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  1. 23 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    You can pay the taxes even if your income for the year is enough to require it.

    That was my assumption and was a bit surprised by this response from the accountant.  As this accountant doesn't have much experience with situations like ours, I think her first reaction was something like why would you pay more taxes than you need to.  My wife contacted her back and explained more clearly what we needed and she agreed to do it for us.  We are in Lampang, so the accountants here just don't have much exposure to farang employment.  For the time being, things are back on track.  Thanks again for you quick responses and great advice, @ubonjoe.

  2. Update #2...


    So the work permit has been issued and now we are facing a new issue.  Our accountant is telling us that since we are so late in the year, there won't be enough "income" to be required to pay any taxes.  Keep in mind that this accountant doesn't have much (if any) experience doing this for a foreigner.  Perhaps someone knows the answer to this, but it seems to me that you pay the taxes anyway to get the documentation, and if you have overpaid based upon what you owe, you will be issued a refund by the revenue department. 


    Does anyone know the answer to this?

  3. 53 minutes ago, lordblackader said:

    They changed the rules about two years ago - you don't need to declare a second or third job, you can legally do so as long without declaration as long as it's not a Thai-only job,

    @lordblackader I am aware of that rule change, but I don't think it applies well in my case.


    I intend to use the taxes paid from a monthly salary on the business to meet the financial requirement for my Non-O visa.  In order to pay taxes on that income, we have to be approved by the labor department.  In this case they will simply add a stamp to the current book I have that was originally issued for the teaching job.  Also, the business will be the longer-term source of employment.  The teaching job is something that I will stop in about a year.


    Another question I need to get answered is what to do when I end the teaching job.  The school name is in the current work permit book.  I assume that I probably need to go to the labor dept and have them issue a new book that lists our company as the primary employer.



  4. So here's the background...


    I am currently employed with Suan Dusit University and have a work permit.  I am also on an extension of stay based on marriage from a Non-O visa.  My wife and I have a registered company that is fully capitalized and legit.  This week, she went into the labor office to get me a work permit through our company.  This would normally involve simply adding the second employer to the current work permit book.  She almost had everything sorted and was ready to get a stamp when one of the workers decided to call Bangkok because they weren't sure of the correct fee to charge. The person in Bangkok then told them that apparently I am unable to get the second work permit due the fact that my other employment is with the government (suan dusit). 


    In all my research prior to forming the company and also talking to a lawyer in Chiang Mai, this issue never once came up.  Has anyone else ever heard of this?  Should I consult with a lawyer to see if they can nudge things through the system the Thai way?

  5. I am about to renew my US passport using the mail-in option.  To pay for it, they tell you to issue two bank drafts in Thai baht.  One is for the "passport application fee" which is $110USD or 3,630THB at the current exchange rate.  The other bank draft is for what the call a "return envelope fee", except I can't find anywhere where they state what that amount should be.  Does anyone know how much that bank draft should be?

  6. 2 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    Was that at Chaeng Wattana immigration?

    There have already been reports of them wanting to see the 400k baht in the bank during the under consideration period and to show your bank book when you go back for the extension stamp.

    I think it is for the same reason that the rules for retirement were changed (stop the agent extensions).

    I had to do this last year when renewing my Non-O visa at Lampang immigration.  We had to show the updated bank info when we went in to get the final stamp.  I expect the same thing this year.

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  7. I went to Mama Mia today and told them about this nonsensical thread. They told me that they are not using the "new" cheese anymore and it's all as it used to be.

    This was my first visit. I ordered a pizza, a pork steak and a caprese salad. I don't even know why a thread was started about this, because the food is very unremarkable and ordinary. This pizza is not the best in anywhere, it is very mediocre and not even a close contender with the duke's. The pizza did have real cheese on it though, and it was fine. The pork steak was not to my liking. In the caprese salad I liked the fresh italian basil.

    Overall a very average type of family restaurant that is close to my home. Everybody getting hot and bothered about food that's not worth writing about.

    I would eat there again if I was too lazy to drive to the duke's, on the rare occasion I eat pizza.

    I'm sure that you will be too lazy from the prolific amount of your responses.

    I know a number of people like you who can't recognize good food because they have always eaten poor quality food. that is your standard and barometer reading. how could you possibly know when you've eaten something great

    Thank you for that response. I have poor standards you are correct. My culinary arts degree, years of working in kitchens and having the privilage of stepping in some heavy hitter's kitchens and learning from them and their sous chefs makes me a prime example of someone who does not understand food, or what makes it good or what makes it appeal to a large number of people while being exquizite at the same time. Clearly, I am the worst person to ask anything food related.

    Perhaps we should ask the poster who said Pizza Company makes great pizza what he thinks.

    sure you do.

    Wow, that's profound! Such an articulate and well thought-out response. Thank you!

  8. My visa expires on 28 February. On 2 Jan I checked the online system to get an appointment. At that time, the earliest appointment available was for the end of March. There was a recent recommendation to note the date 100 days before your visa expires to make an appointment. As you can renew a 1-year visa up to 30 days before expiration, you should begin looking for a reservation up to 130 days before the expiration date of your visa. The system is developing such a backlog that you need to begin checking out the situation as early as possible.

    I just checked the online queue today (5 February), and the earliest appointment available is for 20 April.

    Good luck all!! I will be driving up from Lampang and in line early tomorrow morning to do my renewal.

  9. Surprised that no one has mentioned that you can do your 90-day check-in by mail. I've been doing it that way for years. I visit the immigration office in Chiang Mai once a year to renew my visa. You just need to send in your form, a copy of the relevant pages of your passport, and a copy of your last 90-day confirmation. Best to send it via EMS so that it's trackable. You must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that they can return your new 90-day form to you.

    Waiting in queue sucks, and the queue at the post office is way shorter than the queue at immigration. Granted, i live in Lampang, so it also allows me to avoide the trip up there every three months.

  10. I live here in Lampang and it is most definitely the best place to get it. There are 2 shops in particular that supply the ceramic industry and they both have a good selection of fire bricks and cordierite tiles in varying sizes and thickness. They also sell refractory cement which you will need as well. I use the cordierite tiles in my large gas oven as a floor for baking pizza and bread and they work great!

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