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  1. This is a place to put pictures of what you have made lately at home. Obviously you can cheat a little and order things out to add to the picture but it should be mostly your own creation. I bought a grill and did some teppanyaki the other night. It is a pretty traditional meal and easy to make. The main thing is to set up the place settings before you serve it. Wipe the Kobe steaks with a paper towel to make sure there is no moisture and sear them shut on hot with no oil or seasoning of any kind. It tastes very good and what I like about it is you don't need to do anything out of the ordinary, it is dead simple to cook. Dip it in a Japanese sesame steak sauce and enjoy. Add a bit of sake which can be either chilled or warm depending on your mood and you have a very good meal that is very easy to do at home. The ribeye Wagyu and striploin are from Passiondelivery. The sushi is from Kaisen and is on Foodpanda. So let's have a nice thread about nice food at home and if possible say where you were able to buy the ingredients or some tips on what your personal take is on the dish. This is my personal take on Japanese style teppanyaki at home. In this case the flavors speak on their own. For a fuller steak I would recommend the ribeye wagyu but if you are going to slice it teppan style as I did I suggest the striploin. The tamagawa tokubetsu junmai is very smooth and a pure sake with no distilled spirits or alcohol added. Where ever you buy your sake, junmai is just a type that means pure rice with no additives. Isetan is a very nice place to go and their staff are also helpful. It is a very colorful place to shop. For the people that will come just to say how much better they eat for cheaper, that is fine but I think you should provide a picture to respond to this thread. Show us what we can put together in Thailand. I know there are some greats cooks that dwarf what I can do. This is the thread for good food and good booze shared with friends.
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