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  1. That's the problem. As an American, you CAN'T anymore, since the U.S. Embassy ceased issuing the income letters at the end of 2018. The question now is, will Phuket Immigration allow you to do a combo based on monthly foreign bank transfers with bank letters and passbook citations -- but WITHOUT the income affidavit... Doesn't Phuket Immigration have some foreign/expat volunteers who work there in the office and try to assist other folks?
  2. Since your comment above suggests you're an American... that means you no longer can document your monthly income via Embassy income letters. While the actual policy depends a lot on which Immigration office is involved, there have been a number of Immigration Offices lately that are refusing to do combo method retirement extensions without the monthly income being documented by an Embassy letter (even though the person has been doing the monthly foreign bank transfers). You'd need to check with Phuket expats here who may know where Phuket Immigration stands on that issue.
  3. Not to mention, Bangkok will have zero interest in fixing the air pollution problems in BANGKOK or anywhere else. They're not geographically discriminating. They just don't care when it comes to air pollution in general, period.
  4. One thing seemingly unexplained in all the reporting on this is just what her immigration status is/was in the U.S. Was she there on a tourist visa... Doesn't sound like it, as she seemingly had been staying in the U.S. for some time. Plus she's not exactly the type that the U.S. Embassy would likely issue a tourist visa for. Or, did someone manage to support her for a work visa associated with her "modeling".... Or something else like education visa...
  5. Coming from here, she obviously must think the police don't actually do anything and she's free to commit crimes, skip bail and fail to appear for court dates without any consequences... The only thing she did NOT do was flee the (U.S.) country back to TH. . http://www.lapdonline.org/home/news_view/65815
  6. Another day... Another Western democracy foreign country and leader snubbed or insulted by Trump... Who would have guessed???
  7. I would imagine the Lao authorities/police do NOT follow the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky definition of "sexual relations," and probably enforce it a bit more broadly....
  8. Here's another account of their Thai visit and eating adventures... https://www.usmagazine.com/food/pictures/everything-chrissy-teigen-and-family-have-eaten-on-thailand-trip-photos/a-cricket-for-john/ PS - You guys are spending all your time talking about whether or not you know who Legend is... But for my tastes, I'd rather be talking about Teigen, who's said to be age 33 now.... I had no idea previously that she was a leuk kreung..... But from the OP video, it certainly looks as though she's been breast feeding their 15 month old son.... https://www.all4women.co.za/1323595/entertainment/celebrity-gossip/chrissy-teigen-topens-thai-heritage
  9. For every "rich person wipes out regular Thai person/people and gets off with a slap on the wrist," there are vastly more cases of just regular to poor Thai people wiping out themselves and other regular to poor Thai people, for sure. And yet, while the regular to poor people are the direct cause of those crashes and deaths, I really blame the government and the rich/upper crust folks who populate it as the main cause.... Because for years, they've known of the crisis, had the ability to do things to remedy it, and consistently have done nothing. They've allowed a culture and society to exist where the laws are not uniformly and seriously enforced, where offenders (even poor ones) can get off minor traffic offenses just by paying the officer, where drivers' training and licenses and helmets are not meaningfully enforced, where traffic laws are not enforced and bad drivers are not caught and cited, and where the punishments for those that are are often meager. That's why Thailand has road deaths and injuries on an epic scale.
  10. That's probably why too many of them go out and get drunk or use drugs (to dull the pain), and drive like maniacs because at least they can be their own little kings and queens in their cars (even if they can't be in the real world)... right up until they crash themselves or get taken out by someone else like minded. And lots of people end up dead. PS - I'm not talking about YOUR friends per se because I don't know them, but the common local citizens at large.
  11. AFAIK, there's no long-term/ongoing visas for either of those countries, other than formal local employment or perhaps marriage to a local. Yes/no?
  12. I have a Google Home speaker at home, which pretty much had been sitting on the shelf unused after I had originally set it up... So in the wake of this thread, I decided to sit down yesterday and try to resolve the problems I'd been having in getting it to work decently well, which I finally managed to do yesterday. Verdict - For me, the Amazon Dot and Echo devices are a WHOLE LOT easier to set up and use compared to the various Google Home devices. I don't just mean the initial set-up, but the entire process of trying to get each respective device properly configured and connected to do the things a typical user might want to do. For me, one of the problems with the Google devices is a goodly portion of their functionality appears related to opening up the Google account you set up the device with to all kinds of different Google account tracking and information recording elements -- which I usually try to keep turned off on my Google accounts. Because I don't need Google location tracking where I'm located, what I'm doing, what I'm buying, what I'm doing online, etc etc. That, and, for me, the whole Google Home app interface is confusing and complicated, as it can emcompass different devices in your home, not just a Google Home speaker, but also things like Android TVs, Chromecast devices, etc. So once you get into the app, there are broad settings and then individual device specific settings, and even potentially multiple Google accounts on different devices. And it all gets to be a bit of a swamp, at least for me. Lastly, in noodling around yesterday, I still found A LOT of Google Home device users complaining in 2019 that they still can't get their devices to play their own music that they've uploaded to their Google Play Music accounts, which ought to be one of the core functions of the device. Whereas in contrast, as I posted above, there's a $5 a year Amazon skill that allows Dot/Echo devices to stream by voice command all the music files stored on your home network. Even without all the other issues, the music playback issue would be the decider for me.
  13. FWIW, I've dealt with the HomePro outlet at Ploenchit. They have a service desk there with a couple of staff who handle setting up home service orders. They don't speak any EN at all, so best be prepared for that. Neither have either of the contractor guys they've sent out to our home. Good to take photos of the things/area you want them to work on, so they can see what kinds and sizes of things are needed. Or, in the alternative, I found out recently from them that they'll send someone out for a 1000b fee to scope out and estimate the job in terms of the cost and the exact materials needed. And then if you go ahead with having them do the work, they deduct/credit the 1000b inspection fee off the job.
  14. The flip side to the coin of the O-A visa vs an in-country extension, of course, are.... --required police clearance in your home country. --required medical clearance in your home country. --the cost of travel back and forth to your home country, and --the looming elephant in the room of possible future health insurance requirement for the O-A.
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