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  1. Probably ought to throw in free face masks also.. They worked for this guy.
  2. In fact, the NAACP just came down on him like the wrath of God. ha ha ha
  3. Alex, you have way too many liberal Democrats on your hands. They would call a rose a petunia.
  4. If your sick, and think you've got the damn woohoo flu, stay home. Why should I wear a mask to protect me from you?
  5. The bees were not following social distancing guidelines, fine them.
  6. Pattaya has been Pattaya with their bar scene every since the Vietnam war. With out that bar scene, it would be Nakhon Nowhere. Leave it alone.
  7. Businesses open and close all the time. You would have to go find a new job. It happens all over the world. No body can promise you a job for life. The Japanese used to, look what happen to them. I don't believe it's the Govt's job to pay you for not working. Yes, this covid-19 thing is different. If the Govt. closed your business, then yes they should pay you for your lost wages, then find you a new job.
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