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  1. 'Turkish Delight' sales fall suddenly in France. 'The Daily Trot' Istambul.
  2. If the UK was involved in such a railway construction, everyone would have died waiting.
  3. I expect a yank military base creeping into Thailand armed with missiles pointing at China will be next.
  4. Which cop is wearing the new Rolex with his cuff turned up? And promoted for initiative.
  5. Eeet that meat pie and stop whinging like a pommy
  6. I can't recommend this, but works for me when walking. On being surrounded by soi dogs, never look at them, looking is the challenge, and gently slow your pace, and they lose interest..as long as you dont lose your bottle. And dont feed one or it will move into your gaff like the one below kipping at my feet.
  7. Whoever wins, I know who the loser is...the American people.
  8. A bumbling incompetant Dads Army administration. A nut in couldn't get a job in Butlins.
  9. Yep, same for me, too much anti-farang sentiment in the dads army administration. I'm enjoying the winter at home in pi$$ pot Essex, and saving my doh for a nice treat, and I can get a new exhaust pipe too.
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