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  1. AFAIK, it's not polling places that are at issue in this in Texas, it's drop-off locations for mail-in absentee ballots -- in other words, if you want to bring it somewhere instead of dropping in the mail and exposing it to all the failings of the USPS this year. Unfortunately, the CNN report doesn't even address the issue of whether absentee voters can drop off those same absentee ballots at regular polling locations, of which there I assume are many per county.
  2. Maybe someone with more knowledge on this can come along and explain...but... From what I know about the various testing procedures, I don't know of any info they would get in any test result that would somehow allow them to pinpoint on exactly what date 2+ weeks earlier she might have contracted the virus..... I just don't think it works that way!!!
  3. And meanwhile, in Republic held areas, we have shameful vote suppression antics like this regarding drop-boxes for mail-in ballots: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/27/politics/texas-supreme-court-drop-boxes/index.html Houston TX = Harris County -- pop. about 4.7 million people, area about 1700 square miles. And Harris County voted for Clinton over Trump in 2016. Austin TX = Travis County -- pop. about 1.2 million people, area about 1000 square miles. And Travis County voted for Clinton over Trump in 2016.
  4. I would think, still at Walmart, since they're still selling... Unless, Walmart knowing the clientele you mention, has figured that they're not crafty enough to think to ASK for their supplies if they don't see them on the shelves???
  5. Maybe before he's kicked out of office, Trump will find the time to issue an executive order declaring the truth an endangered species in his administration...
  6. Kinda what you'd expect from a guy who's a de facto political advisor to Trump -- while serving as a primary news show host on "fair and balanced" Fox...
  7. "I can't say I'm a big fan of trump"??? Really, kind of hard to tell from your posting. At this point, the majority of Americans would be more than happy to export Trump to whatever country you're from, and let you deal with his constant lies, divisiveness, demagoguery, authoritarian wet dreams, etc etc. You're more than welcome to him and his political wrecking ball.
  8. Apparently you've forgotten, or chosen to ignore, the reality that pretty much every one in America comes from immigrant origins... except for the American Indians...
  9. Biden and his policies overall ARE the middle ground of American politics... It's only Trump scare tactics propaganda and right-wing extremists who would have anyone believe otherwise. If Trump were running against Dwight Eisenhower, he and his minions would be calling Eisenhower a radical left-wing extremist. PS... BTW, is this the new mantra for Republicans and conservatives these days?.... Kinda like trying to excuse the un-excusable.
  10. The FBAR deadline -- JUST for the current 2020 year only -- has been extended by the government until Oct. 31... So there's still a couple days remaining to file for this year, for anyone who's required but hasn't. https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/news/2020/oct/fbar-deadline-extended-oct-31.html And there's actual a longer extension to the end of the year, this year, for anyone affected by natural disasters, which probably doesn't apply to any Thailand residing folks.
  11. One of the reason I've never found it burdensome wearing face masks to help prevent COVID is because I'd already been wearing them regularly for several years during the November to April smog season in BKK whenever away from home. Even if COVID were to disappear someday in the future, it's likely I and others will still want to be wearing N95 smog stopping masks (if they can be found to be purchased) when away from home in BKK. Because it's pretty clear that Thailand's smog isn't going away.
  12. What folks here should take from this news report, even though it's not actually mentioned in the OP article: We're now heading toward November, which traditionally is the start of the bad smog season in Bangkok and surrounding areas. And the past few days were the first time I've had to fire up my home air purifiers in some months. In short -- get ready, because the mild air pollution we're experiencing now is just the beginning of a lot worse that's likely coming in the months ahead.
  13. Did my annual retirement extension via 800K bank deposit letter and accompanying re-entry permit today at BKK CW Immigration, with a trip report of the various details to follow here. Retirement Extension application This was my first time to use the relatively new process of using the Immigration website to schedule a specific time slot (date and time) for the retirement extension application process, and I like it a lot. Really saves having to get there at the crack of dawn, hang around in long queue lines, and then wait wait wait. I arrived to Immigration at 9:10 am for a
  14. Dunno if it's new or not, but noticed a real VS shop at the the airport the other day. Acccessible only once you made it past Immigration into the duty free area for an intl flight. Real VS, well, kind of. Real VS, but very limited selection. Ny wife went inside to check and said they had panties but NO bras... Amazing!!! Store clerk told my wife only other VS location is somewhere in Pattaya. None in BKK city. Oh ya..Prices for panties, around 500 baht. Location down toward the domestic terminal end of the intl terminal area.
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