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  1. Not sure I mentioned this yet. I called my monk friend in Lopburi province, and this is what he told me. Astrology. These abbots and senior all knowing monks are using astrology for their "auspicious" predictions. That's it. He said has nothing to do with Buddhism. I asked him why they would be using astrology when it has nothing to do with the Buddha's teachings, he said, because that's what the people want. And when a Buddhist monk gives them a "auspicious" date for whatever, wedding, burial, building a house, buying a car, the people are very happy and take the given information as "
  2. I have a couple of monks in Thailand I still talk to, I'll ask them and see if I can't get an answer we would understand. Might take me a day or two.
  3. Bluesofa, when ever some villager came to the temple and asked the abbot to pick a date for this or that, he would open this book, kind of like a Thai version of the Farmers Almanac, consult it and give a date. I couldn't read it as it was in Thai. I asked about where he got it but never got a answer that I could even understand. So, I have no clue.
  4. I agree with Moonlover, it's a village Shaman thing. I went to one many years ago in Bangkok somewhere, same thing, upstairs, all kinds of statues around, incenses burning my eyes, the Shaman doing all kinds of weird stuff, sitting on a mat in a Buddha pose, I swear I saw him levitate off the ground. Scared the hell out of me.
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