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  1. That is definitely your own bias showing through. To 'go against a tactic' does not by any means to copy it and try to push it back on the other party, as of course you realise if you are honest. It just suits your own argumentative agenda, the same as your pedantry when that works. I tip my hat to you, but I am not convinced. [edit: argumentative as in 'of your argument' as opposed to 'of your attitude'].
  2. He cares about his country. She will feel the same I'm sure, but she has no choice over this. She should send some people to The Tower. It's been a while since we have had a public execution and Cummings would definitely cry for the crowd. Boris too.
  3. No he/she didn't. Are you going to go for the black is white thing again?
  4. That is not what the poster said or did. Did you mean 'accuse someone of something then make a load of <deleted> up and try to hang it on them.' Oh no, that is what you just did.
  5. Trump has a right to wonder. He does not have the right to abuse his position by blackmailing a foreign government into investigating his political opponents. I thought they taught civics in the US.
  6. Indeed as you point out, my contention is not without supporting evidence.
  7. Whatever you want to say about Putin, he is running rings around the 'western powers' it seems increasingly clear.
  8. Although there are many archaic English grammar nazis on this site, they may not all get this one, so I want to be the first to point out your error. You mean "thou' not "thy". "Thy" is the possessive adjective (not to be confused with "thine" the possessive pronoun).
  9. Giulani is a stooge and a criminal. Don't worry they will get him very soon. Barr is slightly safer, but I bet his is still <deleted>t*ng himself at the moment, and let me point something out to you, it isn't because he has been following the law.
  10. I wasn't referring to your repetition of someone's factual account. I was referring to the other nonsense you felt obliged to add.
  11. Thanks BeautifulThailand99 for taking the time and making the effort to try at least to educate the brexiteers in the fundamentals of civics. Perhaps you could have a go at economics next, or will that be a bridge too far?
  12. I respect your communist stand-point, but I can't quite agree with it.
  13. Another one willing to throw the lives of his compatriots under the bus for the "Holy Brexit Grail". What about the people who do rely on them? Do they not matter Jip?
  14. So what of your countrymen who live in NI? Are you really so traitorous as to throw them under the bus for your holy English grail? Again I say, it is time for the United Kingdom to throw England out.
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