a lawyer who can make a Will, it only involves transferring what's in my Thai account into the wife's account. Area Phu Wiang / Khon Kaen. Thanks banK
  7. Around 3 days ago noticed that the colour of my pee was markedly above the normal pale yellow. I initially thought that I was dehydrated, (the week before went up north with the family and did not drink much water, just coffee and only occasionally water. I have had no alcohol since the back end of 2015). I also thought that I had contracted a slight dose of food poisoning initially, normal stools one day and the next a bit runny but then back to normal the following day. Despite taking on plenty of water the colour remained dark yellow - I still thought that it was dehydration because I had a dry mouth and throat despite drinking adequate water, perhaps I was missing essential minerals. Yesterday evening I thought that I had a tinge of yellow in the eyes and body, more striking this morning. I went to Bangkok Khon Kaen hospital today to find out what was going on. It seems to be a revisitation of the back end of 2015, only this time its to do with the liver - not the lung cancer and AAA episodes. I saw a Dr. Apichat Sangchan (asst. Prof.) He recommended I have a kidney and Liver function test, I also suggested to have a CBC. After that an ultra sound of the abdomen. The results: Kidney all ok Liver - not ok. CBC ok I had an annual Kidney, liver and PSA check done about 6 weeks ago where all appeared to be normal. This time there was an 8 test for the liver Total Protein 7.9 g/dl (6.6-8.7) Albumin 4.4 g/dl (3.5-5.2) Globulin 3.5 g/dl Total Bilirubin 7.1 H mg/dl (0.0-1.2) Direct Bilirubin 6.3 H mg/dl (0.0-0.3) SGOT (AST) 265 H U/L (0-40) SGPT (AST) 423 H U/L (0-41) ALP (alkaline Phosphatase) 401 H U/L (40-130) In November all that was tested was SGOT which was 17 U/L (0-41) and SGOT which was 20 U/L (0-40). Was not able to query with the Dr. as I only noticed it when I got home. But that's water under the bridge now. Maybe worth noting that the LFT should consist of the 8 tests above. I have to revisit tomorrow as the Dr. recommended to have MRI with contrast + MRCP. Unable to have them today as I had something to eat between the tests and the results today. ULTRASOUND UPPER ABDOMEN FINDINGS - The study reveals mark inhomogenous increase echogenicity of liver with increase periductal echo; parenchymatous changed of liver or infiltrating tumor could not be excluded. No detectable liver mass is found. - Dilation of IHD in both lobes liver and dilatation of CBD (about 0.92cm in diameter) which could not demonstrate cause of obstruction due to much of bowel gas artifact. - The thin-wall gallbladder is markly distended (about 11cm in length); hydrop gallbladder is suggested. No detectable gallstone is noted. - The rest is about the Kidneys what all was ok. IMPRESSION: - Dilatation of IHD in both lobes liver and dilatation of CBD which could not demonstrate cause of obstruction due to much of bowel gas artifact. - Mark inhomogenous increase echogenicity of liver with increase periductal echo; parenchymatous changed of liver or infiltrating tumor could not be excluded. Please correlate tumor marker and MRI + MRCP could be helpful. - Hydrop gallbladder is suggested. - Suspected renal stone at lower pole of right kidney (about 0.6cm) without hydronephrosis. - Simple renal cortical cyst at lower pole of left kidney, about 2.85x3.06 cm. The Dr. suggested that the obstruction is not a stone as there is no pain so the only other thing will be a tumor. I asked what remedy is there is it is indeed a tumor - he said surgery. As far as I understand the obstruction is in the bile duct inside of the liver and not outside. Is it possible that surgery could be done? Having read a bit about it, it seems to be a rare and aggressive type of cancer (if that is what I have). As the ALP indicates the obstruction, if its a tumor can it grow that fast (6 weeks)? Even though ALP was not tested in November, the SGOT was which I understand is the inflammation marker so I would expect them to go hand in hand i.e. SGOT normal in November I would expect that ALP would have been normal then. Now SGOT elevated and also ALP. Also - would a PET scan be definitive more so than the MRI + MRCP, although I will be having these tomorrow anyway. I would feel more comfortable if I were to be operated on in the Bangkok Bangkok hospital as I was in 2016 - more facilities, equipment including PET scanner and wide ranging physicians. Sheryl - Could you comment on my post and any suggestions re doctors/professors in the Bkk Bkk hospital. I am insured with Cigna Global - That's one ray of sunshine!! banK