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  1. As an adjunct to my post about herbicides and fumigants etc being included under the umbrella of pesticides , i think a lot of you are missing the main point for these new regulations. Chemicals like Glyphosate and Paraquat in any of their many formulations are passed on by breathing the fumes, ingestion and probably the most common is by dermal (passing in through the pores of the skin), I have used all these chemicals and more like 24D etc over my years in farming,horticulture and greenkeeping. Even though i had always kept up to date with the latest Safety Data sheets ,labels , manufacturer's recommendations plus industry journals i now have Multiple Myeloma ,( One of the blood cancers or leukemia) associated with Glyphosate. . If the farmer understands withholding periods written on the chemical products there should not be much contamination passed on to the produce but it is the poor farmers that are at highest risk here and that is any government with any morals (okay that is a joke) should be looking after. Bayer now owns Monsanto and they will be even harder to get into court.
  2. You are absolutely correct. Obviously none of these "experts " have read the legislation in countries like Australia,New Zealand and most likely UK. When they draft legislation like this which requires some knowledge and they plageise what has been debated before with consultation from all stakeholders including the big chemical boys like Bayer . Recommendations are then tabled and debated in parliament . in theory, and then adopted before and for the ease of both uniformity and worldwide standards. can't imagine Thailand starting to draft the report before doing their research and duplication what they found. On the very first page of the Australian standards there is a page of definitions that states pesticide shall be the term to be used for all pesticides,fungicides, and herbicides. It lists a lot more too and covers both organic and inorganic substances. I hope that was informative for all those who think qualified horticulturalists know jack <deleted>.
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