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  1. My Dad took me to see West Ham at White Hart Lane in the 50s, might have been about 7yro then. Standing only, right up at the back, everyone was much taller than me, I only caught sight of the ball when it was kicked miles up in the air 'twice'. Always been short in height and money.
  2. If you've heaps of dosh, a big sailing boat the size of Noah's Ark, moveable anywhere. Cheaper alternative, ignoring rising damp, I fancy this, with the canoe:
  3. Safest place is Antarctica, or a farm with its own well, at least 1000km from any politician.
  4. Johnson has missed a trick often used by governments, immediate sacking, wait 6 months and creep back in when all the fuss dies down. Those that govern us probably know covid is not as deadly as they tell us.
  5. This may or may not help, but costs nowt. Works for me, no pills for ages. A pure vegetarian diet, and this:-
  6. Equality of the sexes is a modern myth. Men give husbandry wimmin do the caring, its a trade off. The average time span of the union is 30 months, allowing a mother to breed again with a different partner, ensuring the survival of the species. Its not natural to live many years in a marriage. The missus and I live in separate houses, I'm now in hers for 6 months, the rest of the time she has freedom and independence as I do.
  7. My hobby has been analyzing and understanding wimmins, for 30 years. So far, little progress has been made.
  8. Purchasing powers of dollars, pounds, euros are set to run downhill at a rapidly accelerating pace. Covid is a warm up exercise in absolute control with a massive transfer of wealth to the rich and the state. Hunger Games, Logan's Run, Chicken Run combined. Or....
  9. Isn't solitary confinement illegal for prisoners in some countries? “We’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks,” Dr Mike deBoisblanc, lead trauma surgeon at the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told local media on Thursday, confirming the center had seen more deaths from suicide over the two-month lockdown period than deaths from coronavirus.
  10. Oooh Lordy wont you buy me a Mercedes Bendz. He said 'Bowrrocks'. so...
  11. Messing with wimmin, beware Pandora's box. Speedy recovery to the unfortunate victim.
  12. The data becomes clearer from doctors on the front line. https://lbry.tv/@Marine1063:0/REAL-DOCTORS-COVID-DATA:0
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