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  1. Thanks guys. I think I've found the solution.
  2. Hello all. Some advice please. I'm not sure if such a product exists, but here goes. I have a good quality power drill. No speed selection, just variable speed via trigger. In most applications this is fine. Sometimes I use the drill in a lever operated press. In this application I need 2 hands. One to operate the lever to lower the drill & the other to hold piece being drilled. Yes, I know I should have it clamped but not always practical. When the trigger is fully depressed & held "on" with the button, the speed is at maximum. This is not always ideal for various reasons. I'm wondering if there is such a product that I can use to control the drill speed ? Maybe something I can plug into the power outlet & then plug the drill into. If we were talking volume it would be an attenuator... I think ! Would appreciate any advice, suggestions. Maybe a product name or description I can look for on Lazada if not available locally. Thanks all in advance..... Mal.
  3. malt25

    Family Lawyer

    http://www.isaanlawyers.com/ Have been very happy with their service.
  4. "Obviously, the first step is to see if you can get AIS Fiber, either to your location or via VDSL." Yes, fiber cable available.
  5. Yes, that's the feeling I'm starting to get. True comes across to me as very arrogant.
  6. "What are the reasons for considering a change?" Two in particular. A bit of background. I've had an AIS SIM & phone number for over 10 years. Very happy with the service & coverage. Last year I moved into a new rental property. My landlord thought he was doing me a favour, connected True package in his name for my convenience. I just pay the bill when it arrives. Part of this 3 X package is mobile phone service of 500 baht per month. I don't use & not interested in the True mobile component of the package. So Basically a waste of 500 baht a month. Secondly, the True TV experience. I thought I had a TV fault. Periodically I get a blackout on the TV for 2 to 5 seconds. This occurs about 12 to 15 times each night. I also have a TV set top box for international viewing. Never a blackout when using the set top box. True can't, won't recognise the problem. The True contract expires in April, so at this stage I'll be changing over to AIS. Appreciate any advice on what's available on AIS re UFC, snooker, F1, Moto GP. Thanks again for your interest.
  7. Good morning all. My True, internet, TV & phone package will expire soon. Haven't been all that impressed with True for a few reasons. I'm considering changing to AIS. Oh, fiber cable connection. I watch the occasional True movie, UFC, snooker, Nat Geo & Discovery. Do AIS provide many, any of these ? Would appreciate any advice, suggestions re AIS. Thanks.
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