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  1. One of the worst machines on the market. Your problems will not go away! When the company was sold awhile back the buyer was not aware of 7 + Million in warranty claims on the table! Consider a different brand. Edited by moderation. Promotion of business is not permitted.
  2. I meant to say the glaze comes over the edges!
  3. Proper pool tiles actually have the glaze come of the edges so as the water doesn't get under! I have retiled a pool that was tiled with substandard hand cut tiles and the water & iron content in the water had gotten under the glaze within 1 yr. (I easily get rid of the iron content on water now)! My company has built & renovated pools all over Thailand for 17 yrs. We prefer PebbleCrete finish now! PM me for more details Cheers
  4. 10 yrs old forget it. New one in need! I do these with a generic brand. All stuff including "Hayward" are made in China. I am not far from you. PM me with cont # & I will help! Cheers
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