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  1. Thanks David. I had doubts about Zinsano being an Italian company. I'll give their router a go, it suits my needs. Thanks again.
  2. Ok. I assumed it was a Chinese brand. I assumed everything was Chinese these days. Sounds like a Chinese. If Italian makes me a bit happier about the purchase. Thanks.
  3. I know I can be a little slow at times, but your comment has me stumped !!!
  4. Good morning all. Some advice please. I'm contemplating purchasing a few tools for my workshop. One brand of router interests me. Zinsano. I realise it's a low end brand & not expecting too much for my money. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this brand ? A miter saw might be on the shopping list a little later. Again thinking of Zinsano. Thanks for any advice, comments..... Mal.
  5. I've just forwarded to my 93 year old mum. She'll get a giggle.
  6. Thanks guys. I think I've found the solution.
  7. Hello all. Some advice please. I'm not sure if such a product exists, but here goes. I have a good quality power drill. No speed selection, just variable speed via trigger. In most applications this is fine. Sometimes I use the drill in a lever operated press. In this application I need 2 hands. One to operate the lever to lower the drill & the other to hold piece being drilled. Yes, I know I should have it clamped but not always practical. When the trigger is fully depressed & held "on" with the button, the speed is at maximum. This is not always ideal for various reasons. I'm wondering if there is such a product that I can use to control the drill speed ? Maybe something I can plug into the power outlet & then plug the drill into. If we were talking volume it would be an attenuator... I think ! Would appreciate any advice, suggestions. Maybe a product name or description I can look for on Lazada if not available locally. Thanks all in advance..... Mal.
  8. malt25

    Family Lawyer

    http://www.isaanlawyers.com/ Have been very happy with their service.
  9. Good morning all. My True, internet, TV & phone package will expire soon. Haven't been all that impressed with True for a few reasons. I'm considering changing to AIS. Oh, fiber cable connection. I watch the occasional True movie, UFC, snooker, Nat Geo & Discovery. Do AIS provide many, any of these ? Would appreciate any advice, suggestions re AIS. Thanks.
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