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  1. Surely Brexit was a peoples thing, the result of an elitist government 'surprise clanger'. In the course of Brexit, it has become all too clear, that we, the people, have no say in how we are fooled and ruled. There is only one solution, a Wat Tyler number 2. The admirable French folk have right idea, something, strangely, not given much coverage in UK MSM.
  2. A UK Republic with Proportional representation, MPs on the average working mans wage, no honours and privileges, and no millionaires. All business's converted to cooperatives.. and that, most importantly, includes the banks. Parliamentry business to conducted in evenings on large factory floors, no kipping on the comfy green leather bench. Give the Queen a flat in Bradford and turn Buck Palace into a bicycle factory.
  3. No one voted for a deal, anyway it is treaty not a deal and doesn't seem that popular in parliament does it, it involves taxation without representation. Maybe we're all wrong and you're right. I expect you will get your way, because the EU is like a jail, there is no escape.
  4. I doubt that, the bitching will not cease until the government, banks, and elitists inevitably get their way.. welcome to total, centralized control of every aspect of our lives.
  5. No doubt a hit 2100 BC, and still beautiful today, from Nebucadnezza's joint in Babylon..simply stunning. No head banging allowed.
  6. EU ideology will inevitably lead to totalitarianism, that is to say, a whole heap of millions of conformist sheeple debt slaves on a diet of MSM chaff. IMHO the future is not looking cool for the Western flocks. The only hope is the that the EU bellyflops. Already the Euro appears to be circling round the plughole.
  7. Yes, we well aware of the UK treachery. The Great British Empire was built on piracy, now, they just lie, instill fear, and steal off the poor. Satan, himself, would be put to shame by the antics of the UK.
  8. One cannot deal with the EU ideology of slavery, its either in or out. The UK must never ever lecture any country on the planet about democracy again, it has lost all credibility. What the UK needs is the entire body politic to be put to the sword.
  9. The fat ladies position is P46. 1 like for your optimism.
  10. The government, the establishment, and the central banks will not allow Brexit. They have given the electorate 2+ years of fearmongering, enough to engineer the desired opinion change, the standard method of government control. Voting is a futile execise, nothing will change except that poverty, debt, and the fraud will increase. You might be able to see that I'm a Brexiter with the 'ump, and the thought of Grouse crowing is unbearable.
  11. The head of the civil service is also the cabinet secretary, the PMs advisor. In effect, the most powerful influence in the government. Should be shot at dawn.
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