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  1. There's zero problems in the places you mentioned I would recommend Songkhla town (or even better Ko Yo island)...there's very little rice cultivation or other annual crops in the south...the biggest culprits for haze This is rubber country mostly Occasionally, during the western monsoon (May-Oct) we get some haze from Sumatra
  2. The OP should have put the 400k in the bank for a good 3 months before the conversion Rocket science?
  3. Report from Iron Mountain.....(1960's) A committee of 'wise men' convened at Iron Mountain N.Y, at the behest of the US govt, searching for ways to 'keep the peace' and maintain social cohesion. One of the recommendations.... 'Threat of wide-spread environmental pollution' https://jmm.nu/report-iron-mountain/ Btw...what happened to the hole in the Ozone layer? It was all the rage in the '80's Past its sell-by date?
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