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  1. Remember Joe... Good guys out, bad guys in... And, we can't be bothered to answer your calls or even clearly explain in English the rules we're supposedly enforcing. I guess that means BJ only answers his much publicized phone number if it's going to result in an opportunity for him to star in a press conference somewhere.
  2. If you actually read and understood my comments that you quoted, you'd understand that I was suggesting Thai Immigration probably will only want to see THAI bank books and letters as primary proof of monthly income in the absence of an Embassy income letter -- even though the Phuket news report never actually said "Thai" bank stuff... just bank stuff.
  3. Joe, is this what you're saying/meaning above re the new financials for retirement extensions? --If the applicant is relying on an Embassy income letter to prove their 65K baht monthly income, they might well expect Immigration to also want to see some source documentation regarding that income. But they're not required to show proof of deposits into a Thai bank account when they have an Embassy letter. --But if the applicant is among those who no longer has access to Embassy income letters and is instead depositing the funds into a Thai bank account monthly as the alternative, then the Thai bank book and supporting letter generally ought to suffice.
  4. As best as I recall, the Phuket article and such never actually said THAI bank books or bank statements, it just said bank statements and bank books as supporting evidence. On its face, that would seem to suggest that they'd accept home country bank books and statements. But given this is Thai Immigration, I seriously doubt that is the case, and instead, just chalk it up to more inaccurate and imprecise reporting by the local media on stuff they really don't understand in the first place.
  5. I believe this Thai PCD site can give you hourly readings, but only back to Jan 1 2019. My wife says the item in the pull down list of 35T shows readings from the Chiang Mai city hall sensor. http://air4thai.pcd.go.th/webV2/history/ There's only a TH version of this... When I try the EN version, the page errors out. But the data and dates are just numbers, making it understandable.
  6. You mean, as opposed to posting meaningless responses like yours above... Time for that?
  7. What specific location(s) do you want the data for? Just CM, or elsewhere..... The sensor data is always specific to particular locations, some cities don't have any, others like BKK and CM have numerous sensors each tracking data for their particular location.
  8. Obviously, the guy in the OP photo didn't get the message from the current Trump Admin about holding Saudi Arabia responsible for its terrorism and other abuses, as well as taking proper care of the Americans who continue to suffer from the aftermath of 9/11.... Here's the updated messaging: Time to get new shirts made...
  9. So Trump has plans to raid the federal piggy bank in all kinds of different places to scrape together many billions of dollars to pay for his ridiculous border wall. But the federal government can't or won't adequately fund the 9/11 victims compensation fund that's short by a few billion??? Or actually according to the article, short by just about the same $5 billion or so amount Trump has been seeking for his wall. How about doing something useful and appropriate with the $5 billion, instead of wasting it on a monument to ego and campaign promises for right-wingers.
  10. Not to mention the fact that his cabinet secretaries and other high levels folks are leaving and being replaced about as fast as a Soi Cowboy bargirl's drink consumption..... Few of them end up staying around long enough to follow thru on anything anyway. And of course the main qualification for getting those jobs these days is merely being a Trump sycophant (psycho-phant???).... Most of them are Acting, Acting, Acting... Just like Trump is acting as a president as opposed to actually being one.
  11. A small fine, a wai or two, and all will be forgiven.... After all, no one was actually killed here, so why should the police get overly exerted.....
  12. Except: Under U.S. law, AFAIK, any adult, competent person can witness a will. Doesn't have to be a relative or someone even personally acquainted with the will-maker. So why can't the Embassy staff serve as will witnesses? Or when it comes to throwing many thousands (maybe more) of U.S. expats under the bus by unilaterally ceasing to issue Immigration income affidavits, when virtually every other country with an Embassy in Thailand (except for the UK, Aus. and the Danes) are continuing to do so. Or by arguably misleading its own citizens in the early going of the income letters debacle when the staff held a forum and talked about working to educate Thai Immigration staff on how to read and understand documents like U.S. SS statements (the implication there being that in the future U.S. retirees might be able to prove their income by showing Immigration such statements). Only to have all that come to nothing, and end up with no ability to show/rely on official U.S. income documents at all! The other thing I noticed about their STEP notification system recently is, AFAICT, it seems to allow only ONE designated contact.... Which seems to me to be poorly thought out, as at least for me, I'd want my Thai wife here to certainly be one designated contact, but I'd also want my own relatives back in the U.S. to be another contact. But AFAICT, their system won't allow that.
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