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  1. Received a reply from Standard Bank: "I regret to inform you that we are unable to currently offer you banking facilities as it does not support our current business strategy. Standard Bank’s primary target market is African nationals living outside their place of birth." Now looking to see if Transferwise will be an option. Failing that looks like will have to tie-up 25,000 to qualify to open an offshore account. Banks really are making it hard for expats!
  2. So the receipts from qualifying companies (I have HomePro issued receipts) need to be submitted with this year's tax return submissions I take it? This is what it seems to indicate in the article re: Spending for goods within Dec 31 can be deducted from taxable income for 2020 taxation.
  3. Thank you for the other replies to my query. I am inquiring with Standard Bank and so far the preliminary correspondence has been efficient. Will see what transpires. I will update here if there is any interest in me doing so. Supplying a UK address (utility bill etc with MY name..) isn't possible even though I have two UK properties. I know that this was addressed at the OP. Still, it has been suggested to me by another friend too. Unfortunately, I don't have any family in the UK who can help anymore either. They have all passed away.
  4. Many thanks for your helpful reply Partington. I am checking out Standard Bank offshore now as HSBC and Lloyds need large sums of capital tied up to even open an account and keep it active: https://www.expertsforexpats.com/products/best-offshore-bank-accounts/ Not really interested in anything to do with Santander anymore and besides they may make life more difficult given my account with them in the UK has just been closed!
  5. Just had a shock and been told that after 16+ years as a Cater Allen (Santander) client my account has been closed in the UK even though I have used it for all those years from two different countries. Excuse given "internal review and you live overseas"! Given the information on this thread does that mean there is no hope of opening another alternative account in the UK to pay rent received from UK property and other payments like Premium Bonds etc...? Very disappointed in CA and would appreciate any help to get back on track. Thanks.
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