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  1. More like a savannah...few rainy months followed by a long drought. ...but I reckon Isaan was always in that category but dams gave it a crop bonanza that otherwise it wouldn't have
  2. Generalisations and stereotypes exist for a reason.
  3. I would add.. It will be flimsy and low quality and in constant need of repairs (if you go the cheap route) The roof will be leaking from day one unless it has proper (Med style) tiles Few builders have the training to put these on. Still there will be the odd leak Asbestos materials will be used extensively through out Unreliable/lazy workers Last but not least....don't pay anything up-front Pay for initial purchase of some materials and in small increments thereof Better if you do the purchasing yourself They may pocket the money and run if you don't. Remember...thais have no shame when it comes to money. Even if they are your mrs relatives or neighbours they will stiff you if they can. Have a nice day.
  4. Abandon all hope that the gubmint or the BoT will correct the baht lower Only the markets will do it and in a violent manner.
  5. I think Hollywood itself has had its day Movies full of CGI, outlandish plots, bloopers and so on. Haven't watched a movie in 10 years and I was a major cinephile.
  6. Well...I have a Burmese friend, been here for 20 years Once a year he pays an agent (5,000 or so) and he gets a 1 year visa. No money in the bank or any nonsense.
  7. It's not just 'white' ppl...they despise all foreigners equally.
  8. Chicoms threaten HK with annexation long before the dreaded 2047 That's what this proposal amounts to.
  9. Sure...after the low-class farang are gone we'll only have to worry about the 50 million low-class thais left..
  10. I wonder where the culprits are now.. Across the border? ...and how do you procure 16 rifles in the first place? From across the border? The Kelantan, Islamist-run govt has some 'splaining to do.
  11. Price? lol...probably 1 baht The size of the debt (8 billion $) is way more than the value of the company
  12. I wonder what the (lack of) punishment will be..a slap on the wrist or two?
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