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  1. Many thanks to all those board members who took the time to respond with constructive posts, with special thanks to Fletchsmile and Misty for the detailed input. Much appreciated.
  2. Greetings All I am currently UK based and contemplating retiring to LOS in 12 years’ time . I currently have the following investment portfolio (tracker funds for equity) that is fairly UK centric: 30% in UK FTSE All Share, 30% Developed World (excluding UK) and 10% Emerging markets. Plus a couple of strategic bond funds. Planning ahead, whilst I understand that the Thai stock market makes up a fraction of the world market. I also understand the need for expats to manage exchange rate risk by having significant equity holdings in the Thai stock market. Andrew Hallam’s ETF based model portfolio for a Thai expat had the following geographical breakdown. Thailand Equities: 32.5% Global Equities: 32.5% Asian Government Bonds: 35% I am interested to know what geographical allocations the Thai based expat investors on this forum have and how they compare with the model portfolio above? Any input welcomed.
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